“!gO!” and More (red)Mint


So, I’m on my second Snow Day.  That means more time for SL and blogging!  Recently, I was surfing the Marketplace, looking for freebies and cheapies.  In the process, I was introduced to a new-to-me store called “!gO!” by Gocha Merlin.  I decided to visit it inworld and just had to pick up a few things.  Today, I’m showing you the Naughty Chemise mesh top, which was quite reasonably priced, and which also comes in several other colors, including a fabulous red.  I liked the shape of the mesh top, open and hanging in delicious ways on my avi’s body.  It comes in various sizes, all in one folder, so you can find the one that fits you best.

GO and Redmint shopped 2

I would have actually bought lots more stuff at !gO!, but it’s the end of the month and I’m running short on lindens.  :/  But, this is a store that I’ll be watching, for sure!  I’m once again wearing my (red)Mint ePunk boots, this time in black, with the included socks.  Now these socks are part of the original ePunk boots.  As I mentioned yesterday, Ms. Schulze has released several new sock add-on sets (available as HUDs).  Also as I mentioned yesterday, the boots come with several options – the socks on just one leg or the other, or on both legs, plus all the appliers for the current big booty fad.  I’m also wearing (red)Mint’s new hair once again because I wanted to wear this cute gacha Aviator Rush Hat by PopTart that I picked up at Suicide Dollz. I got this rare Kamikaze version on my first play!  This (red)Mint hairstyle works better than most if you want to wear some headgear.  You probably can’t see them, but I’m also wearing a little miniskirt by Sn@tch coz I didn’t want my “lady bits” to be “proud and out loud,” if you know what I mean.  And now….the obligatory closeup!

GO and Redmint  shopped 3

Here, you can better see the cool hat with its cracked lenses; it also has spikes on the back, which you can’t see in this pic.  Well, that’s it for now.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Top – !gO! – Naughty Chemise – Black

Skirt – Sn@tch – Fritzie Mesh Cord Mini – Black

Boots with Socks – (red)Mint – ePunk Boots – No. 7**

Hair – (red)Mint – Hair No. 16’14 – Silver (Neutrals Pack) **

Hat – {PopTart} – Aviator Rush Hat – Kamikaze – Rare – available at Suicide Dollz

Skin – Belleza – Ria Pale 2 Dk

Necklace – [glow] studio – Bird Necklace Raven (TDR Fusion)

Eyes by IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

Photos taken at locations from the Destination Guide – (1) Surreal Effects and (2) Valo Gallery (in front of artwork entitled “Turbulenzen im Andromeda-Nebel” by Asmita Duranjaya)

**Review copies provided – thank you so much, Moni, for supporting my blog!

Malfean Visions – Gogo


I enjoy the monthly 25 for 25 Hunt.  There are usually pics on the hunt’s website of the prizes offered (see warning at the end of the post),  the items are not impossible to find, and the price is L$25 – pretty reasonable.  The hunt prize from Malfean Visions (:{MV}:) this round is a cute outfit that includes legwarmer boots.  Check it out.

MV Gogo for 25 for 25 comp

MV is one of my fave stores coz Loki has excellent weekly sales (usually on weekends), and she participates in sales events and hunts often, so it’s always possible to get something on sale.  Not to mention, her texturing and sculpting skills are top-notch.  I hope my pics do her work justice; I decided to practice my green screen removal techniques, so we have a rather vanilla three pic comp here.

Let’s see, what else am I wearing?  My skin is from Belleza – the Ria skin available for a special price at Collabor88.  Naturally, I picked the most dramatic makeup option. My hair is the newest release from Magika called Many.  I’m so happy Ms. Gully is still creating hair – she’s such a pro.  My jewelry is not new; you can see the particulars in the credits below.

Now, the warning.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m not a drama queen.  Since I am, in a way, promoting the 25 for 25 Hunt in this blog today, I feel compelled to let you know that the hunt pic for BSD Design Studio is *not* the prize you are buying for L$25.  No, it is simply the *location* of the hunt item.  Imagine my disappointment when I opened the box, thinking I was getting a really amazing pair of shoes for a measly L$25, and I find instead a little purse.  I never wear purses in SL.  Meh.  Deleted.  L$25 down the drain.  You are hereby warned. 🙂  (By the way, I’m not alleging any intentional attempt to deceive by anyone; most likely, it was an honest mistake.  See?  Not a drama queen, just a fan of truth in advertising.)

Until next time, happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit with Legwarmer Boots – Malfean Visions (:{MV}:) – Gogo Outfit

Skin – Belleza – Ria Pale 2 Dk – at Collabor88

Hair – Magika – Many

Earrings – Sn@tch – Legion Jewelry Set

Bracelet – LouLou&Co – Asteroid – Red

Eyes by IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

Lolapop and Yummy New Curio!


Oh my goodness, as I’m sure everyone knows, Curio has finally released new skins.  My very first skin purchase in SL, way back in 2008, was from Curio, so I definitely have a soft spot for Gala Phoenix’s work.  The new skins don’t disappoint; I just had to shell out a few lindens to get Nadia, the skin specifically made for dark-haired girls like me.  Of course, I chose the gothest of the makeups – no. 2.  Look, I did a composite….

Lolapop and Curio compSuch a sweet and innocent face!  But what a sexy and dangerous outfit!  The outfit is new from Lolapop, which I usually think of as a jewelry designer.  Obviously, Lola can also make very sexy mesh clothing, too!  The Flirting with Danger outfit comes with the black, double-slit skirt, and your choice of three spiky corsets – red (shown), black, and purple.  It comes in lots of sizes, including sizes for girls with larger breasts (although not for mesh breasts).  The collar is not part of the outfit.  It’s from redMint, which awhile back released some posture collars in a myriad of styles, including RLV enabled.  The collars also come with a HUD to change the color of the collar, as well as the metal parts, and you can even choose to change your avi’s posture (even with an AO on) to  reflect the collar’s effects.  Pretty cool, no?  My hair is from Sadistic Hacker, one of my favorite hair designers for edgy styles.  This one is called Nagi and is unisex; it comes in several bang styles, and if you like buying single hair colors, the price is so reasonable.  The earrings are part of the Legion set by Sn@tch, which was on sale for Woeful Wednesday.  If you like, you may find that it’s still on sale; if so, it will be right in the front of the store.  It also comes with a matching necklace (not worn).   Is there anything Ivey cannot make beautifully?   Finally, my lovely boots are an old favorite of mine from Lapointe & Bastchild – the sexy Elise ankle boots.

Hope you were entertained by my efforts!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Lolapop – Flirting with Danger Outfit – Amor top**

Skin – Curio – Pearl – Nadia – Makeup 2 – Black]

Hair – Sadistic Hacker – Nagi Hair (Long Bangs/Black)

Earrings  – Sn@tch – Legion Jewelry Set

Posture Collar – (red)Mint – Posture V-Collar (Women) No. 01**

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes – Wight

Arm Tattoos – CoLLisions – Hysasynth

Back  Tattoos – Para Designs – Eternal

Chest Tattoos – Para Designs – Love Birds

Bracelet – LouLou&Co – Asteroid – Red

Mesh Lashes by Beetlebones

**Review copies – thank you to the wonderful designers for supporting my blog!

Sn@tch for TDR Fusion


I just love Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, and I am so happy that she is still with SL, and still a prodigiously prolific designer with new releases every week.  I really admire her work ethic!  Sn@tch is a guest designer at TDR (The Dressing Room) Fusion this go-around, and I can’t be more pleased.  Here’s the sexy, yet classy, outfit she designed for us.

snatch for tdr fusion_002

Socialite is available in three different color combinations, each for an insanely low price.  This is the teal and charcoal combo, which I chose because I needed a little color mix-up from my usual reds, blacks, and whites (oh, and pink, of course).  You get the sexy mesh halter top with the add-on brooch, which is color change via click.  And of course you get the slimming, quilted fabric pencil skirt.

snatch for tdr fusion_003

I also love my new boots! I picked these up at SL Fashion Week; they’re by PopTart and come in two heel types – platform and combat – and with or without the cool wings. All types are sold separately.  Obligatory close up time!

snatch for tdr fusion_004Let’s see; what else am I wearing?  The cuffs are by deviousMind and are available at OMGacha – I love them so much, I couldn’t stop clicking “pay” to try to get all the colors!  Darn gacha machines!  My horns are another OMGacha item, this time from Tabou Iresistible.  That’s another gacha machine I couldn’t stop playing.  Love those little horns!  Finally, my earrings were free at Sn@tch’s Fishing Pond.  Ivey has generously put 25 boxes containing boots, jewelry, dresses, skirts, and tops in the pond, and all you have to do is fish them out – absolutely free (no bait required).  I wanted to show you some of the fishing prizes, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to do another post soon.  Christmas break is officially over and RL work calls!

Well, hope you enjoyed, and happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Skirt and Top with Brooch – Sn@tch for TDR Fusion – Socialite – Charcoal and Teal

Boots – (PopTart) for SL Fashion Week – Platform Chunk Boots  (Black) Wings

Cuffs – deviousMind for OMGacha – Lolita Wristwraps – Storm

Earrings – Sn@tch – Crystal Gypsy Earrings – Fishing prize (no. 3)

Horns – Tabou Iresistible for OMGacha – Brown/White Horns Belted

Hair – LeLutka – Evilly hair – CoalMine (previously blogged)

Skin – Belleza – Mya Pale Xmas Gift

Lashes – Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black)

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes -Wight

Photos taken at LC’s World of Fashion – Free Public Photo Studio

Snatch Still Going Strong


How long has Ivey Deschanel been designing awesome fashions in SL?  Pretty damned long.   And she just keeps getting better and better.  So, since I’m not blogging much these days, I thought I’d blog a couple of her latest items.  She’s so damned prolific, too.  She comes out with around four new releases each and every Friday, and puts a new round of older items in the Lucky Boards and Riot Vends every Wednesday.  So, first up, is a new gothic gown from Snatch called the Babylon Gothic Gown.  I’ve noticed that goth seems to be “out” in SL these days.  Many, many goth designers have closed their doors – for example, Gothic Passionate Dreams closed earlier this month, and Nightshade hasn’t designed in months and months, just to name a couple.  It’s a sad time for lovers of gothic fashion (like moi).  But thank you, Ivey, for throwing us goths a bone in honor of Halloween.

Babylon comes in several colors, all for one low price.  This is the teal version.  The texture is lovely, and it’s cut down to *there* in front and back, with a full floor-length skirt, and prim flexy bell sleeves.  I’m also wearing the all-new mesh Naboo claws from Virtual Insanity that fit like a dream.  After a bit of tweaking, they move with your hand in all but the oddest positions.  My skin is an oldie but a perfect goodie – Laq’s Mima Pale, which Laq released for Halloween last year.  It’s been available all year, I think, but it’s especially appropriate for this time of year.  It comes with bloody mouth versions, too!  My jewelry is also an oldie but a goodie – from a store that’s no longer around, but who used to make some of my favorite jewelry – Ticky Tacky.  I was thinking about them the other day and took a walk down memory lane trying on the beautiful pieces.  Ok.  Enough nostalgia.  Finally, my hair.  I love this Sage style from analog dog so much!  It’s mesh, but with flexy add-ons.  Great idea, no?  It has the benefits of mesh – not sinking into your chest, etc., but also the movement of flexy pieces higher up.  It’s my new fave hair!

Another new release from Snatch this week is the Liza Peplum top, which comes in a bazillion colors all in one pack.  With Snatch, the demos are free, and I suggest you try them because you only get one size in the pack.  In other words, you need to buy your size, like in real life.  For me, I had to buy the XL even though I’m not a very big avie, because of my bewbs. If you notice, the top is a little big on me, but I love it anyway.  It’s more comfy big (wink).  Anyway, I love this style top – it’s a sheer black mesh top with a built in corset with a ruffled top.  Really cute!  I wanted a cute short mesh skirt to go with the top, so I found the slightly older release, Snatch’s Fritzie Cord Mini that matched up perfectly.  Of course, the colors match perfectly because it’s all from Snatch.  My hair this time is from another of my favorite hair designers, Wasabi Pills.  This is the Nikki mesh style.  I’m not sure why there’s some transparency issues where the mesh hair meets the mesh top, but I’m guessing it’s a mesh collision thingie.  Color me ignorant of such matters.  My boots are another old item which I pull out of my inventory often – Lapointe & Bastchild‘s Elise boots.  My piercings are the same I wore in my last post.  It shows how seldom I’ve been logging in that I didn’t change them.  They’re from the inimitable Haus of Darcy called End of the Night.

Hope you liked.  Thanks for reading! Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!

Details given in the text!  (It’s just easier that way, folks!)

Newbie Style Challenge II


So, I feel kinda bad coz ever since I read that Gogo was doing another Newbie Style Challenge, I’ve been practically AWOL as Desiree.  I love creating new avatars, but since LL did away with last names, I was not thrilled with being BlanketyBlank Resident.  Ewwww.  What a horrible development.  But Gogo tipped us all off that the Library of Birmingham’s entrance portal still has names available.  That was all I needed to decide that the challenge was on!

I rezzed inworld as Katastrophic Hurricane (lol) on November 5th and have been having so much fun ever since.  Nothing like a new challenge to rev up one’s SL, huh?  The challenge is to create a new avatar and spend no more than L$550 to pimp him or her out.  Because freebie challenges have gotten a bad rap – designers depend on people spending lindens, not just grabbing freebies all the time – Gogo encouraged people to spend a little.  I have spent some lindens on Kat – a total of L$159 so far, but honestly, for this post, I spent only about L$10, thanks to gridwide hunts, lucky chairs, midnight manias, group gifts, and the wonderful FabFree store.

This is my favorite of the new looks.  The skin is available at the FabFree store from Imagen – it’s an older skin, but I’ve always loved the Lia skins.  I added tattoo layer makeup from MOCK, also free at the FabFree store.  I picked up the shape, which I’m wearing throughout this post, from Salt and Pepper for the Mushroom Hunt.  The cute necklace is also a Mushroom Hunt gift – this one from EY:NO.   I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with this quirky little shape.  My daughter, who is an art student, swears that this face is completely unrealistic – the features are too large for the head, but I don’t care.  There’s just something so wistful and sad, and a bit alien about her.  As I pointed out to her, SL avatars don’t have to be realistic!

My next look is thanks to the lucky board at Blue Blood.  I stalked those boards for quite a few hours, I must admit, trying to get this pink version.  Yes, very funny coz I’m Blue Blood’s “official” blogger – I update the store blog, and I could have easily just asked Ghani for the dresses, but that wouldn’t have been fair.  One of the challenge’s rules is that you cannot get your designer friends to give you stuff.  The shoes are the latest subscriber welcome gift from G Field, by the way.  I don’t think I have these for Desiree!  The cute hair is the Snow White hair from Bubblez Designs, available at the Bloggers R Us shop.  The skin is a brand new group gift from [VoiD], and I’ve added tattoo eyemakeup and lipstick layers, also available from [VoiD].  I admit the makeup was a gift from False Imako of VoiD.  I thanked her for putting out a newbie kit for those under 30 days old, and I asked her where the tattoo layer makeups were located, and voila, she gave me these!  Since I didn’t “request” the items, I’m going to use them!  (*sticks out tongue*)

Speaking of [VoiD]’s newbie kit, here’s the lovely, slightly battered skin that’s available free for new avatars.  You get the skin, eyelashes, eyes, a shape, a top, jeans, and even a basic girly AO.  I’ve added a tattoo from Para Designs called “Bleeding Eyes.”  The outfit was free from Pinkmare’s House.  I think it was a MM prize, but I don’t recall coz there are five lucky’s there, plus a MM board.  After about a week, I have quite a few Pinkmare’s outfits.  The hair is from Exile, which has a bunch of freebies at the mainstore.

Last, but certainly not least, I hit up Sn@tch to see what Ivey had for the new players.  Although I couldn’t find the “new player kit” at the mainstore, I did find this cute outfit, including the earrings, at the FabFree store.  The skin is a freebie from Weird Designs; I’m not sure whether you have to join the group or not, but if so, it’s free to join.  The pumps are still the new subscriber gift from Maitreya – a bunch of colors, just for slapping a subscriber board.  Nice!  The hair is the new celebration gift from Dura – again, the group is free to join.

Well, that’s about it for Kat and the Newbie Style Challenge II.  I guess I need to log in as Desiree and take care of blogging all the wonderful things the designers have been sending me!  I have a feeling I’ll be visiting Kat again soon, though.  Who knows?  She may even find herself a permanent place on this blog!   Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – Exura Xue – FabFree – Lolita Dress

Skin – Imagen – Lia – Norte – Natural – FabFree

Tattoo – Para Designs – Bleeding Eyes Goth Black (free)

Arm Tattoos – Para Designs – Gypsy Color Dark (free)

Earrings – U&R Dogs – FabFree – Ma Mere L’Oye

Hair – Emotions – FabFree – Teresa Brown

Makeup – MOCK – FabFree – Licorice Whips Makeover

Boots -* BF* – Free*Style Store –  My Little Black Boots

Eyes – Amacci – Insight Winter Image Eyes (with Eye Sparkle) – Group Gift

Shape – [S]alt [and] [P]epper – Campanilla Shape – Mushroom Hunt Gift

Lashes – Bare Sensual – Dead Girl Lashes (came with L$1 Halloween skin)

Bracelet – Chop Zuey – Sedona Sunset Bracelet – Mushroom Hunt Gift

Necklace – EY:NO – Mushroom Necklace – Mushroom Hunt Gift

No. 2:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassandra – Pink – Lucky Board

Skin – [VoiD] – Rainbow Hawke Group Gift – Hawke – Butter – Natural – New Generation

Elf Ears – part of VoiD Group Gift above

Eyeshadow & Lipstick – [VoiD] – Eyeshadow – Black; Lipstick – Baby (Gloss) – New Generation (gift!)

Hair – Bubblez Designs – Snow White Hair – at the Bloggers R Us store

Lashes – Free*Style – Foxy Lashes

Necklace – Lolapop! – Just a Little Goth Necklace – (L$1)

Shoes – G*Field – Bow Strap Shoes – Kate – Plum – Subscriber Welcome Gift

Eyes – Amacci – GreyBrown Eyes – free

Tattoo – Heartsick – There is No Fate – Freebie Box of Randomness at the Neverwas Is Event

Bracelet – Amourous – You – Marketplace L$1

No. 3:

Dress with Hat – Pinkmare’s House – Rotten Candy (Midnight Mania or Lucky Board)

Hair – Exile – Ali – Marble (free)

Hairbase Tattoo – Amacci – free fatpacks

Skin – [VoiD] – Have a Heart Newbie Kit – Candy – Heartbreaker – Natural – New Generation

Eyes – [VoiD] – Mute II Constricted Black – part of Newbie Kit

Eyelashes – [VoiD] – Eyelashes – Feather – part of Newbie Kit

Necklace – Dark Mouse – Vintage 50’s Pearls Necklace – FabFree Store

No. 4:

Sweater, Capris, and Earrings – Sn@tch – FabFree Gift

Hair – Dura – Celebration Gift – Black (new gift!)

Skin – Weird Designs – Twisted (Skin Preview) – free group gift

Eyes – Amacci – BrownGreen Eyes – Group Gift

LoveCats – Amelia


As I’ve said many times before, once upon a time, I was a kitteh in SL.  I used to love my fluffy tail and twitchy ears.   I still wear them occasionally just for fun, but they’re no long part of my SL identity.  Whenever I see the sexy/cute outfits at LoveCats, I get all nostalgic about those fun times.  But contrary to the name, LoveCats isn’t strictly a neko store.  LoveCat Thei makes beautiful, well-made outfits to fit almost any SL taste.  She even makes quite a few items for the boyz, and we know how rare that is in SL!

Tonight I’ll show you one of my favorites of her latest releases – Amelia.

I love me a bit of black satin adorned with torn lace, straps, fringe, and metal grommets – so sexy.  All LoveCats releases start off at L$250 for the first 24 hours.  Forgive me if this post is too late for you to get the sale price.  But every outfit comes with extras – in this case, the collar, fluffy sleeves, and the boots are all included.  These are niiiiice boots, too.  Hell, I’ve paid over L$250 for boots like these alone.  And take a closer look – you’ll see that Ms. Thei’s textures are top-notch.

To go with this hot look, I threw on a group gift from [VoiD] – a special advance peek at her latest New Generation skin – Candy.  I fell in love, of course.  And since the skin was quite bare, but had good “bones,” I was able to add some tattoo layer lipstick with fangs from [VoiD], as well as some pretty silvery eye makeup from Virtual/Insanity.  The fangy lipsticks are available for cheap at [VoiD]’s booth at the Spooky You event.  If you haven’t been to that, run coz it’s awesome!  The hair is a brand new release from Wasabi Pills – the Kimmy hair.  It’s a great fantasy style “do” with the ponytails framing the face.  I also thought some piercings were in order, so I added Haus of Darcy’s Bulletproof chest piercings, available at the Perfect Wardrobe – the newest designer discount shop to hit SL.

Well, that’s it for me tonight.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit with Boots – LoveCats – Amelia*

Skin – [VoiD] – Candy – Bare – Natural – New Generation

Lipstick – [VoiD] – Lil Vamp – Fangs – Rouge Gloss – available at Spooky You

Eye Makeup – Virtual/Insanity – Make Me Up – Shimmer – Snow*

Piercing – HoD for Perfect Wardrobe – Bulletproof – V3 – Silver Lining*

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ – Kimmy – Ash (worn with tattoo layer hairbase)*

Nails – Virtual/Insanity – Bad Words – Black Nails*

Earrings – Sn@tch – Languid Gothic Earrings (part of Fish for This – Passionate outfit)*

Eyes by Fashism

Lashes by Amacci*

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that support my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion.

( r e d ) mint – Sexy Lifted Laced Tops


As promised, here’s part two of RedMint’s new releases.  This is the Lifted Top, which comes in two styles.  I’ll only show you one style, though, coz I’m just plumb tuckered out, to be honest.

This is Lifted in pink.  All the Lifted tops come in two styles, boat neck style and mock turtleneck style, both with the top lifted to reveal a good percentage of your bosom.  Sexy!  All of these tops come in solid colors with black lace trim.  I’ve paired them with a recent release from Sn@tch.  The Striped Lyric Jeans are still on the new release wall at any rate.  The cute Meadow Flats are from DECO and come in many more summertime colors than this black that I’m wearing.  The necklace is a *freebie* from Eolande’s, which is closing down for good.  Everything in the store is on sale, but this particular necklace (plus the same necklace, choker style) is a last minute gift from Ms. Eolande Elvehjem.  Eolande’s been in SL for years and years, and she has decided she’s ready to move on to designing jewelry in the real world.  That’s so cool!  I wish her all the best!  I picked up this sexy hair from LoQ at TDR Blue.  I thought it was a particularly pretty blonde shade.  I love blonde hair in the summer time!  My skin is brand spanking new, too.  It’s a new release called Mini from LAQ.  Oh my goodness!  So gorgeous!  I wasn’t particularly enamored with the skin from the ad, but I gave it a try coz I love LAQ skins.  I was so pleased that the skin suited me.  I think I’ve finally become a skin whore!  I used to wear one skin for months at a time.  It’s so hard to do that now with so many fantastic skin designers churning out one gorgeous skin after another!  Am I right?!

For the rest of the colors of Lifted, I only shot the boat neck versions coz I just think they’re sexier. 🙂  Here are the black, purple, white, and blue versions.

Here, of course, we have the green, brown, teal, and yellow versions, all paired with coordinating Sn@tch Striped Lyric pants.  Love these!  Oh, that cute dragonfly necklace I changed into is from Apple May Designs and is on sale at the Fashion Garret.  So cute!  Here’s a closer shot of it.

Now, there is one more type of Lifted tops that RedMint has done. These are all mock turtleneck sweaters, lifted of course, but with contrasting colors at the top portion.  For instance, there’s a black and purple; a pink and white; a white and pink, a yellow and brown, etc.  If you like these, go check out the rest of them at RedMint.

Okey dokey… as I said I’m exhausted – working just a half day is taking its toll when I don’t go to bed until 2 a.m. lol  Anyway, until next time….

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with a * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers!

No. 1:

Top – ( r e d ) mint – Lace Top Lifted – pink*

Pants – Sn@tch – Striped Lyric Jeans – black

Shoes – DECO – Meadow Flats – Leather Licorice*

Skin – LAQ – Mini – Milky – 08

Necklace – Eolande’s – Mother of Pearl Cowry Shell Necklace (free)

Tattoo – moloko – V-Day Love Wings tattoo

Lashes by [glow] studio

Hairbase by Amacci*

Eyes by Fashism*

Elf Ears by Scribble

Nos. 2 – 4:

Hair – Exile – Lida – Roots:Chardonnay

Necklace – Apple May Designs – Dragonfly Necklace – at the Fashion Garret

Better Late than Never?


I wanted to post this yesterday for Friday the 13th.  I thought it would be “cute.”  Well, here it is anyway.  I’m constantly apologizing on this blog these days, so I won’t do that anymore.  We all have real lives, so there should really be no reason to apologize, right? 😀

See? I’m a black cat – don’t cross my path! ;P  This is Reaction by Lovecats, my favorite neko/punk shop.  I don’t give a flying f*ck if neko is passé.  I still like to gaze at a pretty furry tail as my avi walks around.  Doesn’t it suck that we always see our avi’s from behind when we’re walking?  Well, a furry tail adds an interesting visual twist.  Reaction doesn’t come with the ears and tail, though.  These are as “old as the hills” from Sn@tch.  They’re goth, though, so they’re still my favorite set.  The outfit does come with the boomers that leave rainbow kitty tracks as you walk.  😀  And it comes with the choker/necklace, too.  And really, if you like to dress neko sometimes, you probably have at least 20 sets  of tails and ears anyway, right? As soon as I saw that open jacket with the straps, I knew I had to have this outfit.  You know how much I love strappy outfits!  And as I said in my last post on LoveCats, the outfits there are very well made and well-textured.  If you want the best in neko or punk wear, add their LM to your favorites.  Man, looking at my pic there, it just occurred to me that those black claw prim nails from U&R Dogs would have been just perfect for this outfit!  Don’t you hate when that happens? Sigh…. Oh, well, until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – LoveCats – Reaction

Skin – Atomic – Lien Skin Buff – Culture Shock A

Hair – elikatira – Horizon – Black 04

Ears & Tail – Sn@tch – Kitteh Earz/Tail – Goth/Black

Lip Piercing – LouLou&Co – Lucky Cross V1

Tattoo – Para Designs – Lucky Stars – medium (hunt prize)

Hairbase and Lashes by Amacci

No. 399 – Stash Bash Hunt and (Red)Mint


So,  a really cool hunt started Thursday, April 20.  You know, *420* heh heh.  Well, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, “420” is a semi-secret code for smoking pot, and April 20 is like international pot smoking day.  So, Hempy Weezles of Ripe fame decided to organize a hunt called the Stash Bash, and it kicked off on April 20.  Hempy…. heh heh.  But, here’s the thing.  You don’t need to be an aficionado of the drug culture to enjoy the prizes donated for this hunt.  I’m only going to show you some of the fashion items, but there are also some very, very nice furniture items as well.  There’s a little Love Shack beach hut, a nice friends’ lounge, and a nice hookah smoking setup – cushions with poses, etc.  The hunt is really small, too, so you can giterdun really quickly.  So, anyway, you have until April 30 to go find these items.  Oh, you’re looking for a bag of weed (the stash, of course) lol.

Sn@tch’s offering is a very nice boho-chic outfit.  It includes two tops (lavender and blue), the long gypsy skirt, the cute backpack, plus the eye of horus bellyring.  The hair is not from the hunt.  It’s the Blue Fairy Hair, the latest group gift from (Red)Mint.  This style includes the chest attachment piece and comes with a cross accented chain across the forehead.  As you can see, you can make the chain invisible, but you can also change the texture from silver to gold.  The boots are also from (Red)Mint and I lurrrrrrv them so much.  They’re called “Shoe Repair Punk Boot” and feature color change socks and color change laces.  The laces also have pieces further up your leg, making them very boho indeed.  You can see more of the boots later in this post coz I didn’t want to take them off.  The necklace with the pipe and cannabis leaf is the hunt gift from Ducknipple.  The bracelet and ring are Ripe’s hunt gift – it’s a full jewelry set including necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all featuring Hempy’s favorite plant. 😀

And here’s the hunt gift from TERHO – yep, it’s a cannabis leaf balloon. You get two in the folder – one for each hand – and four poses.  Cute!

Let’s see… what else?  Oh, Dilly Dolls has a really cute hippy chic dress called Dolly Day as its hunt gift.

It’s actually one dress that comes with a HUD to change the colors four different ways.  You also have the option to show or hide your “stash” in the pockets.  😀  The dress is a bit unusual coz Oriana has created an alpha layer to hide just your bewbs so that the sculpted top can fit without your girls poking out.  The necklace worn here is from Hempy’s set.  Here’s a closeup of the dress, and you can also see the necklace and matching earrings a bit better.

And how about those eyes?  Those red, glossy green eyes are the hunt gift from doremi, along with the tattoo layer smoky eye makeup.  The skin I’m wearing here is (Red)Mint’s latest Frost skin in the pale tone.  This is no. 9, the least fantasy styled.  I think it works great with the red, buzzed eye look coz of the lips.  Also, do you notice the texture Oriana has used for the dress?  Doesn’t it look like a heavy sack?  Maybe even one made of hemp?  Perfect!  The hair worn here is (Red)Mint’s latest hair, No. 5.  It also features the chain at the temple that’s color change, but I’ve chosen to make it transparent to keep it more boho and less fantasy.  I’m also not wearing the chest attachment piece for the hair so that you can better see the dress.

Now, here’s another outfit that will appeal to anyone.  It’s from the amazingly talented Drinkinstein Sorbet of The Sea Hole, and comes with the cardigan, lazer cut suede skirt, enameled weed medallion belt, and the drinky essentials handbag.  So freakin’ cute!  You know you want this!  It’s freeeeee!  (By the way, isn’t that name just the best SL name ever?!  Damn.  I feel so boring with the plain Jane name I have.)  The earrings are the hunt gift from Adore & Abhor; they’re simple black horn shaped earrings, a good addition to any jewelry chest.  I’m also wearing new nails from Virtual/Insanity – the Essential Nails in pastels.  They’re color change (by individual nail, so you can be unique) to at least six different colors, probably more.  See those awesome boots better now?  You don’t have to wear the rope pieces, by the way.  You get two pairs in the folder – these and one without any ropes at all.  There are about 12 different colors to change your ropes and socks to, and I had a ton of fun playing with them. And oh…my….goodness, join Dura’s group, ffs!  This awesome hair is the latest group gift and comes in several colors, including my favorite – black.

The hunt gift from So Many Styles (SMS) is this cute green tee with mesh insert.  It comes with a sculpted waist attachment that I think I’m wearing wrong.  (Hey, I’m a freakin’ goth blogger!  What do I know about sculpted tee shirts??! lol)  I think it would’ve looked better if I’d worn the shirt layer top (instead of the jacket layer one) with the sculpted bit, but maybe not.  In any case, I think it still looks cute, and can totally be worn with the Sea Hole skirt and belt.

And this cute tee is the hunt gift from Rezlpsa Loc.  Yep, you can wear it with the Sea Hole outfit, too!  Ok, now for something a bit different and sexier – Blue Blood’s hunt gift!

This is the Adele lingerie in a special color for the Stash Bash hunt.  Pretty green!  You can also see the earrings from Adore & Abhor a bit better here, as well as the beautiful RedMint skin.  And I’m almost finished showing you the gifties!

Last, but certainly not least, is the gift from BUTT-ERR.  Yeah, show your 420 pride by wearing this maryjane patterned green dress that features a sculpted skirt.

Well, that’s it for me.  I’m exhausted!  And it’s Good Friday, and what that means down here in South Looz-e-anna is that I need to go fry up some shrimp for supper!  So, take care, and until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:

Outfit – Sn@tch – Stash Bash Swag – Hippie Chick

Bracelet & Ring – ((Ripe)) – Ganja Luv’in

Earrings – Adore & Abhor – Horn Earrings

Necklace – Ducknipple – Stash Bash

Skin – (Red)Mint – Pale – No. 9 – Frost (with hairbase)

Makeup – doremi – Shadow ❤ smoked

Hair –  (Red)Mint – Group Gift Blue Fairy Hair

Boots –  (Red)Mint – Shoe Repair – Punk Boots – Black

Nails – Virtual/Insanity – Essential Nails – Pastels

Eyes – doremi – ❤ mi ojos (bashed)

Balloon – TERHO – Stash Bash Balloon

Lashes by Amacci

Outfit No. 2:

Outfit – Dilly Dolls – Dolly Day Dress (color change)

Earrings – ((Ripe)) – Ganja Luv’in – Hoops

Hair –  (Red)Mint – No. 8 – Dark Cherry

Outfit No. 3:

Outfit (skirt, top, bag) – The Sea Hole – Stash Bash Cut Suede Skirt, MJ Belt and Cardigan

Earrings – Adore & Abhor – Horn Earrings

Hair – Dura – Group Gift 4/20/11 – Black

Outfit No. 4:

Top – So Many Styles – Lacy Blouse – Stash Bash Hunt

Outfit No. 5:

Tee Shirt – Rezlpsa Loc – Peace Tee Shirt

Outfit No. 6:

Lingerie – +++Blue Blood+++ – Adele Green Lingerie Set

Outfit No. 7:

Dress – BUTT-ERR – Stash Bash 320 Cannabis Dress

Hair –  (Red)Mint – see above

Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet – ((Ripe)) – Ganja Luv’in