Spotlight on Rotten Defiance

I’ve always loved going to Rotten Defiance.  The store’s build is wonderfully creepy with the foggy graveyard outside and the dead trees and crows inside.  Rogue Falconer’s (how great is her name?!) store has a new location, but you’ll find everything is pretty much the same other than the address.  I went over recently in response to a notice and found several outfits on special for only L$100, plus a free instore hunt going on.  The hunt was still in progress as of post time, and it’s super easy to find the little skulls and gather up 10 freebies – 5 for guys and 5 for girls.  I’ll show you two of the girls’ freebies, but first I have to show you the sexy, gorgeous sale items.

This one, the Discarded Dolly Dress, is my favorite I think – I can never have enough gothic lolita dresses, especially when they’re as well made as this one.  If you want this one for the sale price of L$100, you need to go to the Creative Souls Event location and not Rotten Defiance’s mainstore.  I love the tangled lacings on the gloves.  Those dangling prims give the dress an unusual visual interest, I think.  The dress also features a ginormous bow on the back, sculpted sleeves, and stocking garters.  I paired them with my favorite of Dilly Dolls’ latest shoes – the Cura pumps, which come in three tones (light, medium, and dark), and then change to about 8 different colors each.  This red was a perfect match – yay!  The skin I’m wearing here is Mynerva’s new Bianca skin that I blogged yesterday, enhanced with makeup from Fallen Arts – I love this fantasy dolly makeup a lot. 🙂

Next we have a lovely gothic gown, also on sale for L$100 – the Paint the Roses Red dress.

I love how the dress just barely exposes the nipple a bit there.  Hee hee.  That sculpted rose is gorgeously done, too, by the way.  As you can see, you can wear the full bodice or a corset and bra only, which exposes a bit more.  This dress also features the laced gloves with the dangling prim strings.  I just love that!  I’m wearing the new Exile hair – Voodoo – again coz it just seemed a perfect fit for this rather formal gown.  It’s available at the Chic Event.  The La Hada jewelry is a new release from Lolapop!  It’s hard to see the earrings, but if you click on the pic, it’ll be easier.  The necklace is really pretty – the metal parts have a beautiful shimmer to them, and the cameo piece is texture change to three different pictures – both on the necklace and on the earrings.  The pictures actually have a fairy theme to them in silhouette, and La Hada means “fairy” in Spanish.  It’s a very pretty set – good job, Lola!  The makeup I’m wearing here with the Mynerva skin is from a new-to-me store with the great name “Damned.”  It’s called Butterfly Effect and comes with the eyes in both bloody and the one shown (zoom in on them, they’re cool) and the makeup in several styles.  It was very reasonably priced, so I had to grab it.  Damned is another small store that I’ve got my eye on coz the designs there are unusual, creative, and reasonably priced – yay!

My last L$100 special outfit is called Laced and is a sexy, lacy, dress that shows some boobage beneath the sheer lace.  If you’re shy, wear pasties (not included).

I’m just a sucker for open front, burlesque style skirts.  I think they are the height of sexiness.  The outfit comes with the laced top hat.  To be honest, the execution of the sculpted parts is not perfect, but I have to give the designer an A+ for sexiness and creativity.  For me, the outfit is so hot, I can forgive the imperfections.  Plus, to be honest again here, I can’t make a damned thing in SL; that’s why I take pictures and blog, so who am I to judge? lol  Like the boots?  They’re a recent release from LoveCats.  I love the sculpted metal parts on the Satin Boots, especially the back of the boots, where there is a silver ruffle embellishment and chains that run the length of the boot, wrapping around the heels.  Sexy!  Oh, here’s another pic I took of Laced in a sexy, come hither, no don’t, I’m not interested pose. 😀

Ok, I said I’d show you one of the freebies available in Rotten Defiance’s instore hunt.  I’m not sure how long the hunt will last, so if you’re interested, skedaddle over there pronto.

This is the Tubular Mini and Plugged Faun – available as two separate items in the hunt.  The hunt skulls have funny names, too.  The dress’ skull is called “Jane thinks minis are FUCKING HOT,” and the Faun Parts’ skull is called “Look at me!  I’m a Faun!”  The sculpted faun tail wags, too.  So cute!  Like my awesome piercings?  Those are not free – they’re one of the latest releases from the awesome Haus of Darcy (a/k/a HoD).  They come with three different metal colors and the shadow makeup on the tattoo layer.  I love how all of HoD’s piercings have the little shadow prim to make them look more realistic.  This set is called Cast Off Piercings.   The tattoo makeup is actually done by Nuuna Skins – a collaboration between HoD’s Aydan Darcy and Nuuna Nitely.  Love that!

Ok, that’s it for today.  I’ll try to be back tomorrow with more new stuff for ya.  (Yeah, I’m *still* behind in my blogging, but I’m starting to realize that I’ll never catch up.  So, I’ll try to remember to stop mentioning that.)

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Outfit – Rotten Defiance – Discarded Dolly Dress – Red Stripe – get it at the Creative Souls Event

Skin – Mynerva – Bianca – Champagne – Cleavage MB (for Chic Event)

Makeup – Fallen Arts – Doll Face

Hair – ploom – Tweedle – Streaked Blacks

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Cura Pumps Darks

Lashes – [glow] studio – Clean Thick 04

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Pale Grey

No. 2:

Outfit – Rotten Defiance – Paint the Roses Red

Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Flora Boots – Black

Hair – Exile -Voodoo – Roots:Sin for Chic Event

Eyes and Makeup – Damned – Butterfly Effect

Jewelry – Lolapop! – La Hada Set

No. 3:

Outfit with Hat – Rotten Defiance – Laced

Boots – LoveCats – Satin Boots – Black

Hair – Exile – Paris – Marble

No. 4:

Outfit – Rotten Defiance – Tubular Mini (hunt gift)

Faun Parts – Rotten Defiance – Plugged Faun (hunt gift)

Piercings and Makeup – HoD – Cast Off

Hair – Shag – There She Goes – Bistre (for Chic Event)


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