AVid visits Disturbia

The outfit I am about to post is extremely hot, extremely sexy.  I’m actually a bit hesitant to post it, but it is a work of art of erogenous proportions.  I’m trying not to put these ultra hot images “in your face,” so I down-sized my pics a lot more than usual.  You know what to do if they don’t offend you!

Inorite?!  Holy gothy latex, Batman!  This outfit, called Disturbia, is the latest release from AVid, the premier clothier for the serious goth/vampire.  AVid is the store you should blurt out when your boyfriend/girlfriend offers to buy you something *really* special and lindens are no object.  But wait!  This particular outfit is discounted about 50% (maybe more) if you’re a member of AVid’s inworld group (which is free to join).  It was a total no brainer for me to drop L$400 on this baby.    Look at all the wear options….

You get a dizzying 31 pieces, including the boots with both a short and thigh high style.  You get a belted prim skirt with handcuffs and hanging leather suspenders attached.  You get a separate belt, a whip, two chained leather caps (one with a red checkered band, one all black leather), and spiky silver armbands.  You get the options of a full or partial latex bodysuit, gloves, fishnet stockings, a studded harness, a sexy studded collar with a black iron cross, panties, garters, corset, bra, loooooong black prim nails, and…. the best part yet…. a lovely spider for your crotch!  OMG!  I can’t remember how many times I’ve said to myself, “what this outfit really needs is a sexy crotch spider!”  Oh!  Oh!  I almost forgot my other favorite piece – the chained spider nipple pasties!  I have to show you a closeup of those two items.  (Yeah, there goes the PG rating of my damned blog!)  The spider items just clinched this outfit for me.  I was very happy with the outfit after I purchased it, but when I cammed in and saw those naughty spiders…!   Gothy, fetishy nirvana!

I confess, I felt so freakin’ bad ass in this outfit that I had a sudden urge to find one of those slave auction sims and go get me a minion or something!   I didn’t though.  Thankfully, I ended up stalking a lucky chair and forgot all about my lurid urges.  Oh, one last note, those creepy Blue Mist eyes are also from AVid.  I’ve had them for years and they’re still awesome.  They’re very reasonably priced and also come in several other colors.  There’s a new eye release in a gorgeous golden brown, reminiscent of the ones sported by those famous adolescent sparkly vampires.  I’ll wear them the next time I have some earth tones to blog.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little walk on the wild(er) side with AVid.  Go get your own and live a little in your Second Life!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – AVid – Disturbia (direct to group sale area)

Eyes – AVid – Blue Mist (regular store LM)

Hair – Birth – Renju ke Unisex Hair – Black

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Car Crash

Piercing – HoD – The Crux – Slide – Female

Lashes and Hairbase by Amacci


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