+++Blue Blood+++ – Latest Releases – Dahlia and Coppelia

Hey, Des is bloggin’!  I made the “mistake” of updating my Firestorm viewer last week, and of course, all hell broke loose.  It happens every time I update a viewer.  My main problem was textures not loading.  Makes it kind of hard to blog an outfit when half of it is grey.  Sigh.  So, the problem is (mostly) resolved; I’ve also decided to just work around it as much as possible.

So, last week’s release from Blue Blood was the incredible Dahlia gown.  It comes with three different skirt styles, plus lots of fancy, sculpted add-ons.

The composite above actually shows all three skirts.  The skirt on the far right is open in the front, but you can’t tell from the side.  The sculpted skirt top on the far right skirt can be worn with all the skirts if you wish, or can be worn with just the lingerie undies for an uber-sexy fetish look – think underbust corset, bare bosoms, stockings, garters, and the sculpted skirt piece.  Ooh la la!  I didn’t show you the open front skirt head-on coz my main problem last week was that the textures on the stockings just would not rez!  I tried everything, too.  Ghani even sent me brand new copies, but nothing helped.  So, I just decided to blog the outfit like this.  Ok, here’s a closeup of Dahlia.

This skin is one of the latest releases from Matrioska, Blue Blood’s skin store.  This one is called Domina and comes with and without teeth, and with both black and red lipstick.  With the super-gaunt cheeks, it’s a great goth look.   As usual, the outfit is so opulent that it’s not necessary to accessorize much.  I did choose a wonderfully flamboyant hair from RedMint, called simply enough No. 11, coz of the feathers and skully gothic hairpins.  I think it looks even better with the next Blue Blood release – Coppelia.

I must admit that Coppelia is a new favorite of mine.  It has everything I love in an outfit – great textures, of course, plus an open-front, bustled in the back, burlesque skirt.  It has crow feathers – I love crows!  And it has something unusual and not seen on every other burlesque skirt on the grid – that interesting rope-like layer.  Yeah, my descriptive skills are sucking at the moment.  But you can see what I mean.  A picture is worth a thousand words, yada, yada, yada.

I’m also wearing the Domina skin with the red lipstick, and I’ve addded some sexy, gothic western boots from -=Forsaken=-.  The boots come in two styles – this one colorfully named “Step on My Fuckin’ Boots, I DARE ya!”, and a slightly less kick-ass version called Skull Crusher Boots.  I say slightly less kick ass coz they’re a bit plainer – without the spikey studs and dangly chains.  Oh!  The necklace!  I love this one, too.  It’s from Lolapop! and it’s called Corvus – which is the latin name for crows!  The pendant has a silver crow skull on a black cameo background, and the chain is studded with red stones.  The Corvus set includes earrings, bracelets, the necklace, and the cute little hat worn above – awesome!

Ok, one more pic for you – a closeup of the sexy -=Forsaken=- boots, along with a gratuitious shot of Coppelia, just becoz I really like the pose.  😀

Yummy, no?!  Chains, skulls, and spikey studs.  What’s not to love? 😀  The boots come in several other colors besides this sexy red, including purple, black, and a darker, oxblood red.

So, I hope you enjoyed.  If so, your shopping list is below.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Dahlia – Teal*

Skin – [Matrioska] – Domina – Black Lips*

Hair – (R e d)Mint – No. 11 (F) – Black

Boots – -=Forsaken=- – Skull Crushers – Black*

Bracelet – Lolapop! – Corvus Cameo Bracelet*

No. 2:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Coppelia – Red*

Skin – [Matrioska] – Domina – Red Lips*

Boots – -=Forsaken=- – Step on My Fuckin’ Boots, I DARE ya! – Red*

Earrings, Hat, and Necklace – Lolapop! – Corvus Cameo set*

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who indulge my acquisitive passion for SL fashion.


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