Finally – Des Does Blue Blood

It feels like it’s been forever since I blogged Blue Blood.  I was away for awhile, but I’ve been able to log in more and more lately, and I’m slowly catching up.  So, tonight’s post is about Blue Blood’s last release (before the 4.44.444 Event), Frilly Death.  Don’t you love that name?  The dress is perfectly Blue Blood in style and quality.   As usual, it comes in 5 deep, jewel-tone colors, all of which I’ll show you.

You know, no matter how many times I throw on a new outfit from Blue Blood, the same thing always happens.  I catch my breath a bit as I gaze at the workmanship.  I know I’m getting redundant saying this, but it’s still true – Ghani’s hand-drawn textures are unparalleled in SL.  The subtle shading, the highlighting, the perfect seams.  It just blows my mind every time.  So, isn’t this a gorgeous red?  And I am such a sucker for black and white striped stockings.  I’m wearing some cute new shoes from DECO, which are available at the 4.44.444 event.  It comes in several colors, including the red/white I’m wearing above, and the black/white I’ll wear later in this post.

The hair is a newish style from ploom, which I haven’t yet blogged, called Scarlet.  What can I say?  I’m such a fan of ploom’s hair – some of the best textures in SL, plus cute styles that are beyond the norm.  The skin is an oldie but a goodie – about a year old now, it’s LAQ’s Halloween skin from last year, Mima in Mallory Cowen’s palest tone ever released.  Is it any wonder it’s one of my all-time favorite skins?  Oh, Mallory – ahem, I mean Ms. Cowen – please, please, please, do another Halloween skin release!  Make it an annual event for us goth/vamps.   Ahem… ok, more Frilly Death!

Ooooh!  Black is niiiice, no?  Nothing new to add here – except to say that this is the black/white version of DECO’s Donna heels.  They are very well-made.  I cammed in on them and smiled at the realistic lacing on the leather.  Very nice.  Ok, more colors of Frilly Death!

This is, of course, the purple version.  Nothing new to say here except that this skin is from [VoiD], which is having a L$50 sale on individual makeups of her older skins.  I love the Songbird skins, so I ran!  As Boo makes new skins, the old ones go to the Marketplace at the regular price.  So, if you like Songbird, I suggest you run and snap them up soon!

Frilly Death in Pink!   Nothing new to add here!

And last, but not least – Frilly Death in Teal (or green if you prefer).  So, if you haven’t been to Blue Blood lately, get on over there!  Ghani always has something gorgeous waiting for you!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with an * denote review copies.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that make my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion possible.

Dresses – +++Blue Blood+++ – Frilly Death*

Hair – ploom – Scarlet Streaked – Blacks with various highlights*

Shoes – DECO – Donna Heels – red/white and black/white at 4.44.444 event*

Skin – LAQ – Mima – Pale Glow Skin (Nos. 1 and 2)

Skin – [VoiD] – Songbird – Sparrow – Ivory – Zee (Nos. 3-5)

Lashes by Amacci*

Eyes by Fashism


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