More from Vaxer Coz I Forgot to Post this One!

Yep,  I must have been rushing to get out my last post coz I had another sexy outfit from Vaxer to show you.  So, take a look at Zulema.

I’m pretty sure I got Zulema at a special price on the Marketplace.  But, I’m sorry to say that I held onto it too long coz the special has changed there.  But you should totally check it out if you’re into goth fashion! Apparently, the specials change pretty regularly, so check back often.  The undershirt/bra comes on a separate layer, so you can wear the dress with or without it.  I’m wearing the bra undershirt in the center and right pics and I’m going bare in the left pic.  It’s a sexy outfit either way.  I’m also wearing a newish release from +:+WTG+:+ as my gorgeous choker and earrings.  You should really click to see the pic bigger coz this is drool-worthy goth jewelry.  Oh, Ikon Innovia of IKON also just released his new Horizon eyes.  I fell in love with these pale blue ones and had to change from my customary grey.  Don’t worry, I also found some new grey eyes there and grabbed those, too.  Again, click if you want to see the eyes bigger.  And I just had to show you these sexy boots I found at Lapointe & Bastchild.  They’re not new, but I must have been on SL hiatus when they came out coz they’re totally new to me!  They’re so yummy!   🙂

They come in lots of pretty colors, even a lovely goth black. 😀  I love them so much that you’re going to get sick of seeing me in them, but I don’t care (*sticks out tongue*)  I love the straps that give these ankle boots a very Victorian look.  And the textures are just perfect.  Paul Lapointe is such a pro at texturing, and he knows goth/Victorian styles from years and years of SL experience.  Well, that’s enough from me.  Little Kat is dying to wish you all a Happy Easter, so I’d better get busy helping her do just that!  Until next time,

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the generous designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!


Dress – Vaxer – Zulema

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Angeline Ankle Boots – Black*

Eyes – IKON – Horizon Eyes – Pale Blue – NEW!

Skin – ( r e d ) m i n t – Skin No. 10 – (2rB) RAW – Dollskin*

Lipstick – Illusory – Love Lips – Cherry Red

Hair – analog dog – Ciera – Goth

Jewelry – +:+WTG+:+ – Ribbon classic – Choker and Ear Piercings*

Lashes by Beetlebones


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