Souled Out, Morphine, et al.


Hello, lovely ones.  I’ve been busy both in RL and SL lately.  The marking period came to an end in RL, so I was busy grading; as for SL, it’s been hunts and fairs and festivals – oh my!  One cool outfit I found in a hunt is from Souled Out for the Mysteries of the Sea Hunt.  I know – not exactly a mermaid outfit, is it?  That’s why I had to nab it and show it to you!  The outfit consists of the mesh dress *and* the boots – what a bargain for only L$5!  And you have until April 10th to find it.  I also spent some time doing the Black Crowes Hunt (how could I resist?), and picked up the really nice choker (among other jewelry in the folder) at Adoness.  Cost?  L$10.  You have just until March 25th to grab the goodies in this hunt.

Souled Out Davy Jones 1

My next outing was to the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair – soooooo much good stuff there!  I picked up the awesome wings from Arise and the nicely crafted legchain from Death Row Designs.  But I wasn’t finished shopping!  Of course not.  There’s always more to grab in SL, so next up was the Skin Fair.  Isn’t this skin from Morphine just lovely?  If you’re looking for a “normal” skin – for non-roleplayers, non-goths, etc., then my pictures here don’t do Morphine’s work justice because, believe me, the skin is gorgeous.  I’m wearing Morphine’s new-for-Skin Fair Ghail skin with the add-on lipstick.  I’m also wearing lovely eyes from Morphine as well, in my favorite color – pale grey.

Souled Out Davy Jones 2

Truth came out with new hair recently, and I had to have this one – I love it when Truth does unusual styles!  This is Maisy (in black, of course), worn with the included buns.  They are optional, however, if you’d rather not wear them (nice touch).  In the next pic, you can see the lovely blush on the Morphine skin.  Usually, I don’t like skins with blush added; I usually find they’re too “cute” for me, but Morphine does it right here – love it!  My awesome piercings are from the inimitable Haus of Darcy.  This is an older set called Provocation, which I love because there are little unholy crosses on the lip piercings.  Provocation comes with a chest piercing as well, which you’ll notice on my chest right below the Adoness choker.  If you’re new to HoD, be advised there are three floors of older piercings at reduced prices.  Trust me, you’ll find some real bargains there for the quality of these piercings.

Souled Out Davy Jones 3

Well, that’s about it.  For any worn items not mentioned, and for a landmark to my photo location, keep reading below!  Until next time, happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress and Boots – Souled Out – Davy Jones – Mysteries of the Sea Hunt prize

Piercings – HoD – Provocation Piercings (Parts 1 and 2) – Slide (including “infected” tattoo)

Skin – Morphine – Ghail – Pale – Smoky/Black Brown w/cleavage – Skin Fair Sim 2

Lipstick – Morphine – Ghail’s Lips (Burgundy Medium)

Eyes – Morphine – Trinity – Blind Eyes

Legchain – Death Row Designs (DRD)  – upper leg chain – Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Gloves – LouLou&Co – Crepuscule Gloves

Wings – Arise – Steam Wings – full opened – black – Luck of the Irish Gacha

Necklace – Adoness – the Crow Lady – Choker – black (Black Crowes Hunt)

Tattoo – RD Style – Tattoo Feathers and Birds (part of Sarah Dress – black)

Hair – Truth – Maisy – Black (with Buns)

Elf Ears – [Mandala] – Pierced Elf Ears Version 2 – Short

Photo location: Skye Neist Point

I feel so….. vintage!


Good day, purty ladies.  Today I’m documenting two outfits that I had a hard time removing from my pixilated body (coz I loved them so much, not becoz they were “stuck” or something).  I logged on Monday and fortuitously got semi-spammed by the silentsparrow group chat with some guy looking for the not-so-secret sale room.  Apparently SL borked my silentsparrow messages yet again coz I didn’t even know that there was a retirement sale going on all weekend and ending Monday.  Grrrrrr.  So, guess what I did?  Yep.  TP’d immediately and went a little nuts.  I mean, c’mon, silentsparrow outfits for L$100? I’m all over that, baby.

 So, first up is the Etienne outfit. It reminds me of katat0nik, except without the kawaii cupcakes, animals, skullies, etc.  But the textures are simply amazing and so obviously hand-painted and original.  My standby vintage shoes, Adam n Eve’s Bien Fait Victoriana, worked so perfectly, too. (Note to self, check if AnE still sells these and buy more colors!)  The freebie hair from Tiny Bird (Maggie) works perfectly, I think. I also just love the whole avian thing I’ve got going on here, too (silentsparrow, Tiny Bird, lol), and I’m also wearing a bird tattoo from Tiny Bird on my shoulder as well. (mesohappy).  Facepalm!  I shoulda worn the Violet Voltaire bracelet with the bird cages!  

Silent Sparrow Etienne composite

Next up is the Acanthium outfit, which is fairly low lag and looks soooo polished and classy. It has just a tiny poof of prims for the bustle.  Trust me, it looks even better inworld. Semi-transparent prims are a bitch  to photograph/GIMP.  This dress also gave me another excuse to pop on a monocle by Sanu – this one in berry just matches perfectly.  And this hair! I haven’t been able to take it off for a few days – it’s by Vignette, called May, another freebie/dollarbie for the fatpack (still available – go now!).  It also gave me an excuse to pull out my Royal Blue lucky chair boots from last December (oh, how I stalked *that* chair!). 

 Silent Sparrow Acanthium composite

So, I hope you like.  Both of these outfits have now been retired, I believe, but mayhaps they are hiding in your inventory, awaiting discovery? Drag em out, dust em off, and be fabulous!


Photo 1:
Dress – silentsparrow – Etienne (rose)
Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation (Vogue) – Pure (Vamp – Seduce)
Eyes – Miriel Standard Snow
Shape – Trina – Shape by Alexxis
Necklace and Bracelet (L) – Magika gift – heart ring (not worn), bracelet and necklace
Bracelet (right) – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter (color change)
Earrings and Monocle – Sanu – Pip’s Quest
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bien Fait Victoriana
Hair – Tiny Bird freebies – Maggie in Black Bean
Tattoo (on shoulder): Tiny Bird – smudge shoulder bird
Photo 2:
Dress, stockings and gloves – silentsparrow – Acanthium (blues)
Hair – Vignette – May (Charcoal)
Eyes – Miriel Sapphire
Monocle – Sanu – Greatest Love (Berries)
Necklace & Earrings- Genesis – Damsel- The Triquetra (Platinum)
Bracelet (left) – Yak & Yeti – Devdas Indian glas bangle set
Bracelet  (right) – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter (color change)
Boots – Royal Blue – lucky chair gift – Royal heavy metal
Tattoo – Tiny Bird– Smudge – shoulder bird 

“Do You Dig-it?” or “Rock the Kasbah!”


It’s been awhile since anyone showed any blogger love to that purveyor of flowy/blowy dresses, Digit Darkes.  I was once a member of her group and looked forward to her Secret Sale Sunday Hunts. She stopped doing those many moons ago, and I eventually dropped out to chase after freebies.  Before I left her group, however, I bought a gift card during a 50% off sale.  It’s been lying around my inventory for longer than I care to admit; and I’ve been feeling kinda guilty for not dropping in to check out what she’s been up to.  I’m loyal like that. 🙂  So, when I saw a blog about her new releases, I decided to go and spend that gift card.

 I know the Kasbah dress is sort of “yesterday’s news,” but I couldn’t afford it when it was new. So, this is for all of you that drooled and lusted over it and never bought it.  Ladies, it’s now only L$200!!  Waaaaay down, I say – so there’s really no excuse now. See?  It’s still absolutely gorgeous.  I feel like I should be dancing for my sultan in this. 😉  Where the hell will I actually wear it?  No freaking idea! But it’s too pretty to pass up.  I like just walking around my little island in it.  It moves so beautifully – it’s utterly captivating.

Digit Darkes Kasbah Dress

While looking for the elusive Kasbah dress (it’s located on the 2nd floor), I also picked up these two items – one fairly new – the Boho dress –mmmm, hot! – and the Black and White Affair dress (which I *had* purchased once before, but Linden Labs borked my inventory around last October and *ate* this dress, among *thousands* of other things.  (Don’t get me started. Grrrrr…..))  The Boho dress is a belted wrap dress that (ooops!) has come almost totally unwrapped. Be warned – you will show some skin with this one.

Anyway, how hot is this?  Pretty damned hot!  So, go show Digit some retail lovin’ – her designs are still some of the classiest sexy stuff around.  (Oh, I would have blogged her latest, but it’s already been done, and I’m a thrifty shopper.)

 Digit Darkes Boho (outside) and Affair (center)


 Picture 1:

Dress:  Digit Darkes– Kasbah

Skin:  Cupcakes – Lovespell Lace – Valentine

Hair – Analog Dog – n curl dark – black

Eyes – Miriel Standard Snow

Shape – Trina – Shape by Alexxis

Necklace – Secrets of Gaia – Horned Garnet Dagger Necklace Silver (hunt item – Twisted?)

Earrings – BeBae Skins – Tri Tier – Silver

Bangles – Digit Darkes – Couture Chunky Bangles – Couture BIG ASS studded Bracelet and Couture triple row studded bracelet

Underwear  (sorry didn’t want to show my naughty bits) – Alphamale and Blacklace – Passionate Touch – Chocolate Satin panties (part of shamrock hunt gift)

Boots – First Flower – Hollyhock Overtone Black Shine


Picture 2 – Outer Pictures:

Dress – Digit Darkes Boho Dress

(All same accessories/hair, etc. I think)


Picture 2 – Inner Pictures: 

Dress – Digit Darkes – Affair Slip Dress- white/black

Shape:  My own (the “real Des”)

Skin – same as above

Hair – Vignette – May – Midnight – freebie (go get it now!)

Nailpolish – AnnaH red passion

Shoes- Unique Needs – Death Dolly Goth Mary Janes

Necklace – EarthStones Dangle Beads Necklace- Mother of Pearl

Earrings –EarthStones – Opal and Diamond Earrings – Easter Egg No. 12 from hunt

Bracelet (left) – EarthStones Subscriber gift bag – Stone Bangles – Dramatic

Bracelet (right) – Digit Darkes – Couture – triple row studded bracelet



Hi, y’all.  Hope your week is going well.  I’m a slow blogger coz I picked up the outfits below over the weekend when I got a subscribo notice from an interesting shop, Sisters.  She was announcing some new releases and a new dress added to the Lucky Chair.  So, I TP’d on over, having nothing better to do (*ahem*).  Picked up the blue dress in the back of the store – it’s a dollarbie. Won the tan dress in the lucky chair, *had* to buy the pink one (me ❤ pink), and then won the brown dress in the lucky chair.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win the new Lucky Chair dress, but there’s always tomorrow. 

While I was there waiting and waiting and waiting (ad nauseum) for the place to fully rez, not one, not two, but three times in a row (!) the lucky letter T came up – much to the delight of Tanya or Tina or whatever her name was. lol  I told her she should go buy a lottery ticket immediately. 😀

Anyway, my opinion of this store is that the designs are quite interesting in a kawaii kind of way.  It’s really too bad the vendors are so poorly lit; it makes it really hard to see the outfits.   Perhaps the designer could just use one of those glaring face lights to brighten up her photos.  (Of course *I* never use those. *ahem* *cough*) 😉  A big plus is that her prices are quite reasonable – most outfits are L$100 or less.

Details are below if you like what you see.

(l-r) Fawn, Chocolate Lace, Pinky, Blue Velvet

(l-r) Fawn, Chocolate Lace, Pinky, Blue Velvet

Outfit No. 1

Dress – *Sisters* – Fawn dress

Shoes – Dark Mouse – Brown Buckle Chunk Sandals

Eyes – Miriel – Standard- Snow

Hair – Deviant Kitties – Cheyenne Blonde

Necklace – [Curio] Vintage Heart Necklace – Old Gold – Hair Fair freebie

Skin – Imagen Lia Norte Valentina – Kiss Hunt freebie –

Earrings – Sanu Scribbling Quest Earrings 1

Bracelet – U&R Dogs – SweetWrappings Bracelet – freebie (sorry no slurl)

Shape – (Lunacy) SL Discovery prize (sorry no slurl)


Outfit No. 2

Dress – *Sisters*Chocolate Lace dress (lucky chair freebie)

Bracelet- Cleopatra Gold Flower Bangle by FD (Feline Design?)

Shoes – Maitreya Group Gift Pumps -Tawny

Earrings & Necklace – Earthtones – Ambrosia Disc set

Skin – Imagen – Lia Norte Valentina (Kiss Hunt)

Hair – Truth – Sally – Silver

Shape – Shape by Alexxis- Trina


Outfit No.3 Pinky Dress

Dress – Pinky dress – *Sisters*

Necklace and Bracelet – Violet Voltaire – Harajuku Girls Pink

Shoes – Chuchulet – Lisa Strappy Flower heels – pink (dollarbie)


 Outfit No. 4 –

Dress – *Sisters* Blue Velvet Dollarbie

Hair – Analog Dog – n curl dark – black

Shape – Trina Shape by Shape By Alexxis

Bracelet (right) – Yak & Yeti – glass bangle big – blue set

Earrings and cuff- Violet Voltaire – Love Like Blood – Sapphire

Necklace – Violet Voltaire – Hethr Necklace-Violet/Silver

Skin- M&R Cupcake – Seduction – Champagne – Easter Egg hunt freebie

Boots – Ztique – Bowie Boots – blue

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc.

Ensemble’s Alice


Okay, last post today, I promise.  I told ya I’d been very acquisitive lately.  And this ain’t even a smidgeon of what I’ve collected lately. lol

So, the next outfit I want to show you is by that cute little Japanese shop, Encemble.  It’s an opening gift for their new shop in Feed Your Head (lol) and it’s appropriately called the Alice dress.  How kawaii is this?  Reminds me of mo*mo for cuteness.  Ensemble is famous (to me at least) for adorable little checked babydoll dresses.  I first saw a dress from that shop in a very uncooperative lucky chair and had to *walk* to find the shop so that I could buy it.  Talk about a slow process, but I persevered.  lol

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the adorable Alice dress opening gift from Encemble.


Encemble's Alice Dress - Opening Gift

Encemble's Alice Dress - Opening Gift


Outfit Details:

Dress – Encemble Alice Dress (Opening Gift) – “Feed Your Head” location in Red Queen

Shape – my own (the *original Des*)

Skin – M&R Cupcakes – Plush – Apricot – Soft

Eyes – as usual Miriel Standard – Snow

Hair – Magika – Peace & Love – White A (from the Kiss Hunt perhaps?) – headband tinted to match dress

Necklace – Cailyn’s Mia Silver/Teal Necklace 

Earrings – Alienbear Designs Sassy II White Pearl Set (definitely a gift/hunt item)

Bracelet – Aurum Multi Bracelet Rainbow



Ok, I’ve been really busy being “acquisitive” lately!  Check out this cutie pie dress I found at a little store with very reasonable prices and a nice freebie.  This one isn’t free, but I had to have it.  It’s called Cluckie Dress and it has *chickens* along the bottom. LOL So silly, so cute. If you’re not a girly, dress-wearing girl, there’s a Cluckie pants outfit, too.  I’m not really sure this “look” works – I like all the parts, but I’m not sure they’re “right” together.  I think I look like a raccoon. 0.o  Anyway, see for yourself:


Miss Muffet - Cluckie Dress

Miss Muffet - Cluckie Dress


Outfit Details:

  • Boots – First Flower Valerian Girls Black
  • Skin – Lia – Norte Valentina by Imagen
  • Hair – Nightshade– Lenore Grimm Hair – Moonlight (on sale recently)
  • Eyes – as usual Miriel Standard – Snow
  • Shape – Shape by Alexxis – Trina (sorry, couldn’t find LM)
  • Dress – Miss Muffet – Cluckie Dress
  • Earrings and bracelet (left) – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter
  • Bracelet (right) – Violet Voltaire – Cuppycake Creepie Crawlie
  • Necklace- Violet Voltaire– Hethr

Happy hunting/gathering/shopping!

Yvaine – no migraine


Sheesh.  It’s hard to come up with these blog post titles.  So, here’s yet another avatar impersonating Desiree.  That’s right; you still have not met the “real Des.”  Maybe one day……  So, while reading the blogs I saw a purty blue fairy-like dress on sale for only $50L at Pixeldolls (part of their ongoing clearance sale).  Well, being acquisitive (*wink*), I had to go check it out.  I was *sold* as soon as I saw that it came with the avatar shape.  So,  voilà – Yvaine, which I keep misspelling “Ygraine.”  Curses!  I am such an Arthurian legends geek.

So, without further ado – here she is.  Well, one more ado – first please excuse my lame attempts at GIMPing three images together.  Hey, at least I’m getting the hang of it.  This is my very first image merger.  (Yay, me!)

Ignore those weird horizontal white lines, please. lol

Ignore those weird horizontal white lines, please. lol


Details?  You want details?  Of course I have details for you! 


Elfie EarsSn@tch (can’t seem to remove these!)

Eyes – Miriel – Snow (hands down, the best ethereal eyes I’ve found)

Hair – Discord Designs – Nails (as in “straight as..” lol) – Dollarbie from last year’s Hair Fair

Skin – Imagen – Lia -Norte – Valentina – Greatest Love Hunt freebie

Boots – First Flower – Valerian Girls – Black (the absolute best reasonably priced boots in SL)

Lollita skirt – silentsparrow – Grimly skirt (roses)

Corset – silentsparrow – filligree velvet corset in scarlet

Shape – Pixeldolls – Yvaine Shape (modified by moi – slightly) – part of Yvaine outfit

Lip ring – Sanu 600 members gift

Necklace – /Fuel/ Cross my heart (short) (my favorite necklace)

Bracelet – Ephemeral Creations – Barbed Heart Bracelet – 2008 Jewelry expo gift



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