Fitted Mesh is Awesome!


My darlings, have you updated your Firestorm viewer yet?  If not, you may start to crash as fitted mesh (formerly known as “liquid mesh”) become more popular.  Apparently, if someone wears fitted mesh around avatars who are not running the latest viewer, he or she may crash.  I’ve only acquired two fitted mesh outfits so far, but I already prefer them to the old mesh items.  No more having to change my shape to a predetermined size (none of which actually matches my own body dimensions).  Tonight I want to show you my latest fitted mesh acquisition – DE Designs’ Thyri dress.

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 2

Oops!  I got caught in a downpour! See how my dress is just skin-tight? 😉  But seriously, the fit is amazing.  I had no idea my avi was so thin!  For a not-so-thin RL person, I fell in love with my little avi all over again. lol  Thyri comes in three colors – the purple/black shown here, as well as all black, and brown/black.  And if you can’t use fitted mesh yet, it also comes in regular mesh in 5 sizes.  Everything about the dress is just scrumptious.

My hair is from Tableau Vivant for Collabor88.  I love the style – different but not ridiculously so.  The pulled back, very loose pony can work with a variety of styles, and the hair tie is color change, of course.  How about my skin?  This is from (red)Mint.  It is!  It’s not just for RP’ers!  This beautiful skin is called Ivy, and it’s the Powder tone, makeup number 4.  (red)Mint does lots of different tones for each skin, and always includes at least a few fantasy tones.   Take a better look here…

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 6


I’m wearing my SLink hands and the tone matching with the skin was effortless since (red)mint has appliers for most mesh body parts.  Easy Peasy!  My beautiful nail appliers are again from ZOZ, which you’ll find has nail polish at many of the weekly and monthly events at great prices.  Check them out – they’re really beautiful!  My piercings are, once again, from the inimitable Haus of Darcy, who makes the most bad-ass piercings in SL!  My jewelry is from another fave of mine – LouLou&Co.  None of the jewelry is new, just beautiful pieces I had in my massive (160K) inventory.  LouLou and HoD are two of my “go-to” designers when I’m looking for the right accessory.  Finally, my boots are from Lapointe & Bastchild, another of my favorite designers, and again, they’re not new.  Ok, one more closeup, and that’ll be enough for tonight.

DE Designs Fitted Mesh 4
Thanks for reading!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – DE Designs – Thyri – Grape – S Fitted Mesh

Skin – (red)Mint – (4) Ivy – Powder (darker eyebrows) – available at Skin Fair

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Low Hair (Ladies) – Winter pack (black) – available at Collabor88

Piercings – Haus of Darcy – End of the Night Prt. 1 Female – Silver Lining

Necklace and Bracelets – LouLou&Co. – Asteroid (Red)

Ears – [Mandala] – Pierced Elf Ears Ver 2 – Short

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Dita Desire Ankle Boots – Brushed Black

Eyes – IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

^v^DRBC^v^ and Death Row Designs – Part 2


As promised, in this post, I will show you another outfit from DRBC, along with another color of DRD’s Post Apocalyptic Nerdstomper Boots.  Now, apparently, I did not pay full price for this dress.  No, I got it for only L$100, and you can, too, if you hurry over to Suicide Dollz before it ends!

DRBC and DRD Sweet Tart Gazebo

This is DRBC’s Sweet Tart Lovedoll dress, which as I said, is available in this pattern, as well as five other patterns, for only L$100.  I love the mesh skirt on the dress.  I’ve bought other mesh outfits where the creator tried to make a short, flared skirt, and was not pleased at how it worked on my avi.  This one works great!  Honestly,  I loved every single pattern this dress came in, but I had to be frugal and just pick one – so hard (whines)!  As you can see, I’m wearing another color of DRD’s boots here – the Fire color.  You can also better see my fave new tattoo in this pic.  I picked up this Fly Away birds leg tattoo by My Cocaine at Fi*Friday for a great price.

drbc sweet tart bench

You may have noticed my skin is different in this post than the last one.  I had to return to my Belleza Ria Pale skin, available for a discounted price at the fabulous Collabor88 (previously blogged).    I also added some lovely jewelry by Violet Voltaire, which is still available on the Marketplace.  Well, that’s about it.  Hope you enjoyed!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – ^v^DRBC^v^ – Sweet Tart – Lovedoll Dress – available at Suicide Dollz  – hurry – ends soon!

Boots – Death Row Designs – Post Apocalyptic Nerdstomper Boots – Fire

Skin – Belleza – Ria Pale 2 Dark – available at Collabor88

Hair – LoQ – Bacardi – Black – available at The Dressing Room Fusion

Tattoo – Your Cocaine – Fly Away – available at Fi*Friday

Jewelry by Violet Voltaire – Cameo Gargoyle Necklace; Glitterati Bracecelt; Melancholy Earrings – available on the Marketplace

Eyes by IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

Malfean Visions – Gogo


I enjoy the monthly 25 for 25 Hunt.  There are usually pics on the hunt’s website of the prizes offered (see warning at the end of the post),  the items are not impossible to find, and the price is L$25 – pretty reasonable.  The hunt prize from Malfean Visions (:{MV}:) this round is a cute outfit that includes legwarmer boots.  Check it out.

MV Gogo for 25 for 25 comp

MV is one of my fave stores coz Loki has excellent weekly sales (usually on weekends), and she participates in sales events and hunts often, so it’s always possible to get something on sale.  Not to mention, her texturing and sculpting skills are top-notch.  I hope my pics do her work justice; I decided to practice my green screen removal techniques, so we have a rather vanilla three pic comp here.

Let’s see, what else am I wearing?  My skin is from Belleza – the Ria skin available for a special price at Collabor88.  Naturally, I picked the most dramatic makeup option. My hair is the newest release from Magika called Many.  I’m so happy Ms. Gully is still creating hair – she’s such a pro.  My jewelry is not new; you can see the particulars in the credits below.

Now, the warning.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m not a drama queen.  Since I am, in a way, promoting the 25 for 25 Hunt in this blog today, I feel compelled to let you know that the hunt pic for BSD Design Studio is *not* the prize you are buying for L$25.  No, it is simply the *location* of the hunt item.  Imagine my disappointment when I opened the box, thinking I was getting a really amazing pair of shoes for a measly L$25, and I find instead a little purse.  I never wear purses in SL.  Meh.  Deleted.  L$25 down the drain.  You are hereby warned. 🙂  (By the way, I’m not alleging any intentional attempt to deceive by anyone; most likely, it was an honest mistake.  See?  Not a drama queen, just a fan of truth in advertising.)

Until next time, happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit with Legwarmer Boots – Malfean Visions (:{MV}:) – Gogo Outfit

Skin – Belleza – Ria Pale 2 Dk – at Collabor88

Hair – Magika – Many

Earrings – Sn@tch – Legion Jewelry Set

Bracelet – LouLou&Co – Asteroid – Red

Eyes by IKON

Lashes by Beetlebones

G*Field Halloween Goodies


Every year I enjoy seeing what G*Field has for free and cheap for Halloween.  This year didn’t disappoint.  A very cute, very well-made mesh dress with coordinating batty stockings, as well as a new pair of boots discounted for Halloween.  I love them both!

The dress is called Vivian and the boots are the Will boots in a Halloween version.  As I said, the dress is free, but the boots are not.  They are highly discounted though and well-worth the small fee.  I have to say though that the hair really makes this outfit “pop” for me.  The hair is from DECO (yep, DECO made hair!) and is a mesh style called appropriately “Curly Mess” which is currently available for a great price at Collabor88.  This is my favorite color, the black.  I’m also wearing a Halloween gift from Kosh called the Pavouk Necklace.  The earrings are from Virtual/Insanity and called Mirror Mirror.  I love the shininess on the balls.  They look like orange apples to me, but I don’t care coz I love them whatever they are!  Oh, my ciggie is also from Virtual/Insanity – the Lucky Stroke Ciggies.  They come in solid and polka dot versions, both smoked and unsmoked.  I’m wearing the unsmoked coz I’m trying to quit ;).  My skin is new from Pink Fuel (oh goodness, I love Mochi’s skins!) and is available at the Costume Ball event.  This is the Femme Fatale skin in the Ivory tone, but it comes in three other tones – Peach, Vanilla, and Java.  I’ve enhanced it once again with the free Halloween facial tattoo from the new store Musa.  If you’re going to grab the outfit from G*Field, Musa is nearby on the same sim.  Well, until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!

Erin Go Braugh!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!  I had to post one more outfit from the Gypset Market coz it’s really amazing, too.  (I’m referring to my last post about the amazing Chrysalis outfit).  This one is from Angel Dessous, definitely a store that I’ve known for a long time.  It’s one of my favorite spots for sexy lingerie and top-notch burlesque attire.  This one is called Deeta in the “sea” color and is at an amazingly cheap price until March 25th.  It’s definitely not just for St. Patrick’s Day – especially if you love green!

So, yeah, I went a little nuts coz I found this other online photo editor (since Picnik will be closing soon), and it has all these fancy animations you can add to your pics.  I promise I won’t overdo it on the blog, but it was sooooo freaking easy to add everything!  Anyway, Happy St. Paddy’s Day, y’all.  If I was younger, I’d be down in the Irish Channel drinking (and eventually hurling) green beer. lol  But alas, ’tis gone, ’tis gone, those halcyon days of my youth. 😀  But here’s a composition shot of the lovely Deeta outfit so you can stop having your eyeballs assaulted by my throbbing animated pic above.

Ahhh, that’s better, isn’t it?  And gorgeous, too, right?  Oh yeah, between the awesome Chrysalis Poetic outfit and this one, I left skid marks on my teleporter as I rushed over to the Gypset Market to snag these!  Now, the hat does not come with the outfit. That was free from Rebel Hope, which has a shamrock full of little St. Paddy’s Day gifts right at the TP point.  But the outfit does come with the pretty prim jeweled embellishment between the bosoms.  It comes with the black lace choker, too.  The outfit is just so pretty and sexy!  The necklace is free for members of the inworld group for :+WTG+:+ – it’s the March group gift.  The nails and rings are also from +:+WTG+:+ – these are color change and not free, but there’s a Midnight Mania (or is it a lucky board?) pair that are single-colored and free for all.  The cute skin is from my fave Illusory.  This is the offering from Collabor88 which is still going on.  The shamrock cheek tattoos are from Chain and Vine and were last week’s Project Themeory offering.  It’s probably gone since there’s a new edition now, but you could check. (shrugs)  My bracelet is from Schadenfreude for Flux – Allegory put out a bunch of crow-themed jewelry, and this one is the Ostentation Bracelet.  All of the jewelry pieces are color changeable via a very large and easy to understand HUD.  You have so many choices, too!  Love it!  My hair is a new release from ploom – MESH!  This one is called Shira and comes with or without streaks.  Talk about an easy to use HUD – ploom’s are always so user-friendly.  My boots are an older release from G*Field – these are the old Short Lace-up Boots, which have pretty much been replaced by the Gina mesh boots.  (I finally picked those up last night, actually.)  Oh, my green eyes were a group gift (subscriber group!) from Insufferable Dastard – look for the folder called “Shades of Green” if you missed it.

Well, that’s it for now.  Next up, I’ll be showing you some awesome gothie things from Ezura for Fashion for Life.  Can’t wait!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc.  *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Outfit – Angel Dessous – Deeta – Sea – for Gypset Market

Skin – Illusory – Love – Milk – Organic – Collabor88

Hair – ploom – Shira (Streaked) – reds (Mesh)*

Rings and Nails – +:+WTG+: – Clover – March Group Gift*

Necklace – +:+WTG+:+ – Ribbon Classic Jeweled Nails*

Bracelet – Schadenfreude – An Ostentation bracelet – at FLUX

Boots – G*Field – Short Lace-up Boots – Black (color-change sides)

Shamrock Tattoo – Chain and Vine – Shamrock on your Cheeks – Project Themeory Shamrock Skin

Eyes – Insuferrable Dastard – Shades of Green 3 – March Gift

St. Patty’s Day Hat and Sculptie – Rebel Hope – freebies

Lashes by Beetlebones

Wretched Dollies – Isabelle


The lovely gothic dolly creations of Wretched Dollies has a new release, Isabelle, and it is just fantastic!

 Isabelle come with three different skirts, four if you count the separate bustle for the lolita skirt. The black lace undershirt is on a separate layer as well, so that adds to the wear options even more. There’s the  lolita skirt, with or without the bustle, shown above, and two ballgown skirts, one with a rose embellished waist, and one without.   There are also lace attachments for the chest and shoulders to further enhance this lovely ensemble.  The gorgeous mesh boots are available at the Back to Black event from Lassitude & Ennui, and come in this cardinal red, as well as blue and black.  I’m wearing another cool ciggie from Virtual/Insanity coz I love them!  Here are more pics showing the ballgown skirts.

Worn on the left is the ballgown skirt with the rose embellished waist; on the right is the skirt without the rose.  In the center, I took off the skirts so you could see how yummy the corset top alone is.  You could totally mix and match this with other skirts or pants if you so desired.  It’s just a lovely, lovely corset.  Oh, the outfit also comes with the tophat and the lace choker.  My gorgeous red hair is a new release from lamb, who released two new styles a few days ago.  This one is Sweet Pea.  Both new styles come in single color and bi-color versions (you know half one color, half another).  They’re so pretty, and I’m really loving this look.  The makeup is again from Illusory, this time it’s the Love skin in the makeup available at Collabor88 right now called Scarlet.

Well, I didn’t really intend to blog twice in one night.  I was trying to set up this post to publish tomorrow morning, but I was doing a first draft on my stupid iPad, and the app published the damned thing before I was finished with it!  So, in order to avoid looking like a total doofus, I had to publish the final draft ASAP!  Sigh.  I’ll try to do another post tomorrow since I’m on vacation from school and taking some me/SL time.  So, check back soon coz you might find something else new!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review items.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Outfit – Wretched Dollies – Isabelle Dress

Skin – Illusory – Love – Milk – Scarlet – for Collabor88

Hair – lamb – Sweet Pea – Sun Dried Tomato

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Flutter Boots – Cardinal (for Back to Black)

Ciggie – Virtual/Insanity – Lucky Stroke Ciggie – Smoked – Polka/Black

LouLou&Co. – lots of new goodies


And I’m back! I have a new computer that lets me run SL without crashing (much). I’m still waiting on my beast rig to come in, but for now the new one let’s me run shadows. Yep. Shadows. \o/

This lovely, slinky black mesh dress was LouLou’s hunt prize for the Where is the Concert Hunt which just ended. (*sad face* sorry I’m late with this.) The jewelry – earrings and bracelets – are also from LouLou and you’ll be able to see them better in the pictures below. The skin is from Illusory for January’s Collabor88, which is available until the 8th.   I just love the Paige skins! Keep those makeups coming, please! The hair is the latest release from ploom, the Lilyan hair, which features asymmetrical bangs and two buns on top. More pics coming up!

The bracelets, including the armband worn on the left, are an updated version of LouLou&Co.’s London Calling set. The shoes are from Nardcotix, which I picked up at the big sale they had last month. You’ll see more Nardcotix shoes in this post. I’ve been without a decent computer for about a month and unable to play as Des, so her inventory is a bit old. But these items are still awesome and maybe you’ll see something here that reminds you to wear these items if you’ve already picked them up. If you’re like me, you probably have stuff in your inventory that you *had* to have, but never get around to wearing. Dust them off and put them on! You spent the time to get them, you might as well enjoy them at least once!

And here’s a closeup of the pretty skin and the jewelry, again with shadows!  (Did you hear me squeal with delight?)  I *love* these rather new earrings from LouLou&Co. They’re called Moulin Rouge and have Eiffel Towers on them! Vive La France! They come in two sizes – I’m wearing the shorter ones so they wouldn’t be hidden in the dress’ shoulder ruffle.

I thought I was done for today when Ghani dropped a folder of +++Blue Blood+++ Gacha items on me. Roxy is a cute little halter style corset that comes in four colors; I was so pleased that the colors matched the LouLou&Co Betty mesh skirts perfectly, so I took some more pics!

First up is the red versions of each. I’ve changed my ploom hair to a lovely red, and donned a brand new skin from Adam n Eve called Amaris. Here I’m wearing the Natural tone bare. You can also see the other LouLou&Co bracelets I was wearing with the Mary dress above. These are called Diamond Rock and are another updated style. Ok, I’m almost done! Here are the other three colors of Betty and Roxy. Don’t those names seem to go together? I picture Betty and Roxy working down at the factory together while their menfolk are off fighting the war. lol

The Betty skirts come in three styles – one has no front seams; the other two have seams and a variations on the waistline. I’m wearing style no. 3 in the red and black skirts; and styles 1 and 2 in the teal and purple skirts. I also added some tattoo layer makeup I found in my inventory to the Adam n Eve skin.

Well, that’s it for today, so until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review items.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Outfit No. 1:

Dress – LouLou&&Co – Mary Dress – Where is the Concert Hunt

Hair – ploom – Lilyan – Streaked – Blacks (also worn in other colors in some pics here)*

Bracelets (right) – LouLou&C0 – Diamond Rock (Update)*

Bracelets (left) – LouLou&Co – London Calling (Update)*

Earrings – LouLou&Co – Moulin Rouge – Red (also worn in black in some pics here)*

Skin – Illusory – Paige – Milk – Culture (for Collabor88 January)

Shoes – Nardcotix – Nara Bowed Chunky Pumps – Black

Outfit No. 2:

Top – +++Blue Blood+++ – Roxie top – Gacha – Red*

Skirt – LouLou&Co – Betty – Red*

Skin – Adam n Eve – Amaris – Natural – Bare (worn with cleavage enhancer)*

Shoes – Nardcotix – Iceli – Full Spike Stilleto – Red

Outfits No. 3-5:

Top – +++Blue Blood+++ – Roxie top – Gacha – Purple, Teal, Black*

Skirt – LouLou&Co – Betty – Purple, Teal, Black*

Shoes – Nardcotix – Varela – White

Lipstick – Sorry Asia – Lana Lipstick – No. 7 (no longer available)

Eye Shadow – Mynerva – Dusk (no longer available)