I love me some League and (red)Mint!


So, League had a sale.  If you’re very, very lucky, the sale prices are still in effect even though, technically, the sale is over.  I just love League – it’s been around forever (since 2007), and the texture and sculpting work is just amazing, I think.  I’ll never forget when League first came out with the gartered stockings.  I think they were the first in SL to offer them, and if not the first, they were the first store to do the gartered stockings so well.  They are super sexy and super cute, too.  So, when I read that League was having a 50% off sale, I just had to run over and fill up my shopping bag.

league nyx corset and lace skirt edited

Of course, I had to get some new gartered stockings, so I picked up the brambled pattern – so cute!  I fell in love with the dirty lace skirts, and had to get both colors, black and brown – brown is shown here.  The Nyx corsets just blew me away – via HUD you can change whether the straps are assymetrical -one down, one up, or symmetrical – both down.  You can also choose whether the outlines of the straps are brown, black, or without outlines.  Then the corset itself has several modes – how many seams you want on the corset, the color of the seams, plus the colors of the spikes, and even whether you want the spikes to show in the first place.  Amazingly versatile!  Now, the Nyx corset actually has skirt add-ons that match them perfectly, but I challenged myself to do more of a mix-up outfit, so voilà.

Now, I did mention (red)Mint in my post title, right?  (red)Mint is another absolutely favorite store of mine because Moni Schulze can really create *anything.*  She does skins, shoes, clothing, hair, jewelry, shapes.  Just about everything you need to beautify yourself.  Many of her products (especially the skins) have a definite fantasy feel to them, but everything else can really be worn by *anyone*!  Case in  point, the wonderful new hairstyle worn here.  It is perfect for wearing under hats without having to adjust anything.  And the textures are among the best in SL, I believe.  Plus, when you wear (red)Mint hair, you *won’t* look like everyone else in SL!  The boots are also by (red)Mint – they come in every color you could possibly want – and they come with various sock options.  They are actually not a new item.  However, Moni released new sock add-ons for the boots.  I feel a bit bad for not showing you some of the socks, but I tried and they just didn’t go with the rest of this outfit.  Plus, I wanted to show League’s famous gartered socks!  But with the (red)Mint boots, you can change the sock textures and patterns via HUD a gazillion ways – darks, lights, stripes, you name it.  Plus, you can choose whether you have one sock up or both, and there are appliers for all the current mesh booty add-ons that so many people seem to love.  Here’s a close up before I forget… See the pretty textures on the hair??  Yummy!

league nyx corset and lace skirt ps

My skin is by Belleza, the recent Fifty Linden Friday redhead skin (love it!), and my bracelets, horns, collar, and necklace is by the Plastik, another recent FLF set.  My nails are by the incomparable +:WTG:+.  As you may know, I was away for over a year, and I’m still finding “new” stuff in my inventory (new to me, anyway).  If you’re looking for over-the-top-fancy nails with rings, lots of options, and just exquisite workmanship, +:WTG:+ is your shop.  These nails are an older item and are not made for SLink hands, but they look damn good even without the fancy mesh hands, I think!

Ok, I really didn’t mean to write this much!  I’m long-winded, huh?  I’ll shut up now and just say…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Corset – *League* – Nyx Corset – Lace – Apricot

Skirt – *League* – Full Skirt Lace Skirt with Ribbons – Brown

Boots – (red)Mint – ePunk Boots – No. 08 (worn without leggings)

Stockings – *League* – Side-Gartered Stockings – Bramble – Brown Garter

Nails/Rings – +:+WTG+:+ – Dark Zone Jeweled Nails

Skin – Belleza – Felicity Skin (FLF)

Jewelry and Horns – the Plastik – Krysis Set – Eastern Sunrise Limited Edition (FLF)

Hairbase by Wasabi Pills

Eyes by Poetic Colors

Lipstick by Sorry Asia

Lashes by Beetlebones

Photos taken on location at League; photos edited with Photoshop (still learning the program, so don’t judge too harshly) 🙂

Wretched Dollies and Lolapop at Disco Deals


Wretched Dollies was at the Disco Deals event this weekend.  I’m not sure when it ends, but you may still have time to grab this deal.  The items on sale are a top and skirt and matching shoes.  The prices were so good I grabbed ’em both.

Star Fairymeadow will be doing more outfits like these where the pieces are mix and match.  I can tell you the skirt is particularly nice – completely finished at the waist so that you can wear it with any top.  All the jewelry I’m wearing is from Lolapop.  The bracelets are both older items, but the earrings and necklace are Lolapop’s Disco Deals items this weekend – the Butterfly Cry set in black.  It also comes in red.  Click to see them in greater detail.

The hair I’m wearing is from elikatira – a special edition for the Dressing Room Blue.  You get a pack of the most popular colors for a ridiculously low price.  I’m also wearing Exodi’s beautiful Sylvan skin that was available for Fifty Linden Friday – quite a deal, huh?  The tattoo layer makeup was part of The Plastik’s Lazy Sunday deal last weekend.  Well, that’s it for now.  I have a ton of Sn@tch to show you, so I’ll be back soon!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – Wretched Dollies – Mix and Match (Disco Deals)

Shoes – Wretched Dollies – Black Sequin Bow Pumps

Skin – Exodi – Sylvan – Cachet – 17 – Dark/Cleavage

Hair – elikatira – Glory – Black 07 (for TDR Blue)

Makeup Tattoo – The Plastik – Demon Fades – Tattoo/Face – Eanh

Earrings and Necklace – Lolapop! – Butterfly Cry – Black Rose (Disco Deals)

Bracelets – Lolapop! – God Save the Queen Black Plaid and Fleur Fantasy Black

Eyes – The Plastik – Bloodless Gold (included with Demon Fades Tattoos)

Nails – Virtual/Insanity – Nevermore Purple Nails (part of Twisted Hunt prize)

+++Blue Blood+++ – Florence


I am so behind in my blogging!  I missed the dark goth Florence from Blue Blood, and now the whitegoth versions are out, too.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghani releases a new outfit before I can finish this post.   I just can’t keep up!  But, I have to show you Florence because it is a gorgeous dress, or really several dresses in one.  As usual, Ghani has given you your money’s worth.  It’s a sexy corseted lingerie outfit, complete with a flouncy little skirt; it’s a monochromatic lolita dress; and it’s a black corseted dress that you can wear with or without the colored undershirt.  Take a look to see what I mean.

There you go!  That’s five different “looks” from one outfit.    (Damn!  See the pic second from left?  I forgot to take off the panty layer that formed the bottom of the corset.  You totally do not have to have that black line of fabric there.  Sorry!)  Oh, and if  you think the monochromatic dress looks a little plain, well you’re not looking closely enough coz just as with every Blue Blood dress, the textures are stunning.  Ghani has a way of hand-drawing her fabrics to give them a tremendous amount of depth.  I talk about that all the time, and I hope you guys are really camming in on her textures.  They’re simply art.  Here’s the hot pink version.

I’m not showing you the corset only/lingerie versions of these colors because they are the same as the black above.  The corset, stockings, and sleeve prims are the same in all colors of Florence.  Let’s talk about the skin, shall we?  This is ploom’s special skin for Project Themeory in the lightest tone.  You get all tones in this makeup called Monarch.  I thought it looked nice with the gold details on the corset.  The hair is from Dura, definitely a men’s style that I decided to try and rock here.  Hey, I like it.  It’s braided on the sides and (obviously) sticks up all punky like on top.  Dura’s having  a free hunt this weekend – find 12 little pink “fairies” and get a fatpack of hair (not the one I’m wearing here) and some clothing (hmmmm pants, top, and jacket, I think).  I did the hunt after I took the pics for this post.  😀  And the boots are from Silken Moon.  I won them in the Midnight Mania – they’re so shiny!  Anyway, here’s the corseted Florence in purple, teal, and red.

And here’s the non-corseted dress in the same colors.  The floral detail at the keyhole on the bodice and on the skirt edge is so pretty!  Cam in!

About a week after Ghani released the dark goth Florence, she came out with the white goth.  These are some of the prettiest white goths she’s done, I think.  Take a look at the whitegoth white.

Ok, I really should have turned down the gamma on my settings and I did realize that “snow” was not the hair color to go with here.  But isn’t it gorgeous anyway?  Can you see enough detail in my big washout?  🙂  Seriously, can you take your eyes off those gold panties?  They’re just glowing, aren’t they?  Ok, pervs, stop looking at my crotch!  ;P

Here’s the white goth black – this time I switched to “silver” ploom hair, but I apologize that the white corset barely shows against the white background.  I really should know better by now, shouldn’t I? Blame lack of sleep.  sigh.  Now, here’s the lovely no-corset versions of the pink (mmmmm, yummy!), lilac, white, and blue white goth versions.

And last, but certainly not least, the corseted versions of the pink, blue, and lilac.  (The pink is my favorite – I went shopping in it after “work.”)

Well, I hope you enjoyed.  So go show Ghani some linden lovin’ and get your own favorite color of Florence.  If you’re short on lindens, Ghani always has something in the riotvendor and Midnight Mania for you, as well as an exclusive outfit in the lucky boards.  A little birdie also told me that Blue Blood’s Twisted Hunt gift is a special color of Florence,  too.  So, go get yours!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfits – +++Blue Blood+++ – Florence – dark goth colors (black, red, teal, purple, and pink)

Hair – Dura – Boy #17 – Black

Skin – ploom – Harlowe – Milk – Dkbrows – Monarch

Eyes – The Plastik – Bloodless Gold (free with last week’s Lazy Sunday Demon Fades tatoo layer makeups)

Boots – Silken Moon – Sleekers Cream (not sure why “cream” coz they’re black)

Earrings – Lolapop! – Protecting Your Chastity – Silver (recent HDH release)

Lashes and hairbase by Amacci


Outfits – +++Blue Blood+++ – Florence – white goth colors (black, white, lilac, blue, and pink)

Hair – ploom – Maddie – Silver/Snow

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots – White

New Blouses from Rotten Toe; Lazy Sunday Skins from The Plastik


Aikea Rieko of The Plastik put out her Lazy Sunday item a little early last night and was mobbed as soon as the notice went out.  Yes, I was there; I saw it. lol  But the sale item is a set of three elven makeups in one tone for her upcoming skin line – Ataciara.  With the skins, you also get matching elf ears, as well as eyes in both prim and system versions.  The skins also come with and without cleavage.  That’s quite a Lazy Sunday bargain, no?  Here are the makeups.  (Click if you want to see them in ginormous, high-rez detail.)

Aphrodite makeup

Love Spell makeup

Queen of Hearts makeup

Yes, the makeups are very subtle.  Oh, the tattoo you see on the hand is *not* part of the skin.  And if you like that gorgeous bracelet, it’s French Kiss from LouLou&Co.  I’m wearing the ears that came with the skin, but not the eyes.  The eyes are Beauty Pink from the Vae Collection, and I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged them previously because they’re the same ones that came with some of the group gifts during Christmas.

So, do you like the cute little girly blouse?  They’re the latest release from Rotten Toe, and are beautifully hand-drawn.  Elsa Liebnecht must be dreaming of springtime because the Nikimo blouses are in lovely spring colors.  Here are all of them.

These are the yellow, pink, and teal colors.  I’ve paired them with a free tattoo I picked up at Wicked Tattoos, a black leather skirt and boots from Sn@tch, hair from Magika (the latest release, Veruka, worn without the long chest attachment), and the aforementioned hot accessories from LouLou&Co.  Here are the rest of the colors.

Left to right, that’s Nikimo in pistachio, beige, olive, grey, and violet.  The blouses come with prim capped sleeves, and the system part comes on all layers for your mixing and matching pleasure.  Single blouses are L$65 and fatpacks of 4 colors are L$200 (they’re sold in light and dark fatpacks.)

Well, that’s it for me.  Have a Lazy Sunday.  I wish I could, but I have some RL work to catch up on, so I’ll have to wait until tonight to finish that Royal Tea Party Hunt I started yesterday.  :/

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Skins The Plastik – Ataciara – Elven – Cosmic Love – Aphrodite, Lovespell, and Queen of Hearts with Animalistic Elven Ears and Beauty Pink VaeCollection eyes (not worn)


Top – Rotten Toe – Nikimo Blouses

Hair – Magika – Veruka – Black & White pack (worn without lower attachment)

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – French Kiss

Skirt – Sn@tch – Cara Leather Skirt – Black (part of “Try Again, Bish” outfit)

Tattoos – Wicked Tattoos – Effect

Boots – Sn@tch – Drucilla Ankle Boots

Lashes and Hairbase by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

New Releases from Emo-tions; Teaser Skin from Heartsick!


Emo-tions released some new items today – 2 new hairstyles, a lovely Greek-goddess inspired dress for the girls, and a RP style outfit for the guys.  Keep reading coz you’ll get to see Des gender bend. lol

This is Minerva, which comes with the arm and wristbands, and  the collar.  (The elf ears are from The Plastik and match the skin).    The hair worn above is one of the new styles released today – Melissa in the naturals color.  For the guys, Emo-tions released Epeiste.  In French an épée is a sword.  The outfit reminds me of a fairytale huntsman with the knife in his belt.

Epeiste comes with the hair with attached hairband, the boots, the tattoo, and all worn items shown except for the skin and shape.  I hope he looks “butch” enough becoz it was quite amusing to put “him” through the poses on my posestand (which are for female avatars). 😀  The outfit also comes with a thin white undershirt that you can wear without the overshirt/jacket.

Finally, Emo-tions also released a new hairstyle with an attached cap.  Shown below are the brown and the dark red styles.  Annnnnnd…. Amesha Jewell has been working on new skins and has sent out a teaser to her store group and subscribo members.  Soooo pretty!

Amesha sent two tones – this pretty reverie tone as well as the darker Cassis tone.  Go hit the subscribo if you haven’t received it yet.

This is definitely not my usual attire, is it?  I’m wearing a cute free jacket that I picked up at izm, and some nice, shiny spat boots that Bad Juju released recently.  The black and pink ones are on half price special this weekend.  The white undershirt is from the Emo-tions Epeiste set and the pants are just some random pants from DV8.  I needed pants and remembered some really well-done jeans I had from DV8.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them in my blackhole of an inventory, but these are nice, too. 🙂

Well, that’s about it.  Have a great weekend and support your friendly SL designers.  Happy hunting, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress with collar and arm bands – Emo-tions – Minerva (new!)

Hair – Emo-tions – Melissa – Naturals (new!)

Skin – The Plastik – Lionheart – Myth – 24 Carat (with matching elven ears)

Eyes – The Plastik – Vae Collection – Beam (with system and prim eyes)

On Hunky Des:

Outfit with hair – Emo-tions – Epeiste (new!)

Shape – Hourglass Shapes – Belleza Ewan Male Shape

Skin – Belleza – Thomas V2 Medium – Group Gift 2009

No. 3:

Hair – Emo-tions – Paula (new!)

Skin – Heartsick – Spirit – Reverie – Teaser – Cleavage/Beautymarks (new!)

Undershirt – Emo-tions – Epeiste undershirt

Pants – DV8 – Doublecross Leather Pants – Black

Boots – Bad Juju – Lenore Spat Boots – Skulls

Eyes – The Plastik – Lionheart Bloodless Eyes – Bloodless Silve (system and prim)

Jacket – izm – 1st anniversary gift

+++Blue Blood+++ Whitegoth Cassis


Blue Blood’s latest release (other than the new Lucky Chairs dresses) is the whitegoth colors of the Cassis dress.  As with the dark colors, Cassis comes with three skirt options – the short, ribboned skirt; the traditional lolita skirt; and the open-front (burlesque) skirt.  Even though the colors are very pale, the dresses are accented with black, which makes them “pop.”  Here’s my fave, the whitegoth white.

I’m really loving the new Magika hairstyles.  They’re so versatile, with the mirroring and mouth attachments.  I’m not tired of the hair munchies yet, but it’ll probably get old eventually.  I really love the separate attachments for your chest so that your hair doesn’t fall through your bewbs, though.  All praise to the Muses that gave designers that idea!  Depending on your AO/pose, your hair can still go through your body, but it’s vast improvement.  Here are some other colors of Cassis.

Cassis in whitegoth blue

Cassis in whitegoth purple

Cassis in whitegoth green

Ok, Blue Blood fans, quick  – what color is missing?  That’s right, it’s ocre.  This time, Ghani released a very limited edition whitegoth pink that was only available last weekend.  From what I understand, ocre will be relegated to a special request-only color, and we’ll be seeing more pink.  I say, hooray!   I love pink!

Before I go, I wanted to show you these amazing eyes from The Plastik, which are free in the Serial Killer Hunt, along with the cool bloody skin and elf ears.  These eyes actually glow, well the prim ones do.  It’s most noticeable with your settings on midnight or so.  They’re not like science fiction movie alien glowy, but more subtle.

Click to make it bigger.  I thought it was interesting how the light from the eye prim was lighting up my hair. hee hee

Well, happy hunting, etc. *mwah*!


Dresses – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassis – Whitegoth colors

Hair – Magika – Ren (New Release!) – Black & White pack (HUD controlled)

Skin – LAQ – Mima Pale Glow Skin

Elf Ears – The Plastik – Lionheart Elven Ears – Myth

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots – White

Eyes – The Plastik – Bloodless Eyes – Silve (system and prim) (part of Serial Killer Hunt Gift – 8 pairs of system and prim eyes)

Hump Day Happiness Deals & A Few Freebies


I haven’t blogged in a few days as I had to get back to RL work, but I managed to jump in my photo studio last night and tonight and have some stuff to show you.  I’ll probably split it into two posts, actually.  Tonight, I’ll show you the most time sensitive ones – a couple of Hump Day Happiness sale items from Violent Seduction and Lolapop!  So, here goes….

The dress I’m wearing is from Whatevr, a store I just adore.  This is the Baby Jane Dress, which I’ve blogged before in other colors, but those garters are just to die for!  I think I have this dress in every color!  I really just wanted to show you the HDH items, but this dress goes well with everything. So, notice the little crown?  That’s the HDH item from Violent Seduction – the Polka Dot Spindle Crown.  [edited here: Ooops I made a mistake.  The crown I’m wearing, which is scripted, is not the HDH item.  The HDH crown is like this one, but it’s unscripted, and only comes in black!] It’s scripted for resize and color change into 5 Violent Seduction colors, like blood (red), death (black), suffering (blue), envy (green), and coagulate (purple).  At least I think those are the right colors for the names. lol  It’s a limited edition crown, only available today.  So, go get it! [edit again – just to say, this is true.  The black one is a limited edition, only for HDH.  Not sure if it’s still out, but if it is, now you know. *bashful face*]

The other HDH item is the necklace, which also comes with earrings (not shown).  You can get either the white/black and lilac or the green and orange sets for the low HDH price of L$69.  The skin I’m wearing above is from The Plastik – it’s the Serial Killer Hunt Gift.  It’s the Lionheart Pale skin in a new makeup called (appropriately) Serial Killer.  It comes with and without cleavage and with and without freckles.  It also comes with matching Elven Ears and a fatpack of Bloodless Eyes in 8 colors with prim attachments.  Nice gift!!  I’m wearing the silver eyes above.  Finally, the cool boots are from Demotik and were either a Midnight Mania or Lucky Board prize recently.  They come with a HUD to easily change the color of your toenail polish and to match your skin tone.

Here are some closeups of the Violent Seduction Crown and the rest of the Lolapop necklaces (don’t forget they come with matching earrings (not worn)).  Don’t forget to click to make the picture ginormous, too. 🙂

Left to right, I’m wearing the Lucretia necklaces in the lilac, the orange, and the green. (duh, huh?)  I’ve also changed the crown to match a bit, and to show you some of the other colors.  Oh, another free skin from The Plastik!  It’s the Happy Holidays Hunt gift and includes Lionheart skins in this golden makeup called 24 carat in 6 tones with matching elf ears.   You also get the golden eyes with prims attachments.  My inventory is bursting at the seams with free items from The Plastik right now! Get yours!

Well, I will probably not blog the other items I photographed tonight.  I have a few things I need to do for my RL work, so I’ll see you all again tomorrow with some more nifty items from Violent Seduction.  *mwah*!

Happy hunting, gathering, etc…..


No. 1:

Dress – Whatevr – Baby Jane Dress – Rage

Skin and Elf Ears – The Plastik – Serial Killer Hunt prize – Lionheart – Pale Cleavage – Serial Killer

Eyes – The Plastik – Bloodless Eyes collection  (Serial Killer Hunt Prize) – Bloodless Silver with prim eye attachments

Crown – Violent Seduction – Polka Dot Spindle Crown (HDH special)

Necklace – Lolapop! – Lucretia – White/Black (HDH special)

Boots – Demotik – Spinal Tap Booties – Black – Harleyquin

Hair – TRUTH – Courtney – Streaked Pearl

No. 2:

Top – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassis – Whitegoth Purple

Skin with Elf Ears – The Plastik – Lionheart – Myth – 24 Carat (for Happy Holidays Hunt)

Eyes – The Plastik – Vae Collection – Beam (with prim attachments) (also part of Happy Holidays Hunt prize)

Dilly Dolls Kalista and Awesome Group Gifts from The Plastik


Dilly Dolls’ latest release comes with fairy wings – two different types each with or without glow (that makes four pairs of wings)!  The colors of the dresses are the typically gorgeous jewel-tones that Oriana Kuhr does so well.  Here’s the teal version of Kalista.

The hair has been extensively blogged, I’m sure.  It was the subscribo group gift from Exile for Christmas – Artemis in Angel Dust.  It has the cute halo and glowy particles.  I’m also showing you all four wing styles.  Basically the wings come with and without little stars and with and without glow.  The skin I’m quite happy about – it’s part of a humongous folder of goodies that was given to group members of The Plastik.  Join now and check the notices.  It includes this skin in all tones (this is the lightest – Myth) with matching elf ears.  The folder also includes a fatpack of Frozen Soul eyes; I’m wearing Ice here.  And that’s just a tiny portion of the gifts inside.  There are also several dresses/outfits, including some stuff for guys, I believe.  Honestly, I still haven’t opened everything!

But, back to Kalista.  Here are all the other beautiful colors.

I love that blue!  Next to it is the pink, the green, and the brown.  I really think Dilly Dolls makes the only brown that I consider beautiful.  With each dress above, I’m wearing a new release from Lolapop! – the Lucretia necklaces in matching colors.  They really match the Dilly Dolls’ dresses perfectly.  The necklaces also come with coordinating earrings, which did not work with my elf ears.  Lucretia comes in teal, yellow, purple, black, blue, pink, red, and a special mini mania color (black with pink/purple).  Here are the remaining three colors of Kalista – red, purple, and black.

How about that cute hair?!  It’s the New Year’s gift from Magika, just released.  You can’t tell from my pics, but it sparkles!  It’s called Glitter Aina.  Also, I’m wearing the same skin, but I’ve added different eye makeup on the tattoo layer to hide the teal shadow.  It’s the group gift from Modavia and Miamai, the Dark Eyes Makeups.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress with Wings – Dilly Dolls – Kalista – Teal

Hair – Exile – Artemis – Angel Dust (gift)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Buckled Dolly Pumps II Dark

Skin & Elven Ears – The Plastik – Lionheart – Myth – Ice Queen (group gift)

Eyes – The Plastik – Frozen Soul – Ice (group gift fatpack)

Lashes by Amacci

Other Colors of Kalista:

Hair – Magika – Glitter Aina (New Year’s gift)

Eye Makeup – Miamai at Modavia – Dark Eyes Makeups – Modavia Exclusive Group Gift – Dark Eyes 01 (tattoo layer)

Necklaces – Lolapop! – Lucretia

Eyes by House of Ruin

Spotlight on Nightshade


I have so many things to show you!  Good thing that I’m on a bit of a vacation from work, so I have more time.  So, I dropped by Nightshade the other day and had a nice visit with the owner/designer herself  – Belladonna Mureaux.  While I was there I started a Riotvend for this first outfit I’m showing you.  I called in the Lucky Chair Stalkers and we were off and running.  Belladonna set it down to L$45 – quite a deal!

The skin is a new release from Nightshade – the Viole vampire skin.  I felt like keeping my elfie ears on though, so I guess I’m a vampire elf today (lol).  Viole comes in 8 makeups.  I’m wearing makeup 06 above.  Getting  back to Nocturne II, it comes with three top options on all layers.  The first one is above.  Here are the other two options:

Here are four more of the Viole makeups.  I like the elegance of this skin.  Of course it’s not a realistic skin; it’s a goth skin – but I think it has a very aristocratic and regal feel to it.  I’m vampire royalty, ya know.  😉

Makeups 02 and 04 (left to right)

Makeups 05 and 08 (left to right)

Oh, while I was at Nightshade, mobbing the vendor, I hit the Midnight Mania and also won on the Lucky Board.  One of the Viole makeups (not sure which one, sorry) is in the Midnight Mania.  And I won this cute Annabel hair in pinks in the Lucky Board.  I’ll show you some more makeups of Viole with them. 🙂

(Left to right – Bubblegum with Viole 03; Mauve with Viole 07; and Rose with Viole 01)

Ok. One last thing.  I showed you Nightshade’s Rapunzel in White a few months ago.  Now I have the black one, too.  Take a quick look before you scroll on down the feeds. 🙂

Sigh… gorgeous!  and also fun.. coz of the crazy red and white striped leggings. 🙂

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 2:

Dress –  Nightshade – Rapunzel Black

Skin – Nightshade – Viole – 03

Hair – Curious Kitties – Liyac V2

Lashes – Amacci – Feather 3 – Red

Boots – [Gos] – DARE Bootie – Black

Eyes – [The Plastik] – Frozen Soul Blue – prim and textured eyes (part of 50L Friday outfit)

Elf Ears – Sn@tch – Elfie Ears

Outfit No. 1:

Outfit – Nightshade – Nocturne II (Riotvendor)

Skin – Nightshade – Viole – 06

Hair – Nightshade – Lorraine – Ash

Eyes and Lashes – Amacci – Real Eyes – Winter; Lashes – Charm – Black

Boots – First Flower – Hollyhock Overtone Black Shine

Other Hair –  Nightshade – Annabel – Pinks – Bubblegum, Mauve, and Rose (Lucky Board)