Rotten Defiance Goes Back to Black, Fulfills Your Desire to Hunt

I’m really loving what Rogue Falconer of Rotten Defiance has been coming out with lately.  Her creations just keep getting better and better.  For instance, her offering at the Back to Black event is a gorgeous dress called Flightless that I just had to have in at least one color.

I chose black, although it also comes in an amazing golden, and an ethereal white.  The dress comes with the little wings, and the feathered textures on the skirt are simply beautiful.  The new Lassitude & Ennui Flutter boots, also offered at the Back to Black event (and previously blogged), are a perfect match, as is the flawless LouLou&Co jewelry called Hyperion.  I also love, love, love the new hairstyles from lamb.  Is it my imagination or are they even better than ever?  I’m also still sporting my ciggie from Virtual/Insanity.  I told you I loved those.  I’m a bad, bad smoker in RL, so why not in SL, too? 😀

Now, if you’re short on lindens, and can’t afford the Back to Black event, which is not a sale event, you’re in luck coz Rotten Defiance has two hunt gifts free for the finding at the store.  First up, I’ll show you the Tainted Love Hunt item.

Love this!  You still have time to grab it, too, coz the hunt doesn’t end until February 23.  The outfit, which comes with the big, big collar, the over-sized sleeve cuffs, the stockings, and two skirts (the one shown above, and a second one without the fishnet on the hem), is called Tainted Punk.  This time I paired it with the red Flutter boots – so perfect – and some semi-new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills called Sybille.  Please forgive the hair going through the collar; it was a bitch trying to adjust everything, and I’m hoping the glitch is not so noticeable with the black on black textures. 😀  Do you see my awesome nails and rings, etc.?  Oh my goodness!  +:+WTG+:+ put out a group gift  for Valentine’s Day – quite amazing! The group costs L$100 to join, but this gift alone is well worth the join fee.  Check my flickr page for a closeup without the collar where you can see the rings, as well as my LouLou&Co. lip piercings, which are hidden here by the collar.  And the skin!  It’s from a new-to-me store called :Mirror’s Enigma:.  This is a new release called Naomi in the Light tone with brown brows.  The skin is very sweet and works especially well with blondes and redheads, but I have no complaints about its appearance with my black hair.  The nose is nicely shaded and the lips are very pretty.  I like the blush, too; all in all, the skin works well with any look.

I’m not done yet!  Remember, I said there were two hunt gifts?  Well, the Rotten Defiance-sponsored My Rotting Valentine Hunt is still going on until March 4.  Rotten Defiance is stop number 1, and the gift is this sexy little black lace number….

Ooh la la!  Here I’m again wearing the new Naomi skin from :Mirror’s Enigma:, but I’ve added some eye shadow/liner from LouLou&Co called Kiss Rock to funk it up a bit.  The shoes I’m wearing are the newest release from Lassitude & Ennui – the Boudoir Mules in black.  They come in two styles in one folder – the shoe with a full mesh foot, or with the avatar foot in a mesh shoe with toes.  The shoes come with a HUD to match your skin tone and to change your toenail polish – many colors are available. I did my best to match up the full foot shoe to my skin tone, but failed.  Ascribe it to user-error, not product error, though.  (I’m not the most patient person while in SL.)  So, I opted to wear the toes-only mesh shoes and am quite please with them. Oh, here, you can also see the Hyperion earrings and necklace from LouLou&C0 that are available at Back to Black.  The earrings come in two lengths – this one and a longer one.  I’m also wearing LouLou’s Lucky Cross Piercing that comes with three styles.  The differences are mostly how many studs are above the top lip.  This is version 1, which has just one.  Finally, the hair is from Exile – Rivers Run in Raven.  Yes, I love it. 🙂

As I said, I have a few more pics, but I’ll post them on my flickr page coz this post is probably long enough!  Ok, hope you enjoyed; get yourself over to Rotten Defiance, coz there’s always something there for every budget – sale items, Midnight Mania boards, lucky chairs, and the hunt items shown today, of course.  I didnt’ even show you the quirky little  sale dress I picked up there.  Ran out of room/time.  But’s it’s awesome, too!  So, go already!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review items.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

No. 1:

Dress – Rotten Defiance – Flightless – Black (Back to Black)

Skin – Illusory – Love – Milk – Scarlet (for Collabor88)

Hair- !lamb – Oleander – Duopack – Cruella

Necklace – LouLou&Co – Hyperion – V2 (Back to Black)*

Ciggie – Virtual/Insanity – Lucky Stroke Ciggie – Smoked – PolkaBlack*

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Flutter Boots – Raven (Back to Black)*

Lashes – Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 – Dainty Black

Eyes by IKON (formerly Fashism)

No. 2:

Dress – Rotten Defiance – Tainted Punk (Tainted Love Hunt)

Skin – :Mirror’s Enigma: – Naomi Light Skintone (LBrown-Neutral)*

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Flutter Boots – Cardinal*

Earrings – LouLou&Co – Hyperion Earrings*

Piercing – LouLou&Co – Lucky Cross – V.2*

Nails and Rings – +:+WTG+:+ – Cupid 2012 St. Valentine’s Day gift (female) (group gift)

No. 3:

Dress – Rotten Defiance – Rotting Valentine (My Rotting Valentine Hunt)

Hair – Exile – Rivers Run – Raven

Shoes – Lassitude & Ennui – Boudoir Mules – Black (toes only)*

Makeup – LouLou&Co – Kiss Rock – eyes*

Piercing – LouLou&Co – Lucky Cross – V.1*


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