Fitted Mesh is Awesome!


My darlings, have you updated your Firestorm viewer yet?  If not, you may start to crash as fitted mesh (formerly known as “liquid mesh”) become more popular.  Apparently, if someone wears fitted mesh around avatars who are not running the latest viewer, he or she may crash.  I’ve only acquired two fitted mesh outfits so far, but I already prefer them to the old mesh items.  No more having to change my shape to a predetermined size (none of which actually matches my own body dimensions).  Tonight I want to show you my latest fitted mesh acquisition – DE Designs’ Thyri dress.

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 2

Oops!  I got caught in a downpour! See how my dress is just skin-tight? 😉  But seriously, the fit is amazing.  I had no idea my avi was so thin!  For a not-so-thin RL person, I fell in love with my little avi all over again. lol  Thyri comes in three colors – the purple/black shown here, as well as all black, and brown/black.  And if you can’t use fitted mesh yet, it also comes in regular mesh in 5 sizes.  Everything about the dress is just scrumptious.

My hair is from Tableau Vivant for Collabor88.  I love the style – different but not ridiculously so.  The pulled back, very loose pony can work with a variety of styles, and the hair tie is color change, of course.  How about my skin?  This is from (red)Mint.  It is!  It’s not just for RP’ers!  This beautiful skin is called Ivy, and it’s the Powder tone, makeup number 4.  (red)Mint does lots of different tones for each skin, and always includes at least a few fantasy tones.   Take a better look here…

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 6


I’m wearing my SLink hands and the tone matching with the skin was effortless since (red)mint has appliers for most mesh body parts.  Easy Peasy!  My beautiful nail appliers are again from ZOZ, which you’ll find has nail polish at many of the weekly and monthly events at great prices.  Check them out – they’re really beautiful!  My piercings are, once again, from the inimitable Haus of Darcy, who makes the most bad-ass piercings in SL!  My jewelry is from another fave of mine – LouLou&Co.  None of the jewelry is new, just beautiful pieces I had in my massive (160K) inventory.  LouLou and HoD are two of my “go-to” designers when I’m looking for the right accessory.  Finally, my boots are from Lapointe & Bastchild, another of my favorite designers, and again, they’re not new.  Ok, one more closeup, and that’ll be enough for tonight.

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 4
Thanks for reading!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – DE Designs – Thyri – Grape – S Fitted Mesh

Skin – (red)Mint – (4) Ivy – Powder (darker eyebrows) – available at Skin Fair

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Low Hair (Ladies) – Winter pack (black) – available at Collabor88

Piercings – Haus of Darcy – End of the Night Prt. 1 Female – Silver Lining

Necklace and Bracelets – LouLou&Co. – Asteroid (Red)

Ears – [Mandala] – Pierced Elf Ears Ver 2 – Short

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Dita Desire Ankle Boots – Brushed Black

Eyes – IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

I Heart Role Play


Hello, my lovelies.  I’ve been away longer than I expected.  What have I been doing?  Well, let’s see…. First, I tried to get a handle on my bloated inventory using a Simple Closet device I bought for only L$199; then I became a premium member and changed Linden homes a couple of times; then I spent some time decorating said Linden home; and I did a bunch of hunts – mostly cherry-picking my must-have items.  Oh, I also tried *unsuccessfully* to shop at the Whore Couture (sorry, but I hate that name), and the Arcade events – yes, that’s right, I *still* have not successfully tp’d into either event.  Hey, people!  Could you give some other avis a chance, please??  I’ve actually been on a mini vacation break and have tried at every conceivable hour, and still …nada.

But, I *was* able to get into the We Love Role-Play event today (not yesterday, but at least today)!  And I have some awesome things to show you guys.

DE Designs Carmina_003

Where to start??  Well, I shall start at the beginning, of course.  DoC Eldritch of DE Designs sent me the awesome Carmina outfit in black, which consists of the richly textured mesh corset, pants, and fingerless gloves.  It’s been awhile since I blogged DE Designs, but DoC is still designing on a consistent basis.  I first found DE back in 2008 when I was a plain little noobie who had not yet discovered the joy of new skins, when Calla hair was all the rage, and when sculpties, let alone mesh, didn’t even exist yet.  I walked into DE Designs and couldn’t breathe – so much awesomeness!  Gorgeous textures – even a little noob could see the superior quality of his work compared to the majority of stuff that was on the grid back then.  As soon as I put Carmina on, I knew I wanted to do an dark elven huntress thing.  So, I had some shopping to do!  In addition to DE’s Carmina outfit, I’m also wearing the best elf ears I have found.  They’re mesh and from [Mandala]; they come with a HUD to change the skin tone as well as the piercings.  Love them!  I also needed a nice bow set.  I decided to go all out and get a bow that actually worked for role-play.  After comparison shopping at several weapons shops, I decided on this beautiful one from Pucca Firecaster’s Creations (PFC), which came with the leg strap quiver.  I admit, it’s the quiver that really sold me, as well as the shape of the actual bow.  I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but it came with all the bells and whistles that combat bows usually come with.

Back to We Love Role-Play – I picked up the headband from =Kio= there – this is the Crow version, but it comes in many other shades/color combinations, as well.  I also picked up the Benediction cross piercing from .:ellabella:. at the Role-Play event.  It also comes with a color-change HUD with lots of options.  My black Nanda hair is from Mina, exclusive to We Heart Role-Play, and I knew it was perfect for this outfit as soon as I saw it!  As I was taking pics, I was playing with the Windlight settings, and I could not believe how beautifully textured it is and how the light changes the colors in the hair.  Gorgeous!  Finally, my beautiful, perfect for role-play skin is from Lumae (formerly Heartsick) – the Una skin in the cream tone with awesome tribal tattoos on the face.  Oh, you can’t see that very well in the photo, can you?  Here you go!

DE Designs Carmina_008

In case you can’t tell, the tribal makeup consists of the dots on my forehead and the swirls and dots under my eyes.  The cross on the bridge of my nose is the .:ellabella:. piercing.  The Una skin is available for a special price at We Love Role-Play in your choice of three tones – cream, honey, or cookie.  Demos are free, of course.  I almost forgot to mention my wonderful Kollo mesh cloak that I picked up on sale at FATEplay.  By the way, the sale there ends March 10, so you still have a few days; if you know a fellow that needs some really well-made mesh clothes – send him to FATE.  I actually couldn’t resist a gorgeous suit I found there;  I spent several days happily cross-dressing. FATE does have a few women’s pieces, and some that are unisex (like my cloak).    One more closeup so you can see my lovely skin, hair, headband, and piercings….

DE Designs Carmina_007

To wrap up this looooong post, I’m also wearing boots from Lapointe and Bastchild (not new, but perfect), and nails with rings, etc. from WTG (also, not new, but perfect – and not for SLink hands).  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings….

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – DE Designs – Carmina – Black*

Skin – Lumae – Una – 2 – Cream/Tribal* – at We Love Role-Play

Hair – Mina – Nanda – Black – at We Love Role-Play

Piercing – .:ellabella:. – Benediction – Scripted – at We Love Role-Play

=Kio= – Rising Head Band – Crow – at We Love Role-Play

Bow and Quiver with Arrows – Pucca Firecaster’s Creations (PFC) – Dark Whisper 1.9

Cloak – FATEplay – Cloak – Kollo – Midnight

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Elise Ankle Boots Patent Black

Elf Ears – [MANDALA] – Pierced Elf Ears Ver 2 – Long

Jeweled Nails – +:+WTG+:+ – Dark Zone Jeweled Nails

Poses by ploom*

Lashes by Beetlebones

Eyes by IKON

Photos taken on location at Silent Hills.

*denotes review items – my sincerest thanks to the generous designers who support my blog!

DE Designs – Still Wicked


DE Designs is another SL shop that has been around for a very long time, and the owner, DoC Eldritch has mad skills when it comes to texturing realistic, sexy clothing for women.  He also makes sexy stuff for the guys occasionally.  His latest release is a reworking of one of his most popular styles – Diablo.  It’s a sexy leather pants outfit (really, DE Designs is *the* place to go for sexy leather pants outfits) with a corset and jacket.  Enough chatter; a picture tells a thousands words.

It’s wicked hot, no?  And it comes with lots of ways to wear it – a short corset, a long, finished corset, a bolero jacket with sculpted sleeves, red thong panties, and black leather pants with sexy grommets and lacings.  This is the kind of work that invites close inspection, too.  Just a work of art, gorgeous to behold.  (You know how much I appreciate the art of SL clothing design!)  The shoes are a new release from Malfean Visions.  Lokii’s now doing a line of footed shoes in animal prints.  And yay me!  I finally figured out how to match the foot color to my skin using RBG.  (LOL, finally, huh?)  The skin is the fantastic LAQ skin exclusive for Project FUR.  The bracelets and nails are from Virtual/Insanity.  The Like a Prayer bracelets come with wrist and hand pieces with crosses.  The hair is from Exile.  If you haven’t been lately, Mr. Cleanslate has somehow without my notice released a ton of sexy new hairstyles. I couldn’t resist three or four of them.  This one is called Ivy.  Ok, back to Diablo 2.  Here are some closeup shots.

Yeah, gorgeous texture work.  Cam in, everyone.  You won’t  be disappointed.    So yummy!  Ok.  one last composite – this time of the sexier, barer wear options.

Ooh la la!  LAQ makes such a great ass, no?  Ahem… sorry ’bout that.  What I meant to call  your attention to was the little garter straps with buckles on the corset bottom.  So nicely done.  And in case you were wondering, I didn’t forget to wear the stockings; they’re not included with the outfit.  Well, can’t think of anything else to blabber about, so until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – DE Designs – Diablo 2

Skin – LAQ – Maria 04 (Fair) Glow skin (for Project FUR)

Hair – Exile – Ivy – Marble

Shoes – Malfean Visions – Twilight Tribes – Bagheera

Bracelets and Nails – Virtual/Insanity – Essential Black Nails; Like a Prayer Bracelets

Necklace – Haus of Darcy (.HoD.) – Fallen – Women’s

Earrings – LouLou&Co – Hesperide – Black/Dk Yellow

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Light Steel Blue

Eye Gems – Virtual/Insanity – Eye Gems 2 – White Diamonds

Lashes by Amacci

DE Designs – Arise


DoC Eldritch of DE Designs has returned to his roots with his latest release – Arise.  It’s sexy fantasy wear – the type of clothes that first drew me to DE Designs three years ago.  Oh, how I drooled as I took note of which items I could buy right away and which would have to wait.  Check out Arise for yourself.

DoC is a master at drawing leather and metal closures.  I particularly love that little flap of studded leather at the waistband of the pants.  Can’t you just feel how soft and supple that leather is?  Gorgeous work, as always, DoC!

I’m wearing *JD* Designs new jewelry set once again – the ones with the cute little black dice cubes, as well as the sexy stilettos I picked up at SLink for the Platinum Hunt (which, sadly, is over).  The hair is (gasp!) not from ploom this time, but from Truth.  But, I have new ploom hair to show you next time!  Yay!! More ploom hair!  Go shop, hunt, etc.  It’s the weekend!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – DE Designs – Arise – Black

Necklace and Bracelet – *JD* Designs – new!

Earrings – SiSSi – Platinum Hunt Set

Lashes – Amacci – Charm – Black

Skin – ATOMIC – Audri – Porcelain – Vixen 1

Hair – TRUTH – Trinity – Espresso

Shoes – SLink –  Jolie Aveela Stiletto Herringbone (Platinum Hunt)

DE Designs – Cait (and Chandra, too)


DE Designs by DoC Eldritch was one of  the first stores in SL that I found that knew where to draw the sometimes very thin line between sexy and tramp.   There’s just something about DoC’s textures and designs that make me feel powerful, as well as sexy, when I wear them.  DE Designs has been around so long, though, that the hoarde of “what’s new, what’s hot” seekers have perhaps forgotten just how good the clothing there really is.  (Ok, I’m talking about myself here, but maybe you’re the same?)  DE Designs stands up there next to stores like House of RFyre in terms of longevity and quality, imho.  Case in point – DoC released a sexy new pants outfit called Cait this week.  Take a look.

Cait is a basic, yet so sexy tank and corset combo with obligatory black leather pants.  But the textures make it much more than basic.  I am such a sucker for buckles and straps when they’re done this well. 🙂  The top comes on all available layers in combinations of black and red.

I confess I actually tp’d to the store to find the next outfit.  The Chandra lingerie was released during the Valentine’s Day glut of pink and red.  As you should know from my blog, I prefer the darker stuff.  I remember drooling over Chandra when I saw DoC’s blog post, and I tucked it away in my mind for later retrieval.  Omg, how I love Chandra!

More buckles and straps! Mmmmm.  Look at those garters over the butt!  Hot!  Chandra comes in several colors, too.  It’s actually a reworking of a dress set DoC did ealier – giving us more colors for the top.

Chandra comes in Black, Blue, Purple, and Tequila Sunrise.  It comes with a long corset (shown above) as well as a cropped corset so that you can wear it with skirts.  I put together a quick Chandra/Sn@tch outfit to show you.

I’ve blogged Ivey’s Spellbound skirts before, so forgive me for posting again.  But they make any gorgeous jeweltone top into a sexy formal gown.  Spellbound comes in several colors, too, so you’re ready for mixing and matching.

I must also gush about the hair in these photos before I go.  Waka & Yuki released several new hairstyles last weekend.  I fell in love with these two in particular and had to show you.  Agata Model 03, the long style, is my new favorite.  It has a color change or no-wear option little head band with trailing braided strings, all accessible via menu.  Such a fun style!  If you want to TP anywhere, however, you might want to take it off, coz it *is* lagalicious.  Agata Model 04 is the elegant updo.  This has to be my favorite updo of all time (for now lol).  It’s an impossibly high updo with cascading waves.  It also has a color change menu that allows you to change the color of the back portion of the hair independent from the front, which I didn’t show you.  Waka & Yuki is my new favorite hair store, if you haven’t noticed from all my posts. 🙂  Finally, all jewelry worn today is by Ganked – a fairly new store quickly becoming famous for inexpensive big-ass jewelry. lol  I mean *huge* jewels.  So fun!

Ok, sorry for the long-winded post.  I’ve been saving it up coz SL has been so freaking laggy ever since the Beta viewer release that I’ve had major inventory and texture loading issues.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:

Corset and Pants – DE Designs – Cait – Black Cami, Red Corset shown

Jewelry – $GaNKeD$ – Nightdance set

Hair – Waka & Yuki – Agata Model 03 – Type A

Skin – Amacci – Felicia – Milky – Bordeaux HB Cleavage

Boots – Prim & Pixel Paradise – Balmorra Leather Ankle Boots – crimson

Eyes – Tacky Star – Cold Like Ice – Small – Vein 1

Outfit No. 2:

Corset Lingerie – DE Designs – Chandra Lingerie

Skin – Amacci – Felicia – Milky – Night – HB Cleavage

Hair – Waka & Yuki – Agata – Model 04 – Type A

Boots – Stiletto Moody – Bitch Bootie – Black

Jewelry – $GaNKeD$ – Pomp Jewelry Set

Skirt – Sn@tch – Spellbound Skirt – red