Sn@tch for TDR Fusion


I just love Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, and I am so happy that she is still with SL, and still a prodigiously prolific designer with new releases every week.  I really admire her work ethic!  Sn@tch is a guest designer at TDR (The Dressing Room) Fusion this go-around, and I can’t be more pleased.  Here’s the sexy, yet classy, outfit she designed for us.

snatch for tdr fusion_002

Socialite is available in three different color combinations, each for an insanely low price.  This is the teal and charcoal combo, which I chose because I needed a little color mix-up from my usual reds, blacks, and whites (oh, and pink, of course).  You get the sexy mesh halter top with the add-on brooch, which is color change via click.  And of course you get the slimming, quilted fabric pencil skirt.

snatch for tdr fusion_003

I also love my new boots! I picked these up at SL Fashion Week; they’re by PopTart and come in two heel types – platform and combat – and with or without the cool wings. All types are sold separately.  Obligatory close up time!

snatch for tdr fusion_004Let’s see; what else am I wearing?  The cuffs are by deviousMind and are available at OMGacha – I love them so much, I couldn’t stop clicking “pay” to try to get all the colors!  Darn gacha machines!  My horns are another OMGacha item, this time from Tabou Iresistible.  That’s another gacha machine I couldn’t stop playing.  Love those little horns!  Finally, my earrings were free at Sn@tch’s Fishing Pond.  Ivey has generously put 25 boxes containing boots, jewelry, dresses, skirts, and tops in the pond, and all you have to do is fish them out – absolutely free (no bait required).  I wanted to show you some of the fishing prizes, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to do another post soon.  Christmas break is officially over and RL work calls!

Well, hope you enjoyed, and happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Skirt and Top with Brooch – Sn@tch for TDR Fusion – Socialite – Charcoal and Teal

Boots – (PopTart) for SL Fashion Week – Platform Chunk Boots  (Black) Wings

Cuffs – deviousMind for OMGacha – Lolita Wristwraps – Storm

Earrings – Sn@tch – Crystal Gypsy Earrings – Fishing prize (no. 3)

Horns – Tabou Iresistible for OMGacha – Brown/White Horns Belted

Hair – LeLutka – Evilly hair – CoalMine (previously blogged)

Skin – Belleza – Mya Pale Xmas Gift

Lashes – Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black)

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes -Wight

Photos taken at LC’s World of Fashion – Free Public Photo Studio

Violent Seduction – Criminal and Royal Star


It’s no secret that I’m a long-time fan of Violent Seduction.  I thank the stars above that Iki is still in SL and still designing beautiful outfits for my little avi.  So, without further ado, here are two outfits that I picked up at Gothmas by Gaslight recently.  One is new for Gothmas (I believe) and the other is new to me (coz I was away for awhile).

This is the newest outfit, Royal Star, which I purchased in the black version.  It also comes in several other lovely shades. It’s a mesh outfit, which comes in several sizes.  The dress comes with the cute little hat and ribbed tights, as well.  I’m once again wearing one of the lovely Belleza group gifts for Christmas – Mya – Pale.  I’ve added a blackish lipstick, however.  My hair and horns are from Lelutka – a fun little mesh style called Evilly in the Coalmine shade.  Yummy!  By the way, the horns are an add-on; you can wear the hair without them.

Violent Seduction Royal Star full 2

Violent Seduction Royal Star cu

While I was at Gothmas by Gaslight, shopping at Violent Seduction, I noticed this gorgeous outfit that I had missed while I was away – Criminal – which, again, I bought in the black version.  It comes with lots of pieces – the little bow with caged veil, caged collar, the caged skirt, a transparent over skirt, the under skirt, and then a choice of sleeved or sleeveless tops, and a mesh corset.  I had to fatten up my avi a little bit to make the corset fit best, but happily my avi is mod.  My little updo hairstyle is by adoness, and my earrings and bracelet are one of my favorite jewelry sets – Schadenfreude’s Electro Cute Skull set.  Finally my shoes (worn with both outfits) are from the Little Bat – the Muertos Heels, which are color-change via HUD.  They are quite reasonably priced, too.

Violent Seduction Criminal full

And here’s a closeup. 🙂  The top seems a bit out of focus; not sure why this happened.  I probably should have cleared my cache or something.  Apologies. :/

Violent Seduction Criminal closeup

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress with hat – Violent Seduction – Royal Star (Black) at Gothmas by Gaslight

Skin – Belleza – Mya Pale Xmas Gift

Lipstick – [Void] – Frost Fae – Lips – Black (part of group gift)

Shoes – The Little Bat – Muertos Heels (with HUD)

Lashes – Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck Black) (old)

Hair – Lelutka – Evilly hair – CoalMine with Horns

Eyes – IKON – Spectral Eyes (mesh) – Wight (at FaMESHed)

No. 2:

Dress – Violent Seduction – Criminal – Monochrome

Jewelry – Schadenfreude – Electro-Cute Skull Jewelry

Hair – adoness – Auralee – Pitch Black

Playing Catch-Up – Blue Blood


So, I decided to play a little catch-up with blogging all the lovely new outfits I have in my inventory.  Ghani has been such an awesome friend that I just had to show Blue Blood’s two latest outfits – Carmina and Cassis.  I’m also so pleased because we were chatting one day and I mentioned how much I love open-front (burlesque style?) skirts.  I see now that these two outfits both include a skirt like that. \o/  I hope she continues to include this style in her oh-so-versatile outfits.  So, first up is the older of the two – Carmina.  Carmina comes with three skirt options – the aforementioned open-front, a traditional lolita skirt, and a short skirt.  Take a peak.

I love these cute boots from Dilly Dolls – the Daria Boots.  They feature color change options on the laces, shoe, and straps.  I asked Ori to make some lighter colors of these, too.  I hope she does coz they’re so cute.  Also, all the skins I’m wearing in this post are current or recent freebies/specials.  So many nice skins!  This one is a freebie from Heartsick – the Candycane makeup in the Enchant line (Reverie tone).  It’s festive without being over-the-top Christmasy.

Carmina comes in all the traditional Blue Blood colors – red (shown), black, ocre, purple, and teal.  Ghani released the whitegoth versions about a week or so later.  Here’s the whitegoth black and white.

Here I’m wearing another Heartsick skin.  I apologize for not taking a closeup.  It was not free, but was on sale a few days ago – the Cheesecake makeup of the Enchant line, Reverie tone.  So pretty!

The latest release from Blue Blood is Cassis in the dark goth colors.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghani is almost ready to release the whitegoth versions of these next.  Here I’m wearing another free skin I picked up at Pulse a few days ago, as well as some awesome boots from Silken Moon, which sent a complete avatar to members of the Thrifty Goth Group recently.  If you’re a member, check your inventory for “Letitia.”   I squeeed when I threw these boots on with this outfit – they matched so perfectly – they have just the right amount of silvery black shine!

Cassis also includes three skirt options – short and flirty, open-front (yummmm), and lolita style.  I love the sculpted sleeves on the bolero style jacket.  This is an outfit that Ghani is justifiably proud of – her texturing here is just perfection and must be experienced inworld to be truly appreciated.  The skirts are “ribbony,” too – they have cute little ribbons at the wasit.  The open-front skirt has a definite spanish/flamenco feel to it, I think, with the tiers of ruffles.  It’s so fancy!  Here you can see the lovely free skin from Pulse, as well as those prettiful sculpted sleeves.

Cassis comes in the traditional dark goth Blue Blood colors of red, black, teal, purple, and ocre.  Here’s the purple.

And, finally, here’s a closeup of the purple.  Here I’m wearing another free skin – this one from Lelutka.  It’s from the Lola line in a fairly bare makeup.  I added plum lipstick on the tattoo layer that I picked up on sale at Gothica.

Oh, one last thing – in all the pictures, I’m wearing the Black Roses bracelet from Lolapop! The set is part of the Twisted Krissmus sale, which I think is still going on.  Another thing I love about Blue Blood clothing is that Ghani usually adds details at the wrists and neck so that bracelets and necklaces are not necessary.  ‘k, that’s enough for now!  I don’t want to strain myself. lol

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Carmina – Red

Skin – Heartsick – Enchant – Reverie – Candycane (Cleavage/BM) – Freebie

Boots – Dilly Dolls – Daria Boots

Hair – TRUTH – Kai – Crow Streaked

Bracelet – Lolapop! – Black Roses Set – Twisted Krissmuss

Ears – Illusions – Mystic Ears – Elfin/Naturals

Nails – Adam n Eve – Fantasy Drow Evil

Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

No. 2:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Carmina – Whitegoth – Black & White

Skin – Heartsick – Enchant – Reverie – Cheesecake (Cleavage/BM)

No. 3:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassis – Black

Skin – Pulse Skin – Mid Winter/December Cleavage (free)

Boots – Silken Moon – Silver Strapped Ankle Boots (part of Letitia Complete Avatar)

Hair – ploom – Meela – Streaked – Coal

No. 4:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassis – Purple

Skin – Lelutka – LOLA – sunkissed – MFW2010(D Brows)hairbase (free)

Lipstick – Gothica – SS Lipstick Set – Plum

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots – Black

Nibby-Licious is Delicious


Via the Thrifty Goth Group, I found this neat little store called Nibby-Licious that caters to the goth aficionados of SL.  I love the layout of the store; it’s all very dark and mysterious, and there’s a ginormous carnival tent right in the center where you can usually find the new releases and the items on sale.  There’s also a lucky chair (but I’m not sure if there’s a MM board).  Right now there are two gifts available for the Twisted Hunt, but I want to show you Niborekah (sp?)’s newest release.  It’s the first of her fall designs – the Fanciful Feather Gown.

The outfit comes with two skirt options – the long prim skirt, and a shorter, flirty skirt on the system skirt layer (not shown).  It also comes with a sculpted mask, adorned with violet roses, and the necklace.  (I’m not sure whether the full-bright on the cross is modifiable because I didn’t check, sorry.)  The texture is difficult to see in the pics, I know, but it consists of feathers drawn in on a black background.  The violet corset is optional as it comes on a separate layer, but I think it adds nice contrast to the gown.  I’m also wearing earrings and a bracelet from Lolapop! which is available at the Black Bacchanal until this evening.  The set is only L$113.  It comes in various colors – I’m wearing the purple plaid version to matchy matchy. 🙂  Run to the Bacchanal before it’s too late – there are gorgeous jewelry sets from Violet Volataire and Ticky Tacky, clothes from DV8 (awesome jeans *really really* cheap!), and lots of other awesome stuff that I can’t get my sleep-deprived brain to remember at the moment.  So, just go before midnight tonight.

The skin is not my usual ATOMIC skin; it’s the free skin from Lelutka.  Although it’s a bit darker than my usual taste (it’s sunkissed), it’s a lovely skin nonetheless.  I honestly forgot where I picked it up – I’m guessing the Orta sim?  (I saw the notice and TP’d immediately, forgetting to grab the LM afterward. lol)  Have a lovely, Woeful Wednesday/Hump Day, my goth darlings!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Dress with mask and necklace – Nibby-Licious – Fanciful Feather Gown

Lashes – Amacci – Charm – Black

Earrings and Bracelet – Lolapop! – God Save the Queen – Purple Plaid (for the Black Bacchanal L$113)

Skin – Lelutka – LOLA – sunkissed – MFW2010 (Dk brows/hairbase) (free)

Hair – ploom – Cember – Blackberry

Eyes – House of Ruin – Thaumaturge – Toxic Mercury (no longer available)

LOTD – Sunny Sunday Part Deux


Happy Sunday, everyone.  I thought I’d try to do a more mainstream fashion post on Sundays – hence Sunny Sundays.  This is my second one, since last Sunday was Independence Day and deserved a special post.  Anyway, I was able to find some time to run around and shop this weekend – hitting all those great sales.  How about that Fifty Linden Fridays, huh?  Lot’s of good stuff this week.  Yay!  Artilleri’s back!  So, I threw together a few separates and pieces from a myriad of designers for this little casual look.

The skin is a brand-new-today limited sale from Dekade (former KA Designs) – the new Brooke skin in this gorgeous light tone.  You get the skin with or without freckles and with or without hairbase. (squeals over hairbase skins!).  But there are some other limited edition/free skins out there right now that are also gorgeous.  I did a quick composite of three others I found.

Isn’t it interesting and wonderful how a skin can radically change one’s avatar?  Each of the four skins I’m wearing today is beautiful, but quite different.   On the left is the special edition skin Heartsick did for the Second Style Island Week of White.  In the middle is the Stumblebum special skin ATOMIC  is offering.  It’s a preview of a new skinline Ms. Graves is working on – Audri.  I can’t wait for the full line.  (I am so in love with her skins atm.)  Finally, the skin on the right has been available for awhile now, but I just picked it up.  It’s Lelutka’s Lola skin for the opening of ORTA – and it’s *free*!  I have resisted Lelutka skins because the bloggers who usually wear them are so high-fashion vogueish and I didn’t think the skins would fit my avi.  Wow, I was wrong! I may have to wander over to Lelutka and grab some demos.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Skin – [dekade] – Brooke – light/light brows/hairbase (L$100 special)

Hair – lamb – Sleepyhead – Honeycomb

Eyes – Tacky Star – Cold Like Ice – small vein 1

Eye Lights by Poetic Colors

Lashes – Amacci – Charm Black

Necklace – Mandala – kagetora necklace – white

Earrings – [glow] studio – Mega Earrings (TDR Blue)

Bracelet – *kraftika – No 300 Bracelets – white

Shirt – /artilleri/ – Selma blouse -yellow (FLF)

Pants –.:Shush:. – White Classic Jeans – free

Shoes – Heart & Sole – Wrapped White (special for Week of White – Second Style Island – L$50)

Nails – U&R Dogs – Nail Aleko (camp item)

Poses by *Shiseido?* 10L per pack

Other skins –

Lelutka – LOLA – Orta – light brows – hairbase (free)

ATOMIC – Audri – Porcelain – Stumblebum Exclusive

Heartsick – Wish – Illusion – Feather (L$50 special at Second Style Island

LOTD – Feeling Reddish


This is kinda sorta, but not really, a response to Luna Jubilee’s  Closet Cleanout Blogger Challenge posted here.  When I was looking in my recent items and trying on new things, I first threw on the ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau skirt.  Looking for more red things to complement it, I found the Aoharu Haiti Relief coat.  So far, not really “cleaning out my inventory” at all, right?  Ok… I need a skin with pretty red lips – the LeLutka Haiti relief skin, yes!   Ok.. nice, but my bewbs are hanging out.  Hey, didn’t I get some cropped tops at Sn@tch recently?  Sure did – and yay! there’s a red one!  Boots are definitely needed now.  Yes!  The red 2 Way Belt Laceups I picked up at the Anexx sale!  OMG .  I’m so happy! But, I need jewelry, too.  I search my 80,000+ item inventory (that’s right, I said *80,000+* items!)   for “carnelian” and omg – look what I found hidden in my “outfits” folder – a necklace that got deleted along with my entire jewelry folder during the Great Inventory Debacle of 2008.  What a “way back” for me – newbie me finds a great jewelry store – Shiny Things – and actually spends several hundred lindens on jewelry.  Awwwww.  I’m so glad I found this necklace – it really brought back memories.  So… that’s why this post is kinda sorta a response to the challenge.  LOL

The hair is a fairly new release from the fairly new store – Rezlpsa Loc – just please don’t ask me how to pronounce that store’s name.   It comes with a color change headband, which I’ve tinted black.  There’s another color of the hair in the lucky chair, too for all you lucky chair lovers/stalkers. Hope you like. :))

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Top – Sn@tch – Ribbed Halter – Red

Skirt – ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau Skirt – Dumbo

Sweater – Aoharu – Tweed Feminine Coat – Red (Haiti Relief 50L Friday)

Eyes – Shine – Lustrous Argent

Lashes – [glow] studio – Innocent – Smooth

Boots – Anexx – 2 Way Belt Laceup Boots – Red

Earrings – EarthStones – Twisted Crystal – Carnelian

Necklace – Shiny Things – Very Long Triple Drop Chain – Carnelian (very old)

Hair – Rezlpsa Loc – Rachel – 11 pm

I Feel …. Vintage


Stacie’s Strength is an outfit I picked up last week at Phoenix Rising, a store I’d heard of before, but never visited (as far as I know).  I had to go.  I had fallen in love from the notice.

Stacie’s Strength comes with many pieces not shown above, too.  I’m wearing the black jacket with prim collar and the longer sleeves, along with the white skirt and the tintable bow.  It also comes with another type of sleeve (short and puffy), pants with sculpty legs, a white undershirt, a black shirt, and a high waist for the capris on the shirt and underwear layers.  It’s a very versatile outfit.  You can also purchase more colors of just the jacket to increase the versatility.  The blue is particularly gorgeous.  I may just have to make a return visit.

I’m also wearing a necklace that many bloggers fell in love with – SiSSi’s Cutie Checker necklace.  And thanks to the 50% off sale at Anexx, I was able to afford the awesome Laceup Boots in this delicious red tone.  I must also gush over the hair from Tiny Bird – also picked up on sale – 50% off (which means L$85 for 3 colors).  That’s a bobby pin in my mouth.  :))  Finally, the skin – it’s the Haiti relief  skin from LeLutka – omg! those lips!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Dress – Phoenix Rising – Stacie’s Strength

Earrings – Rozoregalia – SAH Earrings

Necklace – SiSSi – Cutie Checker Grey

Eyes – Shine – Lustrous Argent

Lashes – [glow] studios – Innocent Lashes – smooth

Boots – Anexx – Belted Laceup Boots- Red

Skin – LeLutka – IFElight – Haiti hairbase

Hair – Tiny Bird – Into My Arms – Licorice (with mouth bobbypin)