Newbie Style Challenge II

So, I feel kinda bad coz ever since I read that Gogo was doing another Newbie Style Challenge, I’ve been practically AWOL as Desiree.  I love creating new avatars, but since LL did away with last names, I was not thrilled with being BlanketyBlank Resident.  Ewwww.  What a horrible development.  But Gogo tipped us all off that the Library of Birmingham’s entrance portal still has names available.  That was all I needed to decide that the challenge was on!

I rezzed inworld as Katastrophic Hurricane (lol) on November 5th and have been having so much fun ever since.  Nothing like a new challenge to rev up one’s SL, huh?  The challenge is to create a new avatar and spend no more than L$550 to pimp him or her out.  Because freebie challenges have gotten a bad rap – designers depend on people spending lindens, not just grabbing freebies all the time – Gogo encouraged people to spend a little.  I have spent some lindens on Kat – a total of L$159 so far, but honestly, for this post, I spent only about L$10, thanks to gridwide hunts, lucky chairs, midnight manias, group gifts, and the wonderful FabFree store.

This is my favorite of the new looks.  The skin is available at the FabFree store from Imagen – it’s an older skin, but I’ve always loved the Lia skins.  I added tattoo layer makeup from MOCK, also free at the FabFree store.  I picked up the shape, which I’m wearing throughout this post, from Salt and Pepper for the Mushroom Hunt.  The cute necklace is also a Mushroom Hunt gift – this one from EY:NO.   I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with this quirky little shape.  My daughter, who is an art student, swears that this face is completely unrealistic – the features are too large for the head, but I don’t care.  There’s just something so wistful and sad, and a bit alien about her.  As I pointed out to her, SL avatars don’t have to be realistic!

My next look is thanks to the lucky board at Blue Blood.  I stalked those boards for quite a few hours, I must admit, trying to get this pink version.  Yes, very funny coz I’m Blue Blood’s “official” blogger – I update the store blog, and I could have easily just asked Ghani for the dresses, but that wouldn’t have been fair.  One of the challenge’s rules is that you cannot get your designer friends to give you stuff.  The shoes are the latest subscriber welcome gift from G Field, by the way.  I don’t think I have these for Desiree!  The cute hair is the Snow White hair from Bubblez Designs, available at the Bloggers R Us shop.  The skin is a brand new group gift from [VoiD], and I’ve added tattoo eyemakeup and lipstick layers, also available from [VoiD].  I admit the makeup was a gift from False Imako of VoiD.  I thanked her for putting out a newbie kit for those under 30 days old, and I asked her where the tattoo layer makeups were located, and voila, she gave me these!  Since I didn’t “request” the items, I’m going to use them!  (*sticks out tongue*)

Speaking of [VoiD]’s newbie kit, here’s the lovely, slightly battered skin that’s available free for new avatars.  You get the skin, eyelashes, eyes, a shape, a top, jeans, and even a basic girly AO.  I’ve added a tattoo from Para Designs called “Bleeding Eyes.”  The outfit was free from Pinkmare’s House.  I think it was a MM prize, but I don’t recall coz there are five lucky’s there, plus a MM board.  After about a week, I have quite a few Pinkmare’s outfits.  The hair is from Exile, which has a bunch of freebies at the mainstore.

Last, but certainly not least, I hit up Sn@tch to see what Ivey had for the new players.  Although I couldn’t find the “new player kit” at the mainstore, I did find this cute outfit, including the earrings, at the FabFree store.  The skin is a freebie from Weird Designs; I’m not sure whether you have to join the group or not, but if so, it’s free to join.  The pumps are still the new subscriber gift from Maitreya – a bunch of colors, just for slapping a subscriber board.  Nice!  The hair is the new celebration gift from Dura – again, the group is free to join.

Well, that’s about it for Kat and the Newbie Style Challenge II.  I guess I need to log in as Desiree and take care of blogging all the wonderful things the designers have been sending me!  I have a feeling I’ll be visiting Kat again soon, though.  Who knows?  She may even find herself a permanent place on this blog!   Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – Exura Xue – FabFree – Lolita Dress

Skin – Imagen – Lia – Norte – Natural – FabFree

Tattoo – Para Designs – Bleeding Eyes Goth Black (free)

Arm Tattoos – Para Designs – Gypsy Color Dark (free)

Earrings – U&R Dogs – FabFree – Ma Mere L’Oye

Hair – Emotions – FabFree – Teresa Brown

Makeup – MOCK – FabFree – Licorice Whips Makeover

Boots -* BF* – Free*Style Store –  My Little Black Boots

Eyes – Amacci – Insight Winter Image Eyes (with Eye Sparkle) – Group Gift

Shape – [S]alt [and] [P]epper – Campanilla Shape – Mushroom Hunt Gift

Lashes – Bare Sensual – Dead Girl Lashes (came with L$1 Halloween skin)

Bracelet – Chop Zuey – Sedona Sunset Bracelet – Mushroom Hunt Gift

Necklace – EY:NO – Mushroom Necklace – Mushroom Hunt Gift

No. 2:

Dress – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassandra – Pink – Lucky Board

Skin – [VoiD] – Rainbow Hawke Group Gift – Hawke – Butter – Natural – New Generation

Elf Ears – part of VoiD Group Gift above

Eyeshadow & Lipstick – [VoiD] – Eyeshadow – Black; Lipstick – Baby (Gloss) – New Generation (gift!)

Hair – Bubblez Designs – Snow White Hair – at the Bloggers R Us store

Lashes – Free*Style – Foxy Lashes

Necklace – Lolapop! – Just a Little Goth Necklace – (L$1)

Shoes – G*Field – Bow Strap Shoes – Kate – Plum – Subscriber Welcome Gift

Eyes – Amacci – GreyBrown Eyes – free

Tattoo – Heartsick – There is No Fate – Freebie Box of Randomness at the Neverwas Is Event

Bracelet – Amourous – You – Marketplace L$1

No. 3:

Dress with Hat – Pinkmare’s House – Rotten Candy (Midnight Mania or Lucky Board)

Hair – Exile – Ali – Marble (free)

Hairbase Tattoo – Amacci – free fatpacks

Skin – [VoiD] – Have a Heart Newbie Kit – Candy – Heartbreaker – Natural – New Generation

Eyes – [VoiD] – Mute II Constricted Black – part of Newbie Kit

Eyelashes – [VoiD] – Eyelashes – Feather – part of Newbie Kit

Necklace – Dark Mouse – Vintage 50’s Pearls Necklace – FabFree Store

No. 4:

Sweater, Capris, and Earrings – Sn@tch – FabFree Gift

Hair – Dura – Celebration Gift – Black (new gift!)

Skin – Weird Designs – Twisted (Skin Preview) – free group gift

Eyes – Amacci – BrownGreen Eyes – Group Gift


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