G*Field Halloween Goodies

Every year I enjoy seeing what G*Field has for free and cheap for Halloween.  This year didn’t disappoint.  A very cute, very well-made mesh dress with coordinating batty stockings, as well as a new pair of boots discounted for Halloween.  I love them both!

The dress is called Vivian and the boots are the Will boots in a Halloween version.  As I said, the dress is free, but the boots are not.  They are highly discounted though and well-worth the small fee.  I have to say though that the hair really makes this outfit “pop” for me.  The hair is from DECO (yep, DECO made hair!) and is a mesh style called appropriately “Curly Mess” which is currently available for a great price at Collabor88.  This is my favorite color, the black.  I’m also wearing a Halloween gift from Kosh called the Pavouk Necklace.  The earrings are from Virtual/Insanity and called Mirror Mirror.  I love the shininess on the balls.  They look like orange apples to me, but I don’t care coz I love them whatever they are!  Oh, my ciggie is also from Virtual/Insanity – the Lucky Stroke Ciggies.  They come in solid and polka dot versions, both smoked and unsmoked.  I’m wearing the unsmoked coz I’m trying to quit ;).  My skin is new from Pink Fuel (oh goodness, I love Mochi’s skins!) and is available at the Costume Ball event.  This is the Femme Fatale skin in the Ivory tone, but it comes in three other tones – Peach, Vanilla, and Java.  I’ve enhanced it once again with the free Halloween facial tattoo from the new store Musa.  If you’re going to grab the outfit from G*Field, Musa is nearby on the same sim.  Well, until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


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