Violent Seduction – New Lucky Board Dress – Checkmate

So, last week, Iki at Violent Seduction released some sexy, bestial fawn legs made of mesh.  I would just love to show them to you, but mesh does not work on my desktop.  Well, doesn’t work isn’t exactly true.  It works if I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes for each action to follow through to completion (click a button and w…a….i….t), or if I don’t mind crashing every ten minutes.  Not to mention I tremble in fear at the thought of even trying to snap a high res (or any res) picture.  I think smoke would start pouring out of my hard drive.  So, no mesh for me until LL fixes the bugs and makes Viewer 3 compatible with more systems.  It’s frustrating, really.  Oh, brave new virtual world, it’s such a shame I can’t see you.

So, anyway, Iki also released the cutest new outfit in her lucky board.  It’s super sexy and dark, and I love it to death!  Take a look…

This is Checkmate and it’s freakin’ free if you’re lucky and/or patient enough to score it on the lucky board.  You get the really cool stockings with assymetrical garters.  You get the corset with barely there nipple covers.  You get the collar and sculpted skirt.  You also get the chained nipple cover embellishment.  So yummy!  This is what I live for in SL – outfits like these.  Did I mention that it’s free to boot?

An obligatory closeup for you guys.  The skin is from my favorite goth/alt skin designer atm – Void.  This store has gone through many, many incarnations, much like its owner.  Not sure why “Boo” has had so much trouble, but I love her skins, especially the ones she’s created in the last few months.  I like to look pretty even when I’m heavily made up with eyeliner, dark lipstick, and even makeup embellishments.  The underlying skins (the faces at least, which are all I really look at for the most part) from Void make me feel like a pretty goth.  Color me happy, in an emo, dark way. lol  The skin I’m wearing is actually a freebie for members of the Thrifty Goth group given as a “welcome me back” gift.  Check group notices if you’ve been away.  The hair is a new release from ploom.  Helyanwe did two styles this past week – Valyra, this cute short style, and Valrya II, very similar with a shaved half.  I’ll be showing you that style soon!  The bangles have been blogged a lot by others.  They’re from RedMint and come with optional rings.  What I found really interesting is that they came with actual prim hands and a hand alpha mask.  First I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, I had a hell of a time matching the skin color, and not having any RedMint skins handy (Ha! a pun!) coz my inventory was being a bitch and not loading, I went with just the bangles.  Finally, the boots are the same ones I wore in my Lapointe & Bastchild post.  These are the ankle version of the Elise boots – remember, you get both in the same folder for one low price.  They are amazing!

Well, that’s it for now.  It takes me days to blog things lately.  My teaching schedule is so hectic that I rarely have time to shop, photograph, edit (Picnik), and post in one day.  It’s usually a three day turnaround.  Sigh.  Oh, well, at least I’m still here, bringing you the best in goth/alt fashion.  So, until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Review copies are denoted by * – merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, and many thanks to the wonderful designers that support my acquisitive obsession with SL fashion!

Dress – Violent Seduction – Checkmate – lucky board*

Skin – [VoiD] – Songbird – Eco – Snow – Zee (Busty) (free for Thrifty Goth Group members)

Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Elise Ankle Boots – Patent Black*

Hair – ploom – Valyra – Streaked – Blacks*

Bangles – (r e d)Mint – Jeweled Hands and Bangles – Silver*

Earrings – LouLou&Co – Utopia – Cube

Eyes by Fashism*

Lashes by Amacci*


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