An Elven Angel from Pinkmare’s House

Hiya, fashion lovers.  I’m back at the old blog much sooner than I expected.  Don’t ask questions, just accept it.  😀  So, after I took off the sexy Black Haze outfit from AVid, I was in the mood for something completely different.  What better than a glowing white gown with asymmetrical wings and boots from Pinkmare’s House?  I felt like an elven angel, so I threw on some elfie ears, and voila.

Angel Whisper is a fairly recent addition to PinkMare’s inventory of affordable, well-made gothic fashions.  For only L$99 you can buy either the dress with wings and hat or the boots.  But you need both, so just go ahead and fork out the L$198 and be done with it.  😉  If you’re on a budget, you can wait to see if the dress comes up on the Midnight Mania board, lucky boards, or lucky chairs rotation, but it’s already been on the Midnight Mania once, so you might have to wait awhile.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, TressAnn puts a different outfit in the Midnight Mania every day, and there are a bunch of lucky chairs/boards at the store as well.  If the first Midnight Mania locks early, she’ll usually put another outfit in there.  She’s so generous!

Oh, the dress also comes with a large, white, glowy hat, but I preferred to expose my elven nature and go hatless.  The hair is by Wasabi Pills – the Mimi hair – in a lovely “powder” shade.  The big jewelry is part of an outfit from Bubblez Designs called Eternity.  I thought the large, glowing white stones were a perfect addition to the glowing outfit.

As you can see, I took these pics “on location.”  I apologize for sucking at writing down where I was when I took them.  Basically, I just looked for “elven” places in the Showcase and wandered around.  Okey dokey.  Hope you enjoyed.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Dress with wings and hat (not shown) – PinkMare’s House – Angel Whisper

Boots – PinkMare’s House – Angel Whisper Boots

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Mimi – Powder

Skin – [VoiD] – see yesterday’s post – just can’t take off this skin!

Jewelry – Bubblez Designs – Eternity Bracelets and Necklace (part of Eternity outfit)

Elven Ears by Illusions

Eyes by Fashism

Lashes by Amacci


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