Pinkmare’s House for Zombie Popcorn Hunt and Newness from RedMint

Hey, everyone!  I’m back again sooner than usual coz I’m just loving my new computer. SL looks so awesome on it! Shadows – whoot! I’m still figuring out what to do with those shadows, though, so this post will be the same old, same old, picture wise. Although I think the quality is better than before.

So, this time, as I was looking through my inventory at what had been dropped on me recently (mostly in my absence), I found a cute dress from Pinkmare’s House that is available in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, which ends on February 15. Yay! You still have time to go get this one! The outfit includes the hat and the shiny rubber combat boots, too!  I also found some great hair and skins from Redmint, which I must say, I fell in love with.

How cute is this?! Normally when I try on Redmint skins, I’m a bit disappointed – not because of the quality, of course!  Just because they don’t look “right” on me. They look so cool on everyone else who wears them. So, once again I tried, hoping that this time they’d suit me. And they do! I particularly love the eyebrows on these new skins. Also, Moni seems to have softened them somewhat, making them look, idk, gentler. In any case, I love them! They come in oodles of colors, from the mainstream Pale tone I’m wearing here, all the way to pinks, purples, and dark drow. They really are fantasy style skins, but I think this new batch crosses over to mainstream quite nicely.

The Redmint hair is awesome, as usual. This style comes in single colors or in duo-tones like I’m wearing here.  The bangs are angled asymmetrically, giving it an edginess that appeals to little old moi.  Well, that’s about it for now.  Hope you liked.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas Gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion!

Dress with Hat and Boots  – Pinkmare’s House – Mystery Date – Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize*

Skin – ( r e d )m i n t – No. 10 – Pale – (2) Raw – Nude (worn with prim manicure)*

Hair –  ( r e d )m i n t  – Hair No. 20 – Scandinavia Blond (Black)*

Earrings – Haus of Darcy (HoD) – Dragon Spirals*


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