Wastelands Wanderers


Browsing through the current collection of the Zombie Popcorn brand, I came upon the amazing Rina outfit from Severed Garden and just had to have it. Shortly thereafter, I saw the notice from Jolbey & Jasper about a new group gift, and that’s when I knew that a visit to the Wastelands was in order.

This is Severed Garden’s Rina outfit. It comes with two styles of skirts – with or without the furry bits, and two styles of top – one with protruding horns, and this slightly tamer version. It also includes the wrist, arm, and leg bands, the mask, the ears (color changeable via HUD), the little forehead horns, the large horns, the tail, and the digilegs. I may have even left out some pieces – it comes with *lots* of stuff! One thing it does *not* come with – underwear. Your naughty bits will be on full display for anyone with even rudimentary camming skills, unless you wear a fantasy skin with no genitalia. lol

The hair is the latest release from ( r e d ) m i n t – yes, once again, I’m wearing redmint! It’s perfect for your edgy Valentine’s wear (or anti-Valentine’s wear). Too bad the hearts don’t come in black, huh? The skin is the same redmint skin I’ve blogged previously – I think it’s doing a great job complementing this fantasy look.

As I mentioned, I also received a notice about Jolbey & Jasper’s new group gift Wasteland Warrior. The group is free to join, so anyone can “afford” this little treasure!

Of course, the digilegs and ears are remnants of the previous outfit, along with the gloves and armband, but you get the coat, two styles of top – short and belted like I’m wearing above, plus a longer top with more belts. The textures are just beautiful – you must take a look at this store if you like goth/fantasy/steampunk attire. Here’s one more pic.

Those little shorts are scrumptious, too. This is an outfit I’ll want to wear more than once. I actually got a random IM complementing me on the coat while I was out shopping last night. (I confess – I’m vain enough to just *love* when that happens. lol) 😀

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little foray into the Wastelands with my new shadow-enabled computer. If you’d like to see more pics, including some that I post-processed for extra atmosphere, check out my flickr. Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review items. Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

No. 1:

Outfit – Severed Garden – Rina (available at Zombie Popcorn until February 18

Hair – ( r e d ) m i n t – Hair No. 23 – w/Locks –  Black (Champagne)

Skin – ( r e d ) m i n t – Skin Pale No. 10 – (2)  Raw – Nude

Eyes – Ikon (formerly Fashism) – Sunrise Eyes – Deep Hazel (unsure of new LM inworld; Marketplace url)

No. 2:

Outfit – Jolbey & Jasper – Wasteland Warrior – group gift

Location – The Wastelands