Dilly Dolls and Haus of Darcy – of wicked piercings, colorful undies, and fainting couches


So, Oriana of Dilly Dolls is back!  She’s been away for far too long, dealing with RL (as we all must from time to time).  And she hasn’t returned empty-handed, either.  She has several new releases – wedge-heeled dolly shoes, colorful undies, cute jeans, and a fainting couch that changes colors!

(Look – shadows!  lol).  This is the aforementioned fainting couch which is scripted to change into a myriad of colors – both the pillow and the couch cushion itself.  It comes with seven cute poses and is very easy to use.  The Nessa jeans come in either black or white with colorful hearts.  I’m wearing the light jeans with blue hearts above.  The colorful undies are called Renna’s Weeklys and come in seven different color combinations.  These are Thursday’s.  The new shoes are called the Espy Wedges, worn here in pink.  There are also some  free Espy Wedges available in the Tainted Love Hunt in black with red hearts.

I”m also wearing the same Redmint hairstyle I wore in my last post, this time in the lovely Pale/Pink combination.  The skin is ploom’s Leah in the Milk tone with the “Mwah!” makeup.  It’s available at the Zombie Popcorn Store until February 18.  I love the red eyeshadow!  Here, have a closer look.  I’ve gone a bit darker with this one.

I changed my Redmint haircolor to Black/Cashmere Red, and added some hot piercings from Haus of Darcy.  These wicked things are called Mess of Metal and include all three parts – face, chest, and belly.  They come in 8 different metal colors, such as the red shown above (called “Seep”).  Not worn is the makeup tattoo created by Kosh that comes with the piercings.  I love the tattoo, but this outfit was a bit too bright to pull off the gaunt and wasted look. lol

Have a great weekend people – yay!  It’s Friday!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Look No. 1:

Undies – Dilly Dolls – Renna’s Weeklys – Thursday Bra and Panties*

Jeans – Dilly Dolls – Nessa Jeans – Light – Blue*

Hair – ( r e d ) m i n t – Hair No. 20 – w/Locks – Pale (Pink)*

Skin – ploom – Lea – Milk – LB – Mwah! for Zombie Popcorn

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Espy Wedges – Pink*

Look No. 2:

Jeans – Dilly Dolls – Nessa Jeans – Dark – Red*

Hair – ( r e d ) m i n t – Hair No. 20 – w/Locks – Black(Cashmere Red)*

Piercings – Haus of Darcy (HoD) – Mess of Metal – Seep*


Pinkmare’s House for Zombie Popcorn Hunt and Newness from RedMint


Hey, everyone!  I’m back again sooner than usual coz I’m just loving my new computer. SL looks so awesome on it! Shadows – whoot! I’m still figuring out what to do with those shadows, though, so this post will be the same old, same old, picture wise. Although I think the quality is better than before.

So, this time, as I was looking through my inventory at what had been dropped on me recently (mostly in my absence), I found a cute dress from Pinkmare’s House that is available in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, which ends on February 15. Yay! You still have time to go get this one! The outfit includes the hat and the shiny rubber combat boots, too!  I also found some great hair and skins from Redmint, which I must say, I fell in love with.

How cute is this?! Normally when I try on Redmint skins, I’m a bit disappointed – not because of the quality, of course!  Just because they don’t look “right” on me. They look so cool on everyone else who wears them. So, once again I tried, hoping that this time they’d suit me. And they do! I particularly love the eyebrows on these new skins. Also, Moni seems to have softened them somewhat, making them look, idk, gentler. In any case, I love them! They come in oodles of colors, from the mainstream Pale tone I’m wearing here, all the way to pinks, purples, and dark drow. They really are fantasy style skins, but I think this new batch crosses over to mainstream quite nicely.

The Redmint hair is awesome, as usual. This style comes in single colors or in duo-tones like I’m wearing here.  The bangs are angled asymmetrically, giving it an edginess that appeals to little old moi.  Well, that’s about it for now.  Hope you liked.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas Gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Dress with Hat and Boots  – Pinkmare’s House – Mystery Date – Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize*

Skin – ( r e d )m i n t – No. 10 – Pale – (2) Raw – Nude (worn with prim manicure)*

Hair –  ( r e d )m i n t  – Hair No. 20 – Scandinavia Blond (Black)*

Earrings – Haus of Darcy (HoD) – Dragon Spirals*

+++Blue Blood+++ – Latest Releases – Dahlia and Coppelia


Hey, Des is bloggin’!  I made the “mistake” of updating my Firestorm viewer last week, and of course, all hell broke loose.  It happens every time I update a viewer.  My main problem was textures not loading.  Makes it kind of hard to blog an outfit when half of it is grey.  Sigh.  So, the problem is (mostly) resolved; I’ve also decided to just work around it as much as possible.

So, last week’s release from Blue Blood was the incredible Dahlia gown.  It comes with three different skirt styles, plus lots of fancy, sculpted add-ons.

The composite above actually shows all three skirts.  The skirt on the far right is open in the front, but you can’t tell from the side.  The sculpted skirt top on the far right skirt can be worn with all the skirts if you wish, or can be worn with just the lingerie undies for an uber-sexy fetish look – think underbust corset, bare bosoms, stockings, garters, and the sculpted skirt piece.  Ooh la la!  I didn’t show you the open front skirt head-on coz my main problem last week was that the textures on the stockings just would not rez!  I tried everything, too.  Ghani even sent me brand new copies, but nothing helped.  So, I just decided to blog the outfit like this.  Ok, here’s a closeup of Dahlia.

This skin is one of the latest releases from Matrioska, Blue Blood’s skin store.  This one is called Domina and comes with and without teeth, and with both black and red lipstick.  With the super-gaunt cheeks, it’s a great goth look.   As usual, the outfit is so opulent that it’s not necessary to accessorize much.  I did choose a wonderfully flamboyant hair from RedMint, called simply enough No. 11, coz of the feathers and skully gothic hairpins.  I think it looks even better with the next Blue Blood release – Coppelia.

I must admit that Coppelia is a new favorite of mine.  It has everything I love in an outfit – great textures, of course, plus an open-front, bustled in the back, burlesque skirt.  It has crow feathers – I love crows!  And it has something unusual and not seen on every other burlesque skirt on the grid – that interesting rope-like layer.  Yeah, my descriptive skills are sucking at the moment.  But you can see what I mean.  A picture is worth a thousand words, yada, yada, yada.

I’m also wearing the Domina skin with the red lipstick, and I’ve addded some sexy, gothic western boots from -=Forsaken=-.  The boots come in two styles – this one colorfully named “Step on My Fuckin’ Boots, I DARE ya!”, and a slightly less kick-ass version called Skull Crusher Boots.  I say slightly less kick ass coz they’re a bit plainer – without the spikey studs and dangly chains.  Oh!  The necklace!  I love this one, too.  It’s from Lolapop! and it’s called Corvus – which is the latin name for crows!  The pendant has a silver crow skull on a black cameo background, and the chain is studded with red stones.  The Corvus set includes earrings, bracelets, the necklace, and the cute little hat worn above – awesome!

Ok, one more pic for you – a closeup of the sexy -=Forsaken=- boots, along with a gratuitious shot of Coppelia, just becoz I really like the pose.  😀

Yummy, no?!  Chains, skulls, and spikey studs.  What’s not to love? 😀  The boots come in several other colors besides this sexy red, including purple, black, and a darker, oxblood red.

So, I hope you enjoyed.  If so, your shopping list is below.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Dahlia – Teal*

Skin – [Matrioska] – Domina – Black Lips*

Hair – (R e d)Mint – No. 11 (F) – Black

Boots – -=Forsaken=- – Skull Crushers – Black*

Bracelet – Lolapop! – Corvus Cameo Bracelet*

No. 2:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Coppelia – Red*

Skin – [Matrioska] – Domina – Red Lips*

Boots – -=Forsaken=- – Step on My Fuckin’ Boots, I DARE ya! – Red*

Earrings, Hat, and Necklace – Lolapop! – Corvus Cameo set*

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who indulge my acquisitive passion for SL fashion.

Hunt Goodies Galore


So, I thought I’d do a freebie post for you guys.  There are so many hunts going on right now, and more will be starting very soon.  Today I’ll show you some goodies from the Jerky Turkey Hunt and the Diamond is Mine Hunt 3.

This pretty dress is from the Jerky Turkey Hunt, which runs from November 15 to December 15, and starts here.  This dress is the hunt prize from Eat Paste, along with the pretty “Stuffing” skin I’m wearing.  The stilettos with legwarmers are the hunt prize from Moxie and the candy corn tongue is the hunt prize from Epic.  I’m also wearing two necklaces that are hunt prizes from B!asta and Top Katz.  The hair is not from the hunt, it’s gorgeous RedMint hair – love this color! – that was recently on sale as part of the “everything 50% off sale.”  I’m not sure, but the sale is probably over.  Sorry, guys!  I just can’t seem to find the time to blog everything as quickly as I should!  My earrings are also not a hunt gift – they’re the Umbrella Ella Ella earrings in black from Virtual/Insanity.   My hair is hiding them, but they’re really cute – little upside down umbrellas.  Finally, I’m wearing some cool claw nails, also from Virtual/Insanity – the Kitty Galore Sharp Claws.  I’m in love with these because I took just a bit of time to adjust them – the old fashioned way by editing the individual nails – and now they fit no matter what my hands do!  Oh, they’re color change into about 8 colors, too.

I had to take a back shot to show you these cute chibi wings from Epic, another Jerky Turkey Hunt prize from them.  You can see the umbrella earring better here, too.

The Diamond is Mine Hunt is in its third incarnation, and the hunt prizes are amazing as usual.

This pretty red dress is the hunt prize from Butterfly Effects.  I’ve paired it with a pretty necklace that magically appeared in my inventory from Phresh.  I’m not sure how I acquired it – it could’ve been from slapping a Midnight Mania, or it may be a DIMH gift.  In any case, it’s pretty, so I’m gonna wear it!  The silver bracelet is the November group gift from Dark Mouse, and the black cuff is from one of my favorite new sets, the Requiem set (comes with cuffs and collar) from Malfean Visions.  This set is on sale for this weekend for only L$60.  Goth chicks – you need this set!  The shoes are a recent release from Dilly Dolls – the Beatrix Heels.  They are color change into at least 8 different colors, all for one low price.  These were created for the Vintage Fair and may only be available there for the time being.  Take a tip, go to the Vintage Fair at a really weird time, like 2 a.m. SLT and there will be no lag.  (lol that’s what I did last night).  The skin is to die for – Illusory’s ubiquitous Paige skin in a makeup called Soft Touch.  I picked it up at the Collabor88 event, which is quickly becoming my favorite revolving sale event.  The face tattoo is the DIMH3 gift from White~Widow, and I’ve added some tattoo layer lipstick from the soon-to-be-closed forever Sorry, Asia.  Last, but not least, the fabulous hair is from ploom.  This is one of my favorite styles from Helyanwe’s recent releases and is called Natie.  I’ve said before, ploom has a haircolor to match just about anything you want.  I love that!  And it’s super easy to find the color you want and add streaks with the HUD.

Okay, one more set to show you from the DIMH3.  I feel bad only showing you this little bit because there are *tons* of great items in these hunts!  This pretty, pretty dress is from Leri Miles Designs.

Okay, so I admit, I got a little lazy with this pic; I didn’t really change much by way of my accessories.  But, hey, they matched so nicely, I didn’t need to.  I did change my hair of course – this is the latest release from Wasabi Pills – such a cute little wintry style with the attached scarf.  Now, you gotta love mesh for these kinds of things – look how perfect that hair stays!  The scarf is texture change as well with the included HUD.  As I said, I’m wearing the same skin, jewelry, and shoes.  I did change the color of the Dilly Dolls Beatrix pumps to match the dress, though.

So, that’s it for the moment.  Now, get hunting and find yourself some nice freebies!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – Eat Paste – Merci Dress – Turkey

Hair – (red)Mint – Hair No. 10F – Flaming*

Shoes – Moxie – Jerky Turkey Warmth Heels

Necklace 1 – B!asta – Wild Turkey Chain

Necklace 2 – Top Katz – Feather Necklace Female

Earrings – Virtual/Insanity – Umbrella Ella Ella Earrings – Darkness*

Nails – Virtual/Insanity – Kitty Galore Sharp Claws*

Tongue – Epic – Kawaii Kandy Korn Tongue Thingie

Wings – Epic – Mini Manga Chibi Wings (Silver)

Skin – Eat Paste – Stuffing Skin (Milky)

No. 2:

Dress – Butterfly Effects – Classy Red

Skin – Illusory – Paige – Milk – Soft Touch

Necklace – Phresh – Deviant Necklace – Ruby

Hair – ploom – Natie – Streaked – Reds*

Cuff Bracelet – Malfean Visions – Morticia Corset Bracelet (part of Requiem set)

Face Tattoo – White~Widow – Face Tattoo – DIMH – Copper

Bracelet – Dark Mouse – Animal Print Bracelet (November Group Gift)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls at Vintage Fair – Beatrix Heels (color change)*

Lipstick – Sorry, Asia – Lana Lipstick 2

No. 3:

Dress – Leri Miles Designs – Emily

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ – Breee Mesh Hair – Powder*

Lipstick – Sorry, Asia – Lana Lipstick 7

All poses by ploom*

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that support my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion.

Dilly Dolls’ Astrid


Oriana is back!  Finally, she’s surfaced from her RL to bring us new creations from Dilly Dolls!  True to form, her first new releases are some cutie patootie bargains for Free Style’s 4th Birthday Bash, a/k/a the 4.44.444 Event.  For only L$44 you can get the new Astrid dress in a bunch of light or dark colors (that’s all the dark dresses for one price, and all the light dresses for one price, not L$44 each color!).  I won’t show you all the different colors, just the dark red version, which I fell in love with when I threw this look together.

I feel like some kind of retro hipster, and I just don’t want to undress!  So, what else am I wearing besides the Astrid dress?  I’m wearing some precious glasses from haut monde, a purty red and silver bracelet (previously blogged) from JD Designs, and a cute black and red necklace (sorry, the red is hidden by my hair) with stars from Lolapop.  All of these items are available at the Free Style event for either L$4 or L$44.  The vibrant red hair is a new release from RedMint, which released three new styles last week.  Love the colors!  The skin is another L$50 bargain from [VoiD], which has many, many older skins on sale for that price until the end of the month.  After that, they will go to the Marketplace at full price.  The shoes and the right bracelet are from GField and Haus of Darcy, respectively, and I blogged them recently.

Here’s a gratuitous closeup shot just because I like looking at my avi in this outfit. 😛  But you can also see the pretty bracelets better as well.

FYI, you have until the 14th – that’s four more days – to visit the birthday event on Lloyd and grab up some fantastic bargains.  By the way, Dilly Dolls also has some pretty blouses and some brand new, very colorful mesh boots for your shopping indulgence at the event.  Enjoy!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with a * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that support my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion!

Dress – Dilly Dolls – Astrid – Darks – Red – now at the 4.44.444 Event!*

Hair – (R E D) Mint – No. 13 (F) – Red Highlight Black*

Skin – [VoiD] – Songbird – Loved (Light) – Ivory – Zee/Busty

Glasses – haut.monde – Sibyll’s specs – for 4.44.444

Shoes – G Field – Strapped Shoes – Alex – Patent Black

Necklace – Lolapop – Red Stars Necklace for the 4.44.444 Event *

Bracelet (Left) – JD Designs – Inka Red – for the 4.44.444 Event

Bracelet (Right) – Haus of Darcy – The Crosary Bracelet V4 (F)*

Violent Seduction – New Lucky Board Dress – Checkmate


So, last week, Iki at Violent Seduction released some sexy, bestial fawn legs made of mesh.  I would just love to show them to you, but mesh does not work on my desktop.  Well, doesn’t work isn’t exactly true.  It works if I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes for each action to follow through to completion (click a button and w…a….i….t), or if I don’t mind crashing every ten minutes.  Not to mention I tremble in fear at the thought of even trying to snap a high res (or any res) picture.  I think smoke would start pouring out of my hard drive.  So, no mesh for me until LL fixes the bugs and makes Viewer 3 compatible with more systems.  It’s frustrating, really.  Oh, brave new virtual world, it’s such a shame I can’t see you.

So, anyway, Iki also released the cutest new outfit in her lucky board.  It’s super sexy and dark, and I love it to death!  Take a look…

This is Checkmate and it’s freakin’ free if you’re lucky and/or patient enough to score it on the lucky board.  You get the really cool stockings with assymetrical garters.  You get the corset with barely there nipple covers.  You get the collar and sculpted skirt.  You also get the chained nipple cover embellishment.  So yummy!  This is what I live for in SL – outfits like these.  Did I mention that it’s free to boot?

An obligatory closeup for you guys.  The skin is from my favorite goth/alt skin designer atm – Void.  This store has gone through many, many incarnations, much like its owner.  Not sure why “Boo” has had so much trouble, but I love her skins, especially the ones she’s created in the last few months.  I like to look pretty even when I’m heavily made up with eyeliner, dark lipstick, and even makeup embellishments.  The underlying skins (the faces at least, which are all I really look at for the most part) from Void make me feel like a pretty goth.  Color me happy, in an emo, dark way. lol  The skin I’m wearing is actually a freebie for members of the Thrifty Goth group given as a “welcome me back” gift.  Check group notices if you’ve been away.  The hair is a new release from ploom.  Helyanwe did two styles this past week – Valyra, this cute short style, and Valrya II, very similar with a shaved half.  I’ll be showing you that style soon!  The bangles have been blogged a lot by others.  They’re from RedMint and come with optional rings.  What I found really interesting is that they came with actual prim hands and a hand alpha mask.  First I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, I had a hell of a time matching the skin color, and not having any RedMint skins handy (Ha! a pun!) coz my inventory was being a bitch and not loading, I went with just the bangles.  Finally, the boots are the same ones I wore in my Lapointe & Bastchild post.  These are the ankle version of the Elise boots – remember, you get both in the same folder for one low price.  They are amazing!

Well, that’s it for now.  It takes me days to blog things lately.  My teaching schedule is so hectic that I rarely have time to shop, photograph, edit (Picnik), and post in one day.  It’s usually a three day turnaround.  Sigh.  Oh, well, at least I’m still here, bringing you the best in goth/alt fashion.  So, until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Review copies are denoted by * – merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that support my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion!

Dress – Violent Seduction – Checkmate – lucky board*

Skin – [VoiD] – Songbird – Eco – Snow – Zee (Busty) (free for Thrifty Goth Group members)

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Elise Ankle Boots – Patent Black*

Hair – ploom – Valyra – Streaked – Blacks*

Bangles – (r e d)Mint – Jeweled Hands and Bangles – Silver*

Earrings – LouLou&Co – Utopia – Cube

Eyes by Fashism*

Lashes by Amacci*

Carnival Sinistre Ends Soon!


I’ve been meaning to blog these fantastic outfits I picked up at the Guild of Gloom’s Carnival Sinistre, benefitting the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  If you love goth and alternative stuff, you just can’t miss this event.  It ends on May 14, so time is running out.  Here are just a few of the things I picked up at the Carnival.

This is from Bubble, and while it’s not the charity item, I had to have it.  It’s similar to the item Bubble created for one of the Japanese fundraisers, but this one is zombified with *brains* on the caged skirt.  😀  The hair is new from ploom – love it!  Helyanwe released three new styles a few days ago.  This is my favorite – Tweedle.  It’s a classic ploom style with the punkish side ponies.  I’m wearing Belleza’s recent group gift skin, Aiko.  Yes, that is Aiko. lol  I’ve “enhanced” it with makeup on the tattoo layer from Fallen Arts, available at the Carnival, called Doll Face.  Love it!

Likka*House has this dress – Patsy – which comes in two color combinations – Circus and Parade.  As you can see, you can wear it with the little skirt and stockings or with the long pants.  Each dress also comes with a matching hat and choker.  This dress is Likka*House’s donation item for the event.  And yes, I’m still wearing ploom’s Tweedle.

This one is from PunkD Out, called Carnivalee.  It comes with the boots and the hat (and the armwarmers, sleeve ruffles, choker, and skirt).  Cute, no?  The hair is another new style from ploom called Katey.  I love the little hairs that stick out on the sides.  You almost don’t need to wear elfie ears!  This style comes with chest attachment pieces so that your hair doesn’t sink into your chest.  Thanks, Hely!   I’m also wearing a different skin here.  This is a new skin from Iren, available for an excellent price at the Fashion Garrett, called Barbara.  I’ve enhanced it with another tattoo layer makeup from Fallen Arts called Tears 2.

This is Indigo Oddities’ charity item, Evil Evie.  It comes with the matching hat.  Here I’m wearing ploom’s Katey style, but this time without the chest attachment piece.  You can see what a difference the chest attachment makes.  The necklace is from League.  I saw it during the Fifty Linden Friday sale recently and had to have it.   It’s a raven head!  You know my penchant for crows and ravens. 🙂

I’m almost finished with this long post that has taken me almost a week to photograph (coz my “fun” time is limited right now).  I have two more to show you, both from Hooligan.

This is the charity item, called Ringmaster.  It comes with those awesome spiky, red latex boots, the hat, the necklace, and the belt with neat attachments.  The hair is the third new style from ploom – Bonni.  It’s so punky!  Short side ponies, long dangling forelocks, and color change streaks.  Another winner from ploom!  The makeup enhancer I’m wearing here is a charity item at the Carnival from Squeek.  For a very reasonable price, you get this fun swirly eye makeup in several different colors.

This last outfit is also from Hooligan and is called Final Bow.  I don’t think it’s a charity item, but I liked it, so I bought it. 🙂  It comes with the necklace (the same one as the Ringmaster outfit), the really cool cuffs with strapped rings, and the boots!  The Black Mamacita earrings from Ripe completed the “look” nicely.  I wish I could remember where I picked up the earrings, but they also came as a set with a necklace.   This hair – Army of Me – is from Shag and is available as a limited edition available at the Culture Shock event.  It’s pretty much a unisex style and comes with a men’s version as well.  I wish I had shown you the back coz it’s shaved, so you have to wear a hairbase with it (unless you want to look really bizarre – not that there’s anything wrong with that).  And the skin is new from ATOMIC!  Hooray!  Ivy Graves has finally made new skins!  Look at that eye makeup – love it!  I’m not wearing any “enhancements” with this skin, other than an Amacci hairbase.  This skin is *gorgeous*!  There’s also a new Atomic group gift – another Lien skin in a different makeup.  The group is closed to new members during the duration, though.  Boy, am I glad I waited and didn’t leave the group!

Ok, my lovelies.  Don’t forget that the Carnival Sinistre will be ending soon.  Go check it out because there are plenty of other awesome things to grab there that I haven’t shown you.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items with * are available at Carnival Sinistre

No. 1:

Outfit – Bubble – Zombie Raider*

Skin – Belleza – Aiko – pale group gift HB

Makeup – Fallen Arts – Doll Face*

Hair – ploom – Tweedle – Streaked – Reds

Ears – ni.ju – Overkill Chained Ears

Boots – (Red)Mint – Shoe Repair – Punk Boot Black

Lashes by Amacci

No. 2:

Outfit – Likka*House – Patsy Dress – Circus and Parade*

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies Dark

Bracelets – Violet Voltaire

No. 3:

Outfit including boots – PunkD Out – Carnivalee*

Skin – Iren – Barbara for TFG (The Fashion Garret)

Makeup – Fallen Arts – Tears 2*

Hair – ploom – Katey Streaked – Reds

No. 4:

Outfit – Indigo Oddities – Evil Evie*

Necklace – League – Raven Necklace 2

No. 5:

Outfit – Hooligan – Ringmaster*

Earrings – ((Ripe)) – Black Mamacita

Skin – Belleza – Aiko – pale group gift HB

Makeup – Squeek – Makeup for Carnival Sinister – Black*

Hair – ploom – Bonni Streaked – Blacks

No. 6:

Outfit including boots – Hooligan – Final Bow*

Skin – ATOMIC – Lien – Buff – Culture Shock A

Hair – Shag – Army of Me (women) – Bistre (Culture Shock)