Oh, Deer!

I thought I was on a roll with my blogging.  I had done a nice post on a lovely, work of art dress, and then stayed up late on the weekend, taking pics for posts later in the week.  Later the next day, when I turned on my desktop….nada.  Dead.  Oh great.  I guess I killed it – or SL killed it rather.  So, now I’m in the market for a new desktop, even if I do get the old one fixed, coz apparently I need a better desktop.  I’ve spent the last few days researching and am just about ready to order a totally bitchin’ beast of a rig.  I just have to work up the courage (coz it ain’t cheap lol).

So, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m stuck on my old craptop, which does *not* run SL well at all.  Poor Desiree can barely log in – blame her 150k inventory.  So, little Kat generously offered to take over the blog until the “bitchin’  beast” comes in (which will be about a month after I order it).  You’ll have to forgive the crappy quality of the pics; just know that gorgeous pics, with quality unlike any you’ve ever seen on this blog (read – shadows!!!), are on the horizon!

So, here’s little Kat wearing katat0nik.  Isn’t she cute as a button in the Christmas group gift skin from Curio?   She refuses to take off the Epic faun boots and seems to think that they’re permanently attached.  Maybe they are.  The cute hair is the recent group gift from (R e d)M i n t.   Don’t worry, it comes with a version without the Christmas lights, and the antlers are color-change.  Love this pink color!  As I mentioned, the precious outfit is from katat0nik – yep katastr0ph1c does katat0nik!  I confess I thought of Ms. Pidgeon when I was naming my new avatar.  “Catastrophic” was taken, so I had to use an alternate spelling.  The top and the skirt of this outfit are sold separately, so you could mix and match the colors if you wanted.  I fell in love with the pink, of course. How could I not fall in love with those cute little buttons and lace, and the little snowmen peaking out of the skirt’s pockets?  Love, love, love!

Ok, well, hope you liked, even if the stuff I’m wearing is not brand new and the pics are not high res.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – katat0nik – Snow Day Top and Skirt – pink

Skin – Curio – Moonbeam – (Dark) Angel – Happy Holidays (2011)

Hair – (R e d)M i n t – Hair No. 17 (F) – Pink – group gift 12/11

Faun Legs – *Epic* – Doodlebug Boots – Faun/Demon – Black/Black

Tail – *Epic* – Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail (Black)

Ears – ni.ju – OverKill – Plain – Esuga Bombshell

Eyes – [VoiD] – Mute II (Dilated) – White

Lashes – [VoiD] – Eyelashes – Feather

Ah, P.S. – designer friends – please add Katastr0ph1c Hurricane to your lists if you want anything blogged.  kthx!


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