Hey, remember me?

It’s Desiree!  I went away for a long time.  It’s been over a year since I blogged; and I was away from SL for most of that time as well.  But I had some free time over the recent holiday and decided to try SL again.  Naturally, it didn’t take long for me to start shopping those sales, and going on the many hunts that are occurring now.  And, naturally, this post, this “look” will be somewhat outdated already.  I’ll never be one to post pics that are brand new, at least not consistently.  Anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing for the last few days while I flew around the grid.

Katatonik Metal Corset Dress White 2

And here’s one of my obligatory close-ups.  I’m ready, Mr. DeMille.

Katatonik metal corset dress white

I hope I entertained you for a few seconds.  I may be back soon  – or maybe not.  Who knows?  Here are the credits in case you’re interested…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – katat0nik – Metal Corset Dress – Gunmetal-white (from C0llabor88 November)

Hair – little bones – Grotesque – Onyx (new! at Chapter Four)

Tights – GField – Rose Lace Leggings Set – white

Horns – Malfean Visions – Arcadian (old Twisted Hunt item)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Alyx – Pearl – Static (old Bakesale Pre-Release)

Collar – Dark Water Designs  – Holiday Poinsettia Collar (from the Wash’s Black Event)

Eyes – Ikon – Utiopia Eyes – Pale Silver


One thought on “Hey, remember me?

  1. Welcome back!

    We are making our comebacks at the same time. 😉 I was also a bit away from SL and didn’t blog for a year. But now I’m again getting a bit more active. Already done a couple of posts for this year. Hope I’ll keep this pace up.

    Are those Tesla shoes? If so, I have two pairs of those, not that colour though.

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