Montagne Noir – La Mariee Vampyr

I found this lovely vampire bride gown at Montagne Noir in Caledon Village and decided to blog it for your viewing pleasure.  Montagne Noir is a long-running SL boutique that specializes in period clothing.  In case you didn’t know, Caledon is one of the oldest sims in SL and has sections for different role playing like Victorian, steam punk, etc.  If you’re looking for some period clothing for role playing, Montagne Noir is your place.

Astolat Dufaux has created a gothic wedding gown in black brocade and satin, accented with a black rose crown veil, a black rose bouquet (with holding pose), and a dark, eerie mist which is emitted by the matching shoes.  If you don’t want the mist, no problem.  The set comes with two pairs of shoes, one with the mist function, and one without.   Also included are a pair of petite vampire fangs, and a front-piece for the veil to cover your face, if you so desire (I didn’t).  I went on location for a few pics, but didn’t want to have sunlight (coz I’m a vampire and not the sparkly kind!), so the pics came out a bit dark.  I’ll put them on Flickr in case anyone’s interested, but here’s one anyway.

Here, you can see the side and a portion of the back of the gown with its glorious bustle and layers upon layers of brocade and satin.  My hair, hiding under the veil, is from elikatira called Away in black.  My skin is once again from Laq, the Mima pale skin, this time with a dramatic bloody mouth.  I’ve fed and now I’ll wed!  (:P)  My necklace is Love in a Void from Violet Voltaire, which is available on the Marketplace.  Everything else is part of the Montagne Noir outfit.

Go get your Halloween on, y’all!  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


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