The Show Must Go On


The show must go on
The show must go on
Outside the dawn is breaking
On the stage that holds
Our final destiny
The show must go on
The show must go on

Serafilms’ latest movie-inspired event is in progress, focusing this time on Moulin Rouge.  If you haven’t been yet, go soon because the event ends on March 31, and the offerings are awesome.

Razor Rouge 2

I never thought I’d want a mesh booty.  I find the ginormous butts and hips running around the grid simply cartoonish, and I prefer realism in SL.  Then I discovered that not only did Luck, Inc. make the “phat azz” but also the “cute azz.”  I tried the demo, and I was sold.  Honestly, I’m looking at my avi’s butt when I’m walking around shopping, so why not have a nice one? lol  The lovely skin I’m wearing, once again from Lumae and available at the Skin Fair, has an azz applier, so it was wonderful putting it all together.  I picked up my outfit at the aforementioned Moulin Rouge event – this is the Rouge outfit from Razor.  It has both regular pieces as well as appliers for the azzes (is that a word?) and lolas.  I’m wearing the applier on my cute azz, but my boobs are still plain old vanilla SL default.  I think the outfit is beautiful in its simplicity.  By the way, the outfit is black, but with all the atmospheric shaders on, the light gave it a purple glow, which I liked. 🙂

Razor Rouge 1

I’m also wearing my new SLink hands (yep, I succombed to that, too).  They really are beautiful, and even I agree that the default avatar hands are hideous.  I’m wearing the elegant style and I’ve applied some beautiful ZOZ nail polish.  My necklace is a gacha item from Lolapop called Blood Moon in the blood color.  Nice!  I also picked up the strange, spindly wings at the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair from UtopiaH.  Finally my hair is from ploom, the sort of slutty Bambi hair that I picked up at Whore Couture Fair recently.  It comes in “normal” colors, too, and I have no idea why I felt the need to buy the pastel pack.  But, I hope it works here.  Closeup time!

Razor Rouge 3


I’m such a lazy blogger, really. Look at that ridiculous golden rope hanging behind my ear!  I really should have gone back and taken another closeup shot sans rope.  (sorry, folks).  But anyway, you can see my pretty HoD piercings in that cool red color, as well as Lolapop’s pretty choker with the bats and shiny silver crown, etc.

Until next time, happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Razor – Rouge Outfit – at Serafilms – Moulin Rouge

Skin – Lumae – Una – 1 – Icing/Delicious – available at Skin Fair Sim 1

Piercing – HoD – Eradication – Yakuza Red

Ears – [Mandala] – Pierced Elf Ears Version 2

Wings – UtopiaH – The Other Wings Ruby – Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Hair – ploom – Bambi – Pastels – Whore Couture Fair

Necklace – Lolapop – Blood Moon Necklace Gacha – Blood – Witching Hour Gacha (ended)

Weapon – Obscure – Assasins Holter – Colt Silver – Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Boots – Drakke – Strapped Ankle Boots (old)

Butt – Luck, Inc. – Cute Azz

Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant

Nail Polish Applier – ZOZ – Elegant Black Polish

Eyes – Ikon

Lolapop and Yummy New Curio!


Oh my goodness, as I’m sure everyone knows, Curio has finally released new skins.  My very first skin purchase in SL, way back in 2008, was from Curio, so I definitely have a soft spot for Gala Phoenix’s work.  The new skins don’t disappoint; I just had to shell out a few lindens to get Nadia, the skin specifically made for dark-haired girls like me.  Of course, I chose the gothest of the makeups – no. 2.  Look, I did a composite….

Lolapop and Curio compSuch a sweet and innocent face!  But what a sexy and dangerous outfit!  The outfit is new from Lolapop, which I usually think of as a jewelry designer.  Obviously, Lola can also make very sexy mesh clothing, too!  The Flirting with Danger outfit comes with the black, double-slit skirt, and your choice of three spiky corsets – red (shown), black, and purple.  It comes in lots of sizes, including sizes for girls with larger breasts (although not for mesh breasts).  The collar is not part of the outfit.  It’s from redMint, which awhile back released some posture collars in a myriad of styles, including RLV enabled.  The collars also come with a HUD to change the color of the collar, as well as the metal parts, and you can even choose to change your avi’s posture (even with an AO on) to  reflect the collar’s effects.  Pretty cool, no?  My hair is from Sadistic Hacker, one of my favorite hair designers for edgy styles.  This one is called Nagi and is unisex; it comes in several bang styles, and if you like buying single hair colors, the price is so reasonable.  The earrings are part of the Legion set by Sn@tch, which was on sale for Woeful Wednesday.  If you like, you may find that it’s still on sale; if so, it will be right in the front of the store.  It also comes with a matching necklace (not worn).   Is there anything Ivey cannot make beautifully?   Finally, my lovely boots are an old favorite of mine from Lapointe & Bastchild – the sexy Elise ankle boots.

Hope you were entertained by my efforts!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Lolapop – Flirting with Danger Outfit – Amor top**

Skin – Curio – Pearl – Nadia – Makeup 2 – Black]

Hair – Sadistic Hacker – Nagi Hair (Long Bangs/Black)

Earrings  – Sn@tch – Legion Jewelry Set

Posture Collar – (red)Mint – Posture V-Collar (Women) No. 01**

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes – Wight

Arm Tattoos – CoLLisions – Hysasynth

Back  Tattoos – Para Designs – Eternal

Chest Tattoos – Para Designs – Love Birds

Bracelet – LouLou&Co – Asteroid – Red

Mesh Lashes by Beetlebones

**Review copies – thank you to the wonderful designers for supporting my blog!

Happy Bunny Day!


A quick post on this lovely Easter Sunday from Little Kat.  She wanted to show off her new limited edition skin from [A]Limited, the group gift from Katat0nik, her new boots from Dilly Dolls, and her pretty necklace from Lolapop, so here she is!

She found a *very* colorful spot at A Touch of Ireland, and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.  She also insisted that I add some glitter text to wish you a Happy Easter, even though, as you’ll see there are more photos that do that without any help from Fotoflexer.

She took this photo at a lovers’ dance spot, but I wouldn’t let her stay coz she was really too young to be there.  She insisted on taking this pic with the glowing holiday greeting, though.  I wish you could see better how the sign’s shadow spells “Happy Easter” in reverse on the ground. 🙂  Here, you can get a better view of the Ice Cream boots from Dilly Dolls.  Oriana aptly named these, I think.  They come in the prettiest sherbert-like colors.  They’re color changeable (all parts – laces with bow, soles, main boot) via an easy to see/read HUD).  They also come in floral patterned textures in every color, too.  They’re just the perfect little Easter/Springtime boot!

I just love these new limited edition Harajuku makeups from the collaboration of Tyr Rozenblum and Ivy Graves (of Aura and Atomic, respectively).  There will only be 500 sold, so if you like, you’d better run to grab them.  There are three different makeups and they come in skintones ranging from the lightest one shown here to dark tan.  Each pack also comes with two lipsticks – the harajuku one and a barer one.  I had to get these skins for Little Kat coz she’s my little doll, isn’t she?  [A] Limited also has some cute, limited edition hoodies, tees, and bags on sale.  Kat’s necklace is new from Lolapop – the La Demonia necklace, which comes in many bright colors.  Her hair is not new; it’s from the wonderful Sadistic Hacker, who makes the best anime inspired hair in SL, imho.

Well, once again Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the generous designers who support *our* acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Dress – katat0nik – Pink Hoppy Easter Dress – group gift

Skin – [A] Limited – Grace – Ivory – Harajuku Kiss 1

Eyes – IKON – Horizon Eyes – Pale Blue

Boots – Dilly Dolls – Ice Cream Boots (mesh)*

Necklace – Lolapop! – La Demonia Necklace – Pink*

Hair – Sadistic Hacker – Meltdown – Fuchsia

+++Blue Blood+++ Nina for Horror Haute


Have you heard of Horror Haute?  It’s a monthly sale event that occurs during the last week of the month, showcasing dark and creepy stuff.  But, not everything is horrific, some of the items offered are just goth, and some are even cute. lol  But Ghani’s offering from Blue Blood is girly and goth at the same time.  I’ll show you what I mean.

How cute is this?!  But look closely coz amidst that colorful, flirty outfit are hands covered in dried blood!  Yes, that’s Horror Haute, baby!  I had to wear my awesome Bax boots coz, hey, I paid a fortune for them, and you’re going to have to look at them a few times at least. lol  The piercings are again from HoD, for Horror Haute, but I’ve changed from the silver color to the pomegranate to better matchy matchy.  Speaking of matching, I squealed with delight when I put on this Anarin hair, the newest release from ploom.  New to the ploom line are these cool, streaked, almost-neon colors.  They just sealed the “look” of this outfit for me!  I wish I had taken a pic of the back of this hairstyle.  It has a low-slung pony in back, and the streaked colors look so pretty running throughout.  My cute lolipop and tongue, as well as the poses are from Lolapop (heh, heh – lolipop/lolapop!) for the Starlust Gacha Carnaval.  And would you believe that I had no idea that the HoD piercing included a tongue piercing!  Imagine my surprise when my mouth popped open and voila!  another piercing!  Coool.  Ah, one last thing – those purty purple eyes – they were free with the rez day gift that Boo gave out a few weeks ago for VoiD group members.  Well, hope you enjoyed.  If so, run over to Blue Blood and nab this little number at a very special price before Horror Haute ends.  You’ve got until the 31st!  Oh, just a heads up – Blue Blood *just* moved – be sure to grab the new LM below!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the generous designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Nina – for Horror Haute*

Hair – ploom – Anarin*

Boots – Bax Coen – Ankle Boots Red Patent

Piercings – HoD – Corona Radiata Prt. 1 F – Pomegranate*

Skin – Glam Affair – Linn – Darkness D – TDR

Lipstick – Fishy Strawberry – Makeup Allure – Faded Lipstick Bright Red – TDR

Eyeliner – Virtual/Insanity – Cleo Liner – Bordeau Rose*

Eyes – VoiD – Scritch – Song – Eyes

Lashes by Beetlebones

Poses and Prop by Lolapop!* for the Starlust Gacha Carnival



I saw this cute grey dress on sale at Squeek for Woeful Wednesday, so yeah, I’m a bit late blogging it.  Who knows?  Maybe the vendor hasn’t been changed yet.  In any case, it’s a pretty dress that caught my eye, so I took some pics and hell yeah, I’m gonna blog it!

I’m wearing some of the same items from the new Dressing Room collection that I blogged yesterday – the bare feet from YS&YS, the skin from Glam Affair, the lipstick from Fishy Strawberry.  I’m also wearing again the new piercing for Horror Haute from Haus of Darcy.  I am wearing a couple of new items, though.  The Tortured Love Choker is new from Lolapop, also for Horror Haute.  It features Lola’s signature skeleton hands tearing a red heart, mounted on a black ribbon.  My hair is a new release from Analog Dog.  I mentioned yesterday that I visited the store recently and was shocked at how much new I had missed.  Yes, I bought a *lot* of hair!  This one is called Sapphire and comes with the chest attachment piece to avoid the hair/avatar body collision problem.  I love Analog Dog’s hair textures and this style is so soft, sensuous, and feminine with the heavy drape across the face.  Well, if you see anything you like here, just find the taxi below and go shop ’til you drop!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, and many thanks to the generous designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Dress – Squeek – Lighter than a Feather – Dark

Skin – Glam Affair – Linn – Darkness D – for TDR

Lipstick – Fishy Strawberry – Makeup – Allure – Faded Lipstick – for TDR

Eyeliner – Virtual/Insanity – Cleo Liner – Dark Night*

Footsies – YS&YS – Barefeet 2.0 for TDR

Piercings – HoD – Corona Radiata Prt. 1 F – Silver Lining* – for Horror Haute

Hair – Analog Dog – Sapphire – Dark Grey (worn with shoulder attachment)

Necklace – Lolapop! – Tortured Love Choker – for Horror Haute*

Bracelets – Schadenfreude – An Ostentation Bracelet – for FLUX

Sexy New Corsets from Angel Dessous; Lots of Goodies from The Dressing Room


Yep, Angel Dessous released the most gorgeous sculpted corsets recently.  Yep, they’re sculpted, not mesh, so for those of you still reticent to try the mesh viewer, these are for you!  Also, I’m sure there are some whose computers just can’t run the newer viewers that render mesh.  I know because my old laptop just crashes when I try to run the newer viewers.  So, as I said, everyone should be able to enjoy these beautiful corsets.  Warning!  Partial nudity!

Look at those textures!  They are so realistic.  I love the black lace insets – they’re partially transparent just like real lace so you can see the skin underneath.  The other parts are as complexly textured as brocade.  Even my beast of a computer can’t capture the sheen of the textures, you know the way gold thread shimmers in the light?  These corsets have just that much realism.  They come in several other patterns/colors, but this is one is called Asia Sign.  My hair is a newer release from Analog Dog – the Ciera style – which comes with the braid attachment for your chest.  Right – it’s not mesh, either.  Analog Dog released a few new styles yesterday, and when I ran over to check them out, I realized I hadn’t been there in ages!  Let’s just say I bought a lot of hair yesterday!  My skin is a new addition from Glam Affair purchased at the newest edition of the Dressing Room.  It’s wonderfully dark and gothy!  I’ve added some new lipstick, which is also available at the Dressing Room from Fishy Strawberry. It’s a pack of lipstick and eyeshadows in different combinations on tattoo layers.  Finally, my piercings are the new release from HoD – Haus of Darcy, the Corona Radiata Piercings – for Horror Haute.  I’m wearing only the face set, but it comes with a chest set as well.  It also comes in both male and female versions and many, many colors – from silver to black to red to purple.

For a skirt to wear with this corset, I chose Aura’s lovely Low Rise Boho skirt in Grass Light which was on sale (along with lots of other items store-wide) around St. Paddy’s Day.  The texture is amazing.  I can almost feel it’s slight roughness.  I love how the small piping on the waistband of the skirt mimicks the colors in the corset.  You could totally wear these corsets with just about anything – other lingerie, some hot leather pants, a pencil skirt, just about anything! Oh!  One last thing for real!  Do you see my bare feet?  I think I’m the only fashionista on the grid who has never bought the SLink bare feet.  No idea why; I just have never gotten around to it.  But, lookee here!  These are from YS&YS for (again) the Dressing Room!  They have a nice HUD to change the toe nail colors, the rings (on/off/metal color), and of course color matches for the YS&YS skin tones, plus an RGB script for exact matching to other skin brands.  For well under L$100, these are a total bargain!

So, to sum up – awesome corset – so run to Angel Dessous; awesome new hair – so run to Analog Dog; and lots of awesome new things at the Dressing Room – so fly, you fools! (forgive my LOTR reference lol)

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, danke schön, and many thanks to the generous designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion! ❤

Corset – Angel Dessous – Corset 002 – AsiaSign*

Skirt – Aura – Low Rise Boho (mesh) Skirt – Grass Light

Hair – Analog Dog – Ciera – Soft Black (worn with braid)

Skin – Glam Affair – Linn – Darkness D – TDR

Makeup – Fishy Strawberry – Allure Makeup – Faded Lipstick Brick – TDR

Eyeliner – Virtual/Insanity – Cleo Liner – Dark Night*

Piercings – HoD – Corona Radiata – Prt. 1 F – Silver Lining*

Bare Feet – YS&YS – Barefeet 2.o – TDR

Pasties by Blacklace

Poses by Lolapop*, ploom*, pda for Collabor88, and aDORKable (various)

Lolapop and Schadenfreude for Etheria


Etheria 2, Painted Ladies, When Jewelers Dream is going on until January 8 on the Amira sim.  Usually, the clothing is the main event, with jewelry considered an accessory.  With Etheria, the jewelry is the main event – each jewelry designer, invited to participate by the event organizer, in turn chose a clothing designer to create an outfit to complement the jewelry.  The theme this time around is Painted Ladies – focusing on those special ladies that kept the Miner 49ers company on those chilly nights after a long day of panning for gold during the California Gold Rush of 1849.  Tonight I’m going to showcase the collaboration between two of my favorite designers – Lola Hienrichs of Lolapop! and Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude.  Since the jewelry is the focus, I’ll show you the closeup first. 🙂

Lola designed a cameo and pearls set called Cosette.  (Cosette is a character in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, btw).  The choker and earrings come in either black pearls (shown here) or white.  The cameo design is that of open red and yellow roses, along with greenery and a rosebud, surrounded by a silver frame embellished with silver leaves and roses.   To complement the Cosette set, Allegory chose to focus on a dress that evoked that special class of lady of ill-repute – the madame of the house.  Often, these ladies were so well-off that they were able to import the latest fashions from the streets of Paris and London.  Allegory tells us that the dresses are named for Pearl deVere, one of those “classy” ladies who commanded a hefty price for her services and for those of her girls as well.

DeVere comes in six colors, including the scarlet shown above, and the black I’ll show you next.  The outfit comes with lots of pieces, including a rigged mesh skirt with attached bustle in two sizes (try a demo to make sure it fits you), as well as the mesh bustle alone in two sizes.  It also comes with lace stockings, a black undershirt and bloomers, bloomer and undershirt ruffles, ruffled sleeves, and a jacket.  The ruffled pieces are all sculpted bits that are easily resizeable.  As you can see, there are various wear options with this beautiful outfit.  The fleur-de-lis patterned brocade of the dress texture is beautifully done, and the golden buttons with fleur-de-lis sets off the dress nicely.  The dress left nothing to be desired, but I’d expect nothing less from a pro like Allegory.  As I mentioned to her, she is one of the handful of people that *define* SL for me.  What would SL be without her giant elephant shaped store and her fantastic, whimsical collaborations with her friend hyasinth tiramisu of Silentsparrow?  For me, SL would be just a bit too boring without them around.

Although the focus of this post is on the clothing and jewelry, I have to put in a few words about the gorgeous boots.  These are one of the latest releases from Lassitude & Ennui – another bastion of SL fashion.  I think my very first pair of SL shoes were from them – way back in 2007.  These particular boots, Selene, are on sale for the La Venta Eventa for only L$60 – a true bargain for boots of this quality and beauty!  Finally, the elegant hair I’m wearing was a Christmas-time release from Amacci.  It’s an attachment that must be worn with a hairbase, but Amacci generously provides those for free.  If you need hairbases, this is the place to go because Amacci has every color under the sun – one to match *any* hair you own.

Here is the black version of deVere – it’s so elegant.  I love the double-breasted buttons on the jacket.  And look how the mesh skirt moves with you so beautifully!  The shoes I’m wearing here are also from Lassitude & Ennui – the Arcanist shoes in black.  They’re perfect for a “period” look such as this.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little post.  If you’d like to see some artful, on location photos of this outfit, check my flickr page by clicking the link to the left!  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Nos. 1 and 3:

Dress – Schadenfreude at Etheria – deVere – Black*

Jewelry – Lolapop! at Etheria – Cosette Pearl Set – Black*

Shoes – Lassitude & Ennui – Selene

Hair – Amacci – Lily – Black Coal (worn with hairbase)*

Eyes – Poetic Colors – Moon – Autumn (bright) – freebie!

Skin – Belleza – Lily Pale Dark – Christmas Gift

No. 2:

Dress – Schadenfreude at Etheria – deVere – Scarlet*

Shoes – Lassitude & Ennui – The Arcanist – Black

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!