Latex Loveliness from Ezura

I’ve been away so long!  December really kicked my butt in RL.  I received these beautiful Lolita Latex platform boots and dress from Ezura way back in the second week of December and tried them on immediately.  I logged back in after over two weeks of inactivity to find that the dress was still as gorgeous as I remembered.  Look at this latex loveliness.

I will be honest with you – I’m not a big fan of latex.  Mostly because I’m not a pants wearer and most latex outfits consist of skin-tight pants and tops.  But this is gorgeous latex!  Ezura does some of the best latex I’ve seen, and I don’t even have to wear pants!  And look what she did with the top – how cute is that ruffled sleeveless bodice with the little cameo embellishment?  I just love this dress!  The dress comes with two different skirts,  too.  I’m wearing the lolita skirt on the left and a sculpted, tulip skirt on the right.  The platform boots are a perfect match, of course, since Ezura planned it that way.  But they are very believably latexy.  (Shhh. You know what I mean.)  This perfect skin is Belleza’s group Christmas gift.  Such a beautiful skin!  Why do I keep forgetting how fecking awesome Belleza’s skins are?  Maybe coz they rarely come in the palest of pale tones that I prefer, but this one is certainly pale enough.  The cutie patootie hair is the current group gift from D!va – they have over 25,000 members!  Holy crap!  25,000!  D!va also has just redone her textures, and they are even prettier than before.  Love!

I’ve been back inworld for over a week now and I’ve just been trying to catch up on all the gifts and sales.  I figured I’d better blog this before I spent any more time hunting, etc.  I don’t want people to think that I’ve given up blogging all together!  I just can’t devote as much time to it as I once did due to RL changes that keep me busier than before.  :/  But, in any case, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and observances, and until next time….

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress – +ezura+ – Lolita Latex – Red*

Boots – +ezura+ – Lolita Latex Platform Boots – Red*

Skin – Belleza – Lily – Pale – BL – Christmas Gift

Hair – D!va – Marie – Type B – Onyx – group gift

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that support my acquisitive passion for SL fashion.


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