Black Butler Hunt, Part 2

As promised, I’m back with more awesome freebies from the Black Butler Hunt.  First up, Natural, which I blogged yesterday.  When I rezzed the prize box, I found this cool bonus prize – a posing picture frame.

Actually, I thought this *was* the prize, but just to be sure, I opened it and sure enough there was more inside.  There’s actually a second picture frame just like this one with a different pose inside.  But that still wasn’t the actual prizes, which are the pretty black dress and matching hat I blogged yesterday.  The outfit I’m wearing is the prize from M*Motion.  The Bitter Rabbit I’m holding is part of the hunt prize from Atypical.  He’s the hunt object, btw.  I’m wearing those lovely shoes that are the hunt prize from Lassitude & Ennui, and the hair is not free, but an older style from Kin.  The hat is not part of the outfit; it’s the hunt prize from Ronsem.  Here’s another look at the outfit.

The sculpted rose eyepatch is the hunt prize from Fairy Tale.  So pretty!  I’ve added a makeup tattoo layer from Nomine to my free Glam Affair skin (for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt).  It’s a sexy variation of the butler costume, don’tcha think?  I like the cut of the skirt and the little tiny notch in the skirt panel.  Just a little different, but it makes a big difference!  Ok, how about something more colorful?

This purple dress is the Black Butler Hunt prize from Ducknipple.  It comes with prim buttons on the bodice and a prim belt.  The ankle boots were the reason I actually started the hunt – they’re the hunt prize from R2.  I got a notice from R2 and discovered that the hunt had begun, so I started there.  R2 makes such beautiful shoes/boots.  The fawn ears and piercings are from Bubblez, and are not free but part of the Fawn Outfit, which I blogged yesterday as being part of the hunt.  I edited my post when I discovered my error.  I’m going to post that outfit separately though coz it is made of awesome sauce.  The bangles are also not part of the outfit, but are either free or cheap at .:BND.: – I seriously bought out that entire store during the hunt – everything was so cheap and cool.  These particular ones are called Black Ethnik Bangles, but have a purplish sheen to them.  Perfect for this outfit!  Oh, this makeup is another from Nomine, paired again with the Glam Affair Zombie Popcorn skin.  My hair is a new release from Shag.  This is “There She Goes” in Starlight.  It’s a release for the CHIC birthday event and is only available there.  Shag makes some of the sexiest hair on the grid, I think.  And this is yet another sexy “kittenish” style.  I also love the names the designer, Sebastien Aries, comes up with for the hair styles – yes, even the names are sexy.  Hee hee.

Well, that’s it for now.  I have tons of not free stuff piling up in my “To Blog” folder, but I wanted to give a shout out for this awesome hunt.  Oh, one last thing.  I don’t really blog furniture, but I found a fantastic furniture store during this hunt – Noctis.  The gift is a really nice living room set, complete with loveseat, side table, lamps, and a rug.  The store build is gorgeous, too – a very authentic looking old Victorian house, beautifully furnished.  You have to see it – here’s a LM to their mainstore.  If I were a “location blogger,” I’d totally go there to take pics!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


for Black Butler Hunt items, go here for LMs!

No. 1:

Outfit – M*Motion – C11-13 – Black Butler Hunt

Hat – Ronsem – Undertaker Hat – Black Butler Hunt

Eyepatch – Fairy Tale – Rose Eye Patch – Black Butler Hunt

Shoes – Lassitude & Ennui – Nostalgia Pumps for Black Butler Hunt

Skin – Glam Affair – Layla – Light Skin – My Sweet Vampire (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

Hair – Kin – Nyoko – Black (not free)

Makeup Tattoo – Nomine – Papillon Makeup – Babylon Red 2

Fawn Ears – Bubblez Designs – part of The Fawn Outfit (not free)

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Pale Grey

Bitter Rabbit – Atypical – Bitter Rabbit Huggy – for Black Butler Hunt

No. 2:

Dress – Ducknipple – Empire – Purple – for Black Butler Hunt

Makeup Tattoo – Nomine – Papillon Makeup – Babylon Purple 2

Hair – Shag – There She Goes – Starlight – CHIC event

Shoes – R2 – The Black Butler

Bracelets – .:BND:. – Black Ethnik Bangles

Piercings – Bubblez Designs – part of The Fawn Outfit (not free)


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