Katat0nik Still Amazes

So, I realized that it’s been *ages* since I blogged katat0nik, and that’s just a shame.  Katat0nik Pidgeon is one of the few remaining *real* artists designing clothing in SL.  The fact that she’s still here, still designing, just makes SL that much better for me.  I remember the first time I found katat0nik’s store.  I fell in love with her ultra cute, hand drawn, original designs.  I loved that she gave lots of gifts and bargains for those that can’t afford to buy a full-price outfit.  Thanks to Fifty Linden Fridays, her group gifts, and group lucky board(s), you can still find a bargain at katat0nik.  Today, I want to show you a few items I’ve picked up there.  Now, I’ll start with the one that is no longer on the lucky boards.  I actually have been meaning to blog this *forever* and I blame myself for not showing it to you while you could still get it for free.  Anywho…

With this “look,” I wanted to show several items in my inventory from katat0nik, so the hair, the tattoo, the leggings, and the boots are from there, as well as the dress.  The leggings were given out as a gift last Valentine’s Day, I think, and I liked the way they looked with this Skye Dress.  Now, I’m not positive, but you may still be able to get the dress, which comes in many other colors, at a cheap price (around L$200 maybe).  The cool Butterfly Bullet armband, necklace, and bracelet are from -=Forsaken=-.  I love these!  They come in lots of colors, too.  They’ve been around for a few months, but they’re still available, I’m sure.

And now for something much newer – one of two current group gifts for katat0nik group members (L$250 to join).

I love this dress!  It’s so Christmasy, yet not overly green and red like a caricature.  It’s just purty!  Other colors of this dress, called Sugar Cookie, are the current lucky board dress, too!  I haven’t been lucky enough to win any of them yet, nor have I really had the time to stalk the board, but I’ll just have to find the time coz I love this dress!  The cute shoes are an old Christmas item (last year maybe) from Ingenue.   The hair is a recent release from Wasabi Pills – another beautiful mesh hair called Sachiko.  This one comes with a detachable color-change barrette.  Precious!  The skin is the gorgeous Paige skin that Illusory did for the Vintage Fair – yummy red lips!  The little holly berry necklace is the current group gift from Dark Mouse.

Well, that’s enough of Des.  Little Katastr0ph1c Hurricane, the alt I made for Gogo’s Newbie Challenge II, has been dying to come back on the blog.  I’ve found another cute shape that I’ve fallen in love with, and now she’s a cute young girl, maybe 13 at the most.  If I took a pic of her with Des, you’d see how tiny she is.  Des is actually very short compared to most other female avatars on the grid, but Kat is *really* petite.

How feckin’ cute is she?!  I love her!  I went nuts at Pink Fuel’s Black Friday sale and bought an entire skin line for her.  The Elly skin, with the tons of add-on lipsticks and glosses, is just perfect for her.  I picked up the faun boots and the shape from *Epic* at the Perfect Wardrobe – Black and White – sale a few weeks ago.  I did modify the shape a bit though; thank you so much for making the shape mod, [annA]!  I got the ears for free (or was it L$1?) at ni.ju, which has lots of neat freebies in the basement, where the lucky boards are (they’re on the floor).  The hair is from ploom, and yes, I bought this hair *twice* – once for Des and once for little Kat.  It’s my *all-time* favorite hairstyle. 😀  Back to the cute dress – this one is the Pink Ruby Dress, which was a FLF special last week.  Good news if you missed it – I just got a notice that Ms. Pidgeon has put out some super bargains for Christmas (like L$50 dresses)!

Okay, one more from little Kat – the Candy Pink Triple Dip Dress.

This one, along with the shoes, was a Black Friday L$50 special.   Aww, the shoes are too big for Kat’s little feet!  hee hee.  The hair was a freebie at Analog Dog’s recent hunt, and the long unicorn necklace was a freebie at the Never Was Is event from Ear Candy.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pics and my ramblings.  You got two, two, two avatars in one today!  By the way, designers, if you’re reading this and you design quality items for child/youth avatars, please contact me inworld if you’re looking for blog coverage.  I’m really enjoying dressing up little Kat!  Well, until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – katat0nik – Skye Dress – Teal (former LB outfit)

Hair – katat0nik – Lolli Hair – Naturals

Shoes – katat0nik – Ruffle Witch Ankle Boots (former dollarbie)

Leggings – katat0nik – Heart Stripe Stockings – black/teal (former group gift)

Earrings – ((RIPE)) – Beautiful Macabre – Black

Tattoo – katat0nik – Eva Bunny Tattoo

Skin – LAQ – Tekla – Milky – 01

Eyeshadow – Kyoot – Makeup – Autumn Feline Pack – Cold Coast

Lipstick – Gothica – SS Lipstick – Black

Eyes – Rotten Toe – Glassy Eyes – Blue

Necklace, Bracelet, Armband – -=Forsaken=- Bullet with Butterfly Wings Set – Blue

No. 2:

Dress – katat0nik – Sugar Cookie – red/green (group gift)

Skin – Illusory – Paige – Milk – Vintage Doll

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ – Sachiko Mesh Hair – Iceberg (worn with hairclip)

Necklace – Dark Mouse – Holly Berries – VIP exclusive – December

Shoes – Ingenue – Nina – Candy Cane (old)

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Pale Grey

No. 3:

Dress – katat0nik – Ruby Dress – pink

Shape (edited) – [annA] – Body Shape Sharp

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Sugar – Pearl (dk brow/freckles)

Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Elly – Sugar – Juicy Gloss – Soft Pink

Eyes – [VoiD] – Mute II – Dilated – White

Faun Boots – *Epic* at Perfect Wardrobe – Doodlebug Boots – Faun/Demon – Black/Silver Hoof

Hair – ploom – Kewpie – Ash

Ears – ni.ju – Overkill – Plain (free or L$1)

Necklace – Chaos, Panic, and Disorder – Ankh Pendant – instore hunt item

Bandaid – Damned – K.Plasters – Pink Nose (Kawaii Hunt)

No. 4:

Dress – katat0nik – Triple Dip Dress – Candy Pink

Shoes – katat0nik – Kita Mary Janes – Candy Rainbow

Hair – analog dog – Baby – Splash – Baby Pink

Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Elly – Sugar – Pop Lipstick – Proton

Necklace – Ear Candy – My Unicorn Necklace – Silver (Neverwas Is freebie)


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