( R e d )Mint Leather Dresses

I’ll just have to do two posts on (r e d) mint because just as I was preparing this post about the sexy leather mini dresses that they released recently, in came a notice about a newer release.  I’ll show you the sexy raised shirts next time.  These leather dresses have no “va jay jay” prim, but they still manage to cover the essentials.

The Leather Dress comes with the two options you see here – with and without the stockings.  Now, if your skin is not shaved in the pubic area, you’re gonna want to find one that is to wear with these dresses.  Can’t imagine how tacky bad that would look!  Also, some skins are a bit pink *there* and those wouldn’t look good with this dress either.  But happily, my brand new Atomic Lien skin, a special edition for the Chic Event, gave me no worries at all.  I really love Lien and I especially like that I look nothing like the ads for the skins when I wear them.  This is a skin that let’s you be “you.”  The Chic Event Lien skin is only available in this palest tone, but comes with and without the pink lipstick.  The Symphony piercings are more new items from Haus of Darcy (HoD).  These also come with a tattoo layer makeup, which I didn’t wear so that you could see the Lien skin better.  The boots are from DECO – these were the Fifty Linden Friday item (along with a bubblegum pink pair).  DECO usually leaves the FLF items up over the weekend, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still available.  Here’s another shot that shows the boots better.

They’re so chunky!  So easy to fit, too.  Oh, the bangles and finger tape are from .:BND:.  I picked those up ultra cheap (or maybe even free) when I was doing the Black Butler Hunt.  Ok.  Here are some of the other colors of  (r e d) mint’s Leather Dress.

black and teal versions

green and brown versions

The prim chest ruffles are definitely optional – the top is fully finished and looks great without the prim pieces.  Well, that’s it for now.  Here’s hoping my graphics card doesn’t act up again and I can log in today.  (Yeah, been having trouble with the damned thing.  Sigh.)

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items marked with * denote review copies.  Muchas gracais, merci beaucoup, and many thanks to the wonderful designers!

Dresses – (R e d) Mint – Leather Dress (two versions, 9 colors total)*

Skin – ATOMIC – Lien Skin – Ivory – Chic Exclusive 1 (for Chic Event)

Boots – DECO – Vincent Boots – Black (FLF)*

Piercings – HoD – Symphony Piercings – Parts 1 & 2 – Razor*

Hair – Exile – Asa – Roots:Raven

Bangles Right – .:BND:. – Black Girl Outfit

Bangles Left and finger tape – .:BND:. – Belt Bangle with Taped Gloves

Eyes by Fashism

Lashes by [glow] studio

Elf Ears by Scribble

Hairbase by Amacci*


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