Cutie Moon Fair Ends Soon!


I’ve been so, so busy in RL that I haven’t had time to blog about the Cutie Moon Fair, which ends on Monday, April 14.  You still have a little time to stop by, so make sure you don’t miss it!  Even if you’re not a fan of the popular, long-running, anime series, you should go just for the beautiful build.  Ok, so here’s my little cosplay of Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon series.

sailor mars 4.12.14_001

Violent Seduction did a whole set of the Sailor Moon characters’ dresses, from Sailor Mercury to Sailor Venus, plus the ultra-cute Chibi Sailor Moon.  I chose to do Sailor Mars mostly because I thought this hair from Wasabi Pills, which I had in my inventory, was pretty close to the character’s.  Plus, Sailor Mars usually is pictured wearing heels instead of boots, and I wanted to show you Violent Seduction’s cutie pie heart heels, which are for Slink’s mid-height feet.  Naturally, they were a perfect match for the outfit, since they’re both by the same designer. 🙂

sailor mars 4.12.14_005

My skin is a recent purchase at the Skin Fair (now closed) from Lara Hurley – her Ivy skin in the Milky tone.  I was pleased that there were appliers for my butt and my Slink hands and feet, plus I thought the skin was a nice balance of beauty and innocence.  The little beauty marks I’m wearing are an add-on for the skin that’s included in the folder.  Very sweet.

Well, that’s it for me for now.  Sorry for the uncharacteristically short post, but who reads my ramblings anyway? 😀  Until next time,

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – Violent Seduction – Eternal Uniform – Mars (Fitted Mesh) at Cutie Moon Fair

Shoes – Violent Seduction – Heart Heels – Purple (for SLink feet)

Skin – Lara Hurley – Ivy – Natural2/Milky (worn with Ivy nose tattoo option; Ivy rose lips; and beauty marks)

Necklace – Cutie Moon Fair Locket – freebie

Hair – Wasabi Pills- Aria Mesh Hair – Storm (old, but still available on the Marketplace)

Gloves – part of a BlakOpal outfit

Eyes by *MG*

Butt – – Cute Azz

Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Feet Female Mid


Fitted Mesh is Awesome!


My darlings, have you updated your Firestorm viewer yet?  If not, you may start to crash as fitted mesh (formerly known as “liquid mesh”) become more popular.  Apparently, if someone wears fitted mesh around avatars who are not running the latest viewer, he or she may crash.  I’ve only acquired two fitted mesh outfits so far, but I already prefer them to the old mesh items.  No more having to change my shape to a predetermined size (none of which actually matches my own body dimensions).  Tonight I want to show you my latest fitted mesh acquisition – DE Designs’ Thyri dress.

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 2

Oops!  I got caught in a downpour! See how my dress is just skin-tight? 😉  But seriously, the fit is amazing.  I had no idea my avi was so thin!  For a not-so-thin RL person, I fell in love with my little avi all over again. lol  Thyri comes in three colors – the purple/black shown here, as well as all black, and brown/black.  And if you can’t use fitted mesh yet, it also comes in regular mesh in 5 sizes.  Everything about the dress is just scrumptious.

My hair is from Tableau Vivant for Collabor88.  I love the style – different but not ridiculously so.  The pulled back, very loose pony can work with a variety of styles, and the hair tie is color change, of course.  How about my skin?  This is from (red)Mint.  It is!  It’s not just for RP’ers!  This beautiful skin is called Ivy, and it’s the Powder tone, makeup number 4.  (red)Mint does lots of different tones for each skin, and always includes at least a few fantasy tones.   Take a better look here…

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 6


I’m wearing my SLink hands and the tone matching with the skin was effortless since (red)mint has appliers for most mesh body parts.  Easy Peasy!  My beautiful nail appliers are again from ZOZ, which you’ll find has nail polish at many of the weekly and monthly events at great prices.  Check them out – they’re really beautiful!  My piercings are, once again, from the inimitable Haus of Darcy, who makes the most bad-ass piercings in SL!  My jewelry is from another fave of mine – LouLou&Co.  None of the jewelry is new, just beautiful pieces I had in my massive (160K) inventory.  LouLou and HoD are two of my “go-to” designers when I’m looking for the right accessory.  Finally, my boots are from Lapointe & Bastchild, another of my favorite designers, and again, they’re not new.  Ok, one more closeup, and that’ll be enough for tonight.

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 4
Thanks for reading!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – DE Designs – Thyri – Grape – S Fitted Mesh

Skin – (red)Mint – (4) Ivy – Powder (darker eyebrows) – available at Skin Fair

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Low Hair (Ladies) – Winter pack (black) – available at Collabor88

Piercings – Haus of Darcy – End of the Night Prt. 1 Female – Silver Lining

Necklace and Bracelets – LouLou&Co. – Asteroid (Red)

Ears – [Mandala] – Pierced Elf Ears Ver 2 – Short

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Dita Desire Ankle Boots – Brushed Black

Eyes – IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

The Show Must Go On


The show must go on
The show must go on
Outside the dawn is breaking
On the stage that holds
Our final destiny
The show must go on
The show must go on

Serafilms’ latest movie-inspired event is in progress, focusing this time on Moulin Rouge.  If you haven’t been yet, go soon because the event ends on March 31, and the offerings are awesome.

Razor Rouge 2

I never thought I’d want a mesh booty.  I find the ginormous butts and hips running around the grid simply cartoonish, and I prefer realism in SL.  Then I discovered that not only did Luck, Inc. make the “phat azz” but also the “cute azz.”  I tried the demo, and I was sold.  Honestly, I’m looking at my avi’s butt when I’m walking around shopping, so why not have a nice one? lol  The lovely skin I’m wearing, once again from Lumae and available at the Skin Fair, has an azz applier, so it was wonderful putting it all together.  I picked up my outfit at the aforementioned Moulin Rouge event – this is the Rouge outfit from Razor.  It has both regular pieces as well as appliers for the azzes (is that a word?) and lolas.  I’m wearing the applier on my cute azz, but my boobs are still plain old vanilla SL default.  I think the outfit is beautiful in its simplicity.  By the way, the outfit is black, but with all the atmospheric shaders on, the light gave it a purple glow, which I liked. 🙂

Razor Rouge 1

I’m also wearing my new SLink hands (yep, I succombed to that, too).  They really are beautiful, and even I agree that the default avatar hands are hideous.  I’m wearing the elegant style and I’ve applied some beautiful ZOZ nail polish.  My necklace is a gacha item from Lolapop called Blood Moon in the blood color.  Nice!  I also picked up the strange, spindly wings at the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair from UtopiaH.  Finally my hair is from ploom, the sort of slutty Bambi hair that I picked up at Whore Couture Fair recently.  It comes in “normal” colors, too, and I have no idea why I felt the need to buy the pastel pack.  But, I hope it works here.  Closeup time!

Razor Rouge 3


I’m such a lazy blogger, really. Look at that ridiculous golden rope hanging behind my ear!  I really should have gone back and taken another closeup shot sans rope.  (sorry, folks).  But anyway, you can see my pretty HoD piercings in that cool red color, as well as Lolapop’s pretty choker with the bats and shiny silver crown, etc.

Until next time, happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Razor – Rouge Outfit – at Serafilms – Moulin Rouge

Skin – Lumae – Una – 1 – Icing/Delicious – available at Skin Fair Sim 1

Piercing – HoD – Eradication – Yakuza Red

Ears – [Mandala] – Pierced Elf Ears Version 2

Wings – UtopiaH – The Other Wings Ruby – Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Hair – ploom – Bambi – Pastels – Whore Couture Fair

Necklace – Lolapop – Blood Moon Necklace Gacha – Blood – Witching Hour Gacha (ended)

Weapon – Obscure – Assasins Holter – Colt Silver – Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Boots – Drakke – Strapped Ankle Boots (old)

Butt – Luck, Inc. – Cute Azz

Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant

Nail Polish Applier – ZOZ – Elegant Black Polish

Eyes – Ikon

Joyeux Noel!


I thought I’d do a quick “Merry Christmas” post showing what I’ve been wearing for the last week.  I loved the outfit so much, I didn’t want to take it off, even though I picked up about a bazillion new things in the meantime.  Yeah, I guess I’m back to my old SL self. lol

Hello, Mr. Reindeer

I spent some time at Gothmas by Gaslight, which I found incredibly lovely.  I walked all around, enjoying the atmosphere, and picking up a few items that I hope to eventually blog about.  That way, at least, I’ll have some justification for the purchases. 😉

Anyway, here’s a closeup I took at the Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt before I actually started hunting.  That was a hoot, by the way.  I easily found all the little gifts by hovering in the air and camming in on the little Christmas trees.  It’s easier to read the map when you’re way up in the air, looking down on the sim.

Gothmas 2013 2

The dress is the hunt gift from Kastle Rock Kouture for the Candy Cane 5 Hunt.  Gorgeous Dress!  Love it soooo much!  Thank you, Kastle Rock!  The hair with attached crown is by Analog Dog from the Arcade gatcha event – I lucked out and got the one with the red crown – yes!  The horns were also from the Candy Cane 5 Hunt from Goth1c0.  The gorgeous skin is the Fifty Linden Friday skin from Belleza that was available last Friday.  Yummy!  All in all, a fun look for the Christmas season, which as you know is not officially finished until January 6. 🙂

Thanks for reading!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. Mwah!


Dress – Kastle Rock – Julia Gown – Candy Cane 5 Hunt

Horns – Goth1c0 – Candy Cane Horns in red – Candy Cane 5 Hunt

Hair – analog dog – The Arcade – Queen of the Month

Skin – Belleza – Holly Skin – FLF Holly Skin

Necklace – G*Field – Gemstone Jewelry – Iris fringe (old)

Candy Cane mouthie – from Digital Knickers – Candy Cane Cutie Outfit (old)

Aliza Karu is Amazing!


A few months ago, I gave my own personal little award here to Aliza Karu for the best hunt gift, and possibly the best Halloween costume, ever.  Now, she’s done it again with the best gothic Valentine’s outfit… ever.  Now, this time it’s not a hunt gift or free outfit, but I do have something else from her store that is a Midnight Mania prize.  Of course, I’ve never made any promises that the things I blog are free, anyway.  I’m talking about the Gothic Valentine outfit – a steel-caged wonder with chains and floating red hearts.

In collaboration with Aliza, Solidea Folies created this beautiful, dripping hearts blindfold called “Love is Blindness… or Not?”  It’s available as a separate purchase right next to the dress vendor at Aliza’s store.  Here are some more pic’s of this amazing outfit.  (As usual, click to see them much larger.)

The boots were made by Aliza to go with the dress, but they are a separate purchase.  The cute heart balloons don’t come with the dress, either, but they’re free!  The hair is from ploom, which, along with the other “Knitting Circle” stores, is having a 50% off sale on selected red and pink items through Valentine’s Day.  I grabbed the red pack of one of my fave ploom dolly hairs – Anamone.  The skin, which you can see better in the bigger picture is from Pink Fuel, which is also part of the Knitting Circle and has *skins* on special!  Some are only L$50 for a makeup in a single tone – not a bad deal at all!

“But, Desiree,”  you say, “I don’t have about L$1k to drop on a Valentine’s outfit, and my significant other is a cheapskate!”  Well, have no fear, Aliza has you covered, too.  This gorgeous outfit, called (inexplicably) Blackanduait, is in the Midnight Mania board.  Perhaps you already slapped it, got it, and haven’t had time to look at it?  Well, do it, coz look how gorgeous it is!

It’s another caged-skirt dress, this one with white accents.  The ankle boots were free from the Lucky Chair at Patchwork Heart, and the hair is the silver version of ploom’s Anamone.  The “Doll” necklace comes with the outfit, by the way, but the earrings are from Lolapop!  This outfit was a *must have* as soon as I saw it on the MM board.  I just love fashion in SL that is impossible (or nearly so) in RL.  Too cool. 🙂

Ok.  I’ve got more to blog today, so I’ll leave you with this for now!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Outfit – Aliza Karu – Goth Valentine Dress, worn with free Hand Balloons available separately

Shoes – Aliza Karu – Goth Valentine Shoes

Embellished Blindfold – Solidea Folies – Love is Blindness…. or Not?/Aliza Style

Hair – ploom – Anamone – ketchup

Skin – Pink Fuel – Ember – Milk – Candy (dkbrow)

Necklace – Lolapop! – Stupid Cupid Necklace – Red

No. 2:

Outfit – Aliza Karu – Blackanduait Goth Burlesque Dress

Skin – Apple May Designs – Katey – Gothly – V Day Special

Shoes – Patchwork Heart – Banded Ankle Boots (lucky chair)

Hair – ploom – Anamone – Silver

Hairbase and Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

Violent Seduction New Releases Nymph and Bao


Violent Seduction has released the cutest new avatars named Nymph, a creation Ikaru Aichi calls a sort of alien, and yes, resistance is futile. How can you resist this cuteness??

To go with Nymph, or even alone, Ikaru has released a new hair called Bao, which features two little “bao baos” or hair pom poms.  Nymph comes in five colors – Life (violet), Ice (green), Warmth (peach), Love (pink), and Ocean (blue), shown below.

I’m also wearing Bao in all the photos above – colors, left to right – Dusk, Cold, Platinum, Fade, and Evening.  Bao is available in three color packs – Pastels (dusk, fade, ice, leaf, and pulled sugar), Colours (blood, cold, evening, slime, and sugar rush), and Naturals (death, platinum, and snow).  Here is a closeup composite.

Nymph comes with the skin, ears, tail, and hooves, and as you can see, looks great without any clothes at all.  However, to really crank up the cuteness factor, pair it with Ikaru’s recent release Hey Sailor (available in the Gacha machine).  (awwww)   You can see more photos of the cuteness on the Violent Seduction blog here.  Ikaru has taken some amazing photos.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Avatars – Violent Seduction – Nymph

Hair – Violent Seduction – Bao

Dresses – Violent Seduction – Hey Sailor – Pastel Blue and Pastel Purple

Eyes – TULI – Gem Eyes (free) – Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, and Amethyst

+++Blue Blood+++ New Release – Valeria


Blue Blood’s new release this week is a sexy little pantsuit called Valeria.  As usual, Ghani has given us a plethora of options – two top colors, a corset, sculpted sleeves, sculpted collar, cute little hip ribbons.    Here’s the red version of the darkgoth pack.

In the above pic’s, I’m wearing the complete top option on the jacket layer.  Here are some of the other options for the top and waistband.  The red top with the underwear layer so that the top covers the waistband, without the underwear layer so that the top is shorter, and lastly, the corset only.

Valeria also comes in the darkgoth colors black, ocre, purple, and teal.  As always, Ghani has also done five whitegoth colors, and the look is much softer and more feminine.  Here is the whitegoth blue.

And here are some of the top options.

The other whitegoth colors are green, pink, purple, and white.  The group only colors are darkgoth black and whitegoth green.  Group members also get a 50% discount on fatpacks.

A quick note about the skin in the whitegoth photos – they’re from a new to me store that Ghani told me about called Sowelu.  And they’re free or almost free (L$1).   There are two lucky boards there, as well.  The skin in the darkgoth pic’s is another makeup in Heartsick’s Aether shade – and this one is a hunt gift from the Tainted Love Hunt.  Go see if it’s still available. 🙂

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfits –  +++Blue Blood+++ – Valeria

Skin (whitegoth pic’s) – Sowelu – Spring Gift 2010 1

Skin (darkgoth pic’s)  – Heartsick – Aether – Ruby Lips for TLH

Hair – Exile – Maren

Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bien Fait – Victoriana & Snow (xstreet only)

Earrings – Genesis – Natalya Earrings (Globe Hunt – old)