I’m a Silly Bunny

I hadn’t planned on blogging more Easter stuff today, but then I had some time, and I had this tres cute Easter outfit I bought yesterday, on sale for Taste of SL, from AlterEgo, so here ya go!

As you can see, I went a little nuts in FotoFlexer adding little Eastery stickers. 🙂  The outfit comes with the collar, bracelets, backpack, bunny ears and tail, eyeshadow on the tattoo layer, mouth carrot, and the stompers.  I thought it was a great deal at only L$150 and rushed right over when I saw the ad!  I searched my ginormous inventory for Easter and “bunny” things, and added the katat0nik katty bunny doll, the Sanu monocle (picked up at one of her wonderful old hunts), and a couple of necklaces from Earthstones and Eyecandy, as well as Easter pink eyes and bunny piercings from [VoiD], formerly Edge of Sanity, and bunny teeth from Mynerva.  The hair is a subscriber gift from Magika – it’s a deep fuschia with lighter pink at the tips.  You have to go to the store and touch the sign to receive it.  And here’s a closeup!

My skin is the new limited edition Grace skin in the Harajuku Fun makeup from [A] Limited.  It’s a different makeup from the one Little Kat wore earlier today.  The eyeshadow on this skin is pink and green, so the tattoo layer makeup from AlterEgo evened it out to just pink.  Oh, I’m also wearing some lipgloss from [VoiD], part of the new Farra skins which are on sale for only L$150 per pack (per makeup/tone with lots of extras thrown in) for the rest of today.  I bought the skins for Little Kat’s shape and they look precious on her.  I  wanted to wear my Harajuku skin for this post though. 🙂

Well, that’s really about it.  I have tons more to blog, but I need to take a break for RL coz I’ve been  putting off my grading/studying, and I only have one more day of vacation left. (*pouts*)  I’ll be back as soon as I can though.  Do your best to muddle through without me. (lols)

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress with everything mentioned above – AlterEgo – “Egg”cited – Taste of SL Week 93 special

Skin – [A] Limited – Grace – Ivory – Harajuku Fun 1

Lipgloss – [VoiD] – Farra Lipstick – Gloss – GenX II

Hair – Magika – Hair S Gift (subscriber gift)

Monocle – Sanu Bunny Hop Monocle (old hunt gift)

Necklace 1 – Eyecandy – Bunneh Necklace – I’ve got Bunny Fever – Jewelry Fair 2009 Gift

Eyes – [VoiD] – Scratch – Easter Eyes (old gift)

Necklace 2 – EarthStones – Easter Eggs Necklace – Silver

Bunny Teeth by Mynerva (also old)

Bunny Piercings – Edge of Sanity (now VoiD) – Bunny Piercing


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