The Return of Gothic +++Blue Blood+++

I cannot tell you how happy I am with Ghani’s decision to begin making true gothic clothing once again.  I love lolita dresses – a lot – but my real passion is dark gothic clothing.  I’ve always been attracted to the dark side – you know, vampires – ever since I read my first Anne Rice book.  So, yes, I am just thrilled with Ghani’s newest release and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.  What am I talking about?  Kirsten, of course.  Take a look!

Kirsten comes in five glorious colors – black, red, teal (more like emerald, but tomato…tomahto), dark pink, and purple.  This of course is the black.  All I can say, in all seriousness, is you must go check this dress out.  The semi-sheer fabric on the skirt is just an amazing piece of virtual artistry.  Ghani’s leather textures are equally as perfect – can’t you just feel how soft and supple the leather skirt bustle is?  I guess it could be satin, but it’s not shiny enough for satin. To me, it’s leather. 😀  And look at the cut of that bodysuit!    A Brazilian wax is a necessity, girls!  I’ve paired the awesome outfit with the Illusory Paige Vintage Doll skin, available at the Vintage Fair.  The awesome piercings are from the inimitable Haus of Darcy – the Draconic Girl Collection.  The set comes with the runny mascara makeup on the tattoo layer created by Nuuna.  The set also comes with a few pieces I could not show you with this dress, including a spiky collar and chained nipple piercings.  All piercings come in three metal choices – razor, slide, and silver lining.  The cross earrings are not included in the HoD set. These are an old pair from Rozoregalia that I had collecting dust in my inventory.  Lastly, the perfect boots are from LaPointe and Bastchild – the Orleans Ankle boots that have color change sides.  These boots are a must-have for any well-dressed goth.  Oh, the hair is not a new release.  I really tried to use a new release style with this look, but none worked.  I did a way-back and found this wild ploom style, also collecting dust in my inventory.  It’s so old that it doesn’t come with streaks, but the style was exactly what I was looking for.  Ok, enough blabber, more pics!

Mmmmmm the red is really my favorite.  If you hate my “two-or-three poses composited together” style of fashion blogging, please go to my Flickr page (see the left hand sidebar of this blog), and you will be rewarded with some lovely, on location pics of my new favorite outfit. 😀  Oooh, look at those boots!  See what I mean about the color-change sides?  I want these in RL *now*!  I also didn’t mention before how sexy the stockings’ garters are, too.  I love those asymmetrical straps.  One more word about the workmanship of the dress – Ghani made all the sculpts original for Kirsten – I love the long leather gloves with the sculpted flaired top, and over-the-hand bottoms.  And the burlesque, open-front skirt?  I swoon over those every time!  I seriously could not think of one thing to change about this dress.  All right, now I’ll really shut up and just show you the rest of the colors.  I stopped blogging all colors of an outfit awhile back because it’s too time-consuming.  Kirsten deserved it, though.

I didn’t change anything between colors – I’m wearing the same skin, makeup, hair, piercings, etc.  It just made it easier for me to focus on the dress. 🙂  Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dresses – +++Blue Blood+++ – Kirsten – all colors*

Skin – Illusory at the Vintage Fair – Paige – Milk – Vintage Doll (Cleavage)

Face Tattoo – Nuuna – Chained (included with HoD piercings)*

Piercings – Haus of Darcy – The Draconic Girl Collection – Chained – Slide*

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Orleans Lace Ankle Boots (color change sides)*

Hair – ploom – Ellia- Coal

Earrings – Rozoregalia – Gemma Earrings

Eyes by Fashism*

Lashes by Amacci*

Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers who support my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion.


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