Des Does Mesh!

Yeah!  I finally got mesh to work!  And what better store to show you mesh items from than Violent Seduction?  Come on – did you really think *I* would be blogging maxi or sack dresses?  Not that there’s anything wrong with those who do.  I’ve tried some mesh maxi dresses and they are quite awesome.  No more do your legs come through the dress prims.  Pretty damn amazing, really.  But, hey, that’s not my style, ya know?  I like the strange and unusual, so I was seething with frustration that I couldn’t get mesh to work when Iki of Violent Seduction was doing more and more mesh.  When I first tried it, I had so many problems, but last night I tried it again and it worked quite…normally.  WTF?  Why does that happen?  A new viewer comes out and it’s all glitchy and buggy, and after a week or two, without an update of any kind, it starts to work.  Well, anyway, I should just shut up and be happy it’s actually working for me, and I am. 😀

So, the first thing Iki did with her new amazing mesh skills was make… faun legs, of course.   No more weird ball joints at the knees; no more gaps when you move in certain ways.  Oh no, these faun legs are part of your avatar’s body.  Mesh is really the brave new world for SL.  I’ll shut up so you can look at some purty pics.

Look how smooth those faun legs are.  Yes, there’s still a little joining issue where the legs meet your torso, but that’s nothing compared to how they used to look – gaps at your knees when you walked, right?  And you can always wear more clothes to hide your hips, if you wanted.  The horns are part of the Satyr outfit – thanks, Iki, they’re so cute!  The skin is not from Violent Seduction.  They were this past week’s Project Themeory skin from ploom – yep, it’s a faun skin!  If you haven’t gotten it yet, and you have faun inclinations, RUN!  It has cute little bambi spots!   It also has a very pretty face, so you could totally wear it with “normal” clothes that cover your spots.  It would be your little secret that you’re actually a spotted faun. 😀  Lastly, the pretty golden eyes are a group gift (actually available to anyone I think) from AVid.  Just do downstairs to the group area (in the cave under the store) to grab these.  There are also several other pairs of new eyes there for about L$60 each.  The eyes are very beautiful; some of my all-time favorite goth/strange eyes are from AVid.

The hair has been blogged quite a bit already, but here’s my turn at it – it’s Wasabi Pills first mesh hair, Aria, and yes, it is quite awesome.  It moves with your avatar and doesn’t go through your torso like prim hair does.  Strangely enough, though, your arms will go through it.  (For those who understand how mesh works, it’s probably not “strange” at all, but I’m not savvy enough to know why this is so.)  I’ll be wearing the Aria hair with all the colors of Satyr so you can see a few more colors.

Ooooh, a black faun.  I love this one!  These eyes are also new from AVid – kinda creepy, huh?  This is a different skin that I picked up at the 25 Linden Fall Festival.  No, it wasn’t L$25; the festival is being hosted by the 25 Linden Tuesday merchants.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a group of Gorean and Fantasy merchants that have a L$25 item every Tuesday.  The Festival is very nice – lots of shops in a woodland setting.  It took awhile to rez, and I never found what I had actually gone there to find, but I did find a store called De La Soul that had some nice fantasy skins at very, very reasonable sale prices.  I grabbed this one, called Aestali, which came with the cute droopy ears.  The Festival ends on Tuesday, October 4, so check it out before it’s too late.

Ok, two more colors of Satyr to show you – the white and the cream.

This white one is called Pure, and the cream colored one below is Ivory.

If any of the pics look a bit blurry in spots, please forgive.  The Firestorm Mesh Beta viewer did take forever to fully rez.  I basically had to “rebake” and immediately take a snapshot – over and over again.  You have no idea how many shots I deleted!  Overall, though, I think they came out pretty nice.  I hope you agree.  🙂

Well, I was quite verbose tonight, wasn’t I?  So, I’ll shut up now and let you go on about your business.  Until next time….

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with * denote review items;  muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that make this blog possible!

Mesh Faun legs and ears  – Violent Seduction – Satyr*

Eyes –  AVid – Yellow Mist (free) and Demonia (L$60)

Skin – ploom – Maia – Cream – Fauntastic (Project Themeory) (Photo 1)*

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ – Aria Mesh Hair (in order worn above – Lemon Tea, Ash, Powder, Golden)*

Skin – De La Soul – Aestali – Marked Copper – Cream Rose – Dimples (LM is to the Festival; DLS is booth no. eight)

Ears – De La Soul – Aestali – Tipped Ears – Wooby (included with skin)

Lashes by Amacci


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