Rotten Toe – For Your Halloween Costuming Needs

Yeah, post titles suck.  I notice the trend is to name one’s post after the song one is listening to at the moment.  I hate that, honestly.  I think post titles should have at least *something* to do with the post.  But anywho…. (beware…rant coming…scroll past if you just want to see the purty pictures) I hate SL.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I hate the new mesh viewers and what they’re doing to my SL.  Why the hell did the powers that be rush mesh into the mainstream before the viewers were ready?  Why am I so p.o.’d at the moment?  Well, because I’ve been wearing the same outfits for over a week now, trying to get SL to work so that I could blog them.  First, I had a problem rezzing mesh – using the Firestorm Mesh viewer.  WTF?  Then when I shifted to the SL 3.whatever viewer, my eyes were bugged out.  Try to take a nice fashion photo when your eyeballs are floating past your bottom lids.  And I read the wikis, jiras, whatever, and tried the fixes they recommended.  Nothing helped.  It just makes it really hard to be a responsible blogger when you can’t freaking take pictures to blog.  Sigh.  (ok, rant over…)

So, Rotten Toe released some cute dresses, eyes, and a skin for Halloween.  I love Rotten Toe – the textures are damn-near perfect, the styles are always exactly what I want and unusual enough to pique my interest.  Here’s the first dress I’ll show you, simply called Halloween Dress.

It is quite Halloweeny, but some of us dress like this all year round. 😀  I love the sculpted skulls above the bows at the waist, and I love the gartered tights.  Yes, they are purple.  I double checked my worn tab coz the other release from Rotten Toe is a purple dress, and I thought I’d forgotten to remove the tights, but no, this dress comes with purple tights.  I’m wearing an old release from Lapointe and Bastchild – the awesome Gothic Platform Boots.  That’s because the Dilly Dolls boots that I wanted to wear (a newer item) would not load (see previous rant).  But that’s ok – with apologies to Oriana Kuhr, who tried to help me with my rezzing problems – these L&B boots are kickass.  The bloody tattoo and cute wittle batwing tophat are from Forsaken – a new favorite store of mine for cool accessories.  The necklace is rather new from Lolapop, which is (still, I think) having an in-store hunt for Halloween themed jewelry.  The earrings are pretty old – they’re from Perturb/ation, which I’m not sure even still exists.  But they made the most amazing gothic jewelry at very reasonable prices.

Here’s a closeup to show you all the amazing jewelry, etc.  The bracelet and mouthie is fromLouLou&C0. – so much awesome in that store, I can’t help drooling.  The hair is from Vanity, which is such a hit or miss store for me.  Usually, the styles are so outlandish that they’re just not for me.  But then, every now and then, she releases something just perfect for me.  That’s because she’s always trying to design something unusual and different.  I admire that so much, don’t you?  This style is a recent release called Mimmi and I love how the front strands frame my cheekbones.  I had to add some cheekbone contouring makeup from Cheap Makeup, that I admit I saw blogged by someone else.  I love cheekbones, so I had to go grab this.  And while we’re on the subject of skin, this is a very recent group gift from [VoiD], called Candy – Bare.  Since it is a bare skin, I added tons of tattoo layer makeups to enhance it.  Let’s see – eye makeup from Kyoot (from the Feline series – old), the aforementioned cheek contouring makeup, and a lipstick from [VoiD] called Lil Vamp – you get fangs (which are partially hidden by my LouLou&Co. Pussycat Mouthchain).  Oh, you also get a much better look at these beautiful eyes, called Glassy Eyes (blue) from Rotten Toe.

Man, I’m long-winded!  Does anyone even read all this stuff I write? lol  Anyway, here’s the other Halloween outfit from Rotten Toe – the PuffPuff Dress.

Cute, no?!  It comes with options, too, as you’ll see in the next pic.  But first, some details – the boots are from Gos – they were the FLF item last week.  The necklace is from GField, part of her Halloween subscribo gift (also comes with a dress), and the colorful skin is the new release from Blue Blood’s skin line, Matrioska, called Fae Skin.  I’m so excited that Ghani has branched into skin making!

I’m also wearing last week’s new hair from ploom (see previous rant about why I’m so late), called Mina.  I also added some bracelets/cuffs from LouLou&Co – the Crepuscule set.  These aren’t new,  but there are plenty of discount offerings from LouLou&Co right now in a similar vein.  (See previous comment about LouLou&Co and how droolworthy everything there is.)  Ok, I saved the next shot for last so that my bewbs wouldn’t be plastered across the feeds.  Hopefully, this will fall after a “cut.”

This is a different skirt for the PuffPuff Dress – it has a black bustle instead of a purple one, and I’ve removed the undershirt and worn the pasties instead.  If you want to be daring – this is the option for you!  😀  Check out that texturing on the corset – how there’s a fade to checkered beneath the floral design – gorgeous work!

Well, that’s it for me, I’m off to do some lesson planning in RL.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to log into SL without too many problems later today.  There are so many hunts and sales to hit!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1 :

Dress – Rotten Toe – Halloween Dress

Eyes – Rotten Toe – Glassy Eyes – Blue

Bracelet – LouLou&C0 – Morte Mia – Black

Mouth dangly – LouLou&Co – Pussycat Mouthchain

Tattoo – Forsaken – Voodoo Love

Hat – Forsaken – Gone Batty Mini Tophat – Monochrome

Necklace – Lolapop! – Los Muertos Necklace – Orange

Hair – Vanity Hair – Mimmi HP – Noir (worn with included hairbase)

Skin – [VoiD] – Candy – Bare – Ivory – New Generation (group gift)

Eyemakeup – Kyoot – Feline – Soft Brown

Cheeks – Cheap Makeup – Cheekbone Contouring – Medium

Lips – [VoiD] – Lil Vamp – Fangs – Burden (Gloss) – very cheap fatpack at Spooky You

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Gothic Platforms – Jeweled

Earrings – Perturb/ation – Halloween Piercing

No. 2:

Dress – Rotten Toe – PuffPuff Dress – Purple

Skin – Matrioska – Fae Skin

Choker – GField – Spider Choker – Purple

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – Crepuscule V1

Hair – ploom – Mina (Streaked) – Blacks

Boots – GOS – Mesh Wellingtons in Aubergine (yeah, these rezzed just fine – go figure!)


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