The Black Butler Hunt, Part One – Awesome Prizes!

*This post has been edited to fix a huge mistake I made.  The Faun Outfit is *not* part of the Black Butler Hunt gifts from Bubblez!  I am nothing if not honest!*

I’m not a huge hunt aficionado mostly because my inventory is ridiculously overgrown – I’m rocking over 140k right now after weeding out several thousand items. But when the Black Butler Hunt posters went up in various locations a few months ago, my ears perked up.  Black Butler, or Kiroshitsuji in Japanese, is an amazing anime series that takes place in Victorian England.  I confess that I’ve never watched even one *complete* episode, but I’ve been in the room while my daughter has watched them (at one time, quite obsessively). lol  In any case, I knew this was a hunt I’d have to check out.  I was not disappointed at all.  I found some new-to-me stores, some so amazing that I promptly dropped existing groups to join theirs.  In several cases, I couldn’t leave the stores until I had shopped and bought some things.  So, today I’m going to show you some of the awesome prizes available in the Black Butler Hunt.  It would be a ridiculously long post, so I’ll break it into two parts.

The object you’re hunting is called “Bitter Rabbit” and is basically a stuffed bunny wearing an eyepatch and  vest.  Here’s a shot I took of the sign at what I believe is the hunt headquarters.  You can get more information from the official hunt blog here.

It shows the stores involved in the Hunt – as you can see it’s a short hunt – about 35 stores total.  If you join the hunt group, it will go much faster, trust me.  So, first I want to show you a really cool gift for the guys from one of my new favorite stores – Bubblez.  (I loved it so much, I joined the group.  You should, too, because there are tons of group gifts available right now.)  Bubblez’ hunt gift is a Sebastian outfit – Sebastian is the titular Black Butler.  Paired with the hunt gift from .:BND:., you have an entire Sebastian avatar!

This is still me, Desiree, but I’m wearing the gifties from the hunt – the shape, eyes, and skin are the hunt gift from .:BND:. – another fantastic store that you must check out.  The prices are crazy low and the stuff is just awesome!  The hair is *not* free – it’s from Sadistic Hacker, which is really the “go to” place if you want anime/manga inspired hair.  This is the Claude hair (Claude is another character from Black Butler).  The entire outfit, except for the cheesy shoes which I found in my library, is the other hunt prize from Bubblez.  I apologize because I know I didn’t edit the prim/sculpted pieces to fit as well as I should have.  It was late, and I’m not a guy, idk.  Oh, do you see the cute teapot and teacup in the middle picture?  That is the hunt gift from Love Soul, and it comes with three different types so you can get the pouring animation lined up just right for your avatar.  The animation is so realistic with the animated tea texture and the steam.  Love it!

What’s next?  So many great outfits to choose from!  Ok, how about a nice gothic lolita dress with lots of lace and frills?

This is the hunt prize from Ambrosia – the Blackberry dress.  I did notice that there’s a weird shadow texture above the bodice, but I appreciate how the designer put different textures on different layers  – for example the transparent dotted lace over the sculpted sleeves and the skirt.  Also, when you move you’ll see how pretty the dress really is because there are different textures under the main skirt texture.  Oh, those black eyes are part of the hunt gift from Rozena.  You also get a pair of pretty brown eyes.  I picked up the bracelets from BND for super cheap.  (Seriously, I think I bought everything in the store and spent maybe L$200.)  Ok. Too much chatter… more pictures!

This little black dress is the hunt gift from Natural.  It comes with the hat and gloves.  The shoes are the hunt gift from Lassitude & Ennui.  I hadn’t been to L & E in ages and quickly realized the error of my ways and bought three pairs of boots/shoes.  L & E is one of those venerable old stores in SL that have been around practically since the beginning of SL.  They’re still amazing. Here’s another pretty black dress available in the hunt.

This dress from RibboN comes with the ginormous hat. 🙂  I’m also wearing more bracelets I bought from .:BND:. (they actually came as part of outfits).  I just love my fawn legs and ears from Bubblez (not free!!).  I didn’t want to take them off.  Ok, how about something more colorful?

This frilly skirt and sculpted corset outfit is the hunt gift from **izm**.  It also comes with the matching hat, of course.  You can choose not to wear the sculpted corset as the design comes on the system jacket piece as well.  I chose to wear the sculpted corset, but I had to drastically edit my shape (like no bewbs at all)  – just sayin’.  I also tried wearing the corset alpha layers from Dilly Dolls’ Overbust Corset and Schadenfreude’s corsets, but modifying my shape worked better.  I love that skirt, though – it’s so frilly, lacy and pink!  The corset is worth fiddling with because it has all those embellishments on the bottom of it.

Ok, well, that’s enough for one post.  I’ll pick this up next time and show you some more great gifts from the Black Butler Hunt.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No 1.:

Outfit – Bubblez Designs – Black Butler

Eyes, Shape, Skin – .:BND:. – My Butler – Black Butler Hunt prize

Hair – Sadistic Hacker – Claude – Black

Tea Pot and Cup with Animation – Love Soul

Shoes – SL Library


Dress with Hat – Ambrosia – Blackberry Dress – Black Butler Hunt

Fawn parts –  Bubblez Designs – The Fawn Outfit

Hair – Sadistic Hacker – Kirio Special – Black

Skin – Glam Affair – Layla Light Skin – My Sweet Vampire D HB (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

Eyes – Rozena – Glossy Eyes V2 Black (Black Butler Hunt)

Bangles – .:BND:. – Taped Gloves with Belt Bangles (cheap!)

Nails – Pulcino – Wing of Swan (b/w or w/b) – Black Butler Hunt

Lashes – [glow] studio – Clean Thick 04 – for TDR

No. 3:

Dress with Hat – Natural – Black Butler Hunt prize

Shoes – Lassitude & Ennui – Nostalgia Pumps – Black Butler Hunt

No. 4:

Dress with Hat – RibboN –  Black Dress (Black Butler Hunt prize)

Ears and Fawn Legs – see No. 2

No. 5:

Dress – **izm** – Pink Dress – Black Butler Hunt

Shoes – See No. 3


3 thoughts on “The Black Butler Hunt, Part One – Awesome Prizes!

  1. Are there two hunt objects at Bubblez? I was not able to find the female/faun prize, but did find the male prize. Am I misreading about where the faun set is from? Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂

    • OMG! I am so so so sorry. I think I must have bought that outfit and mixed it up with the hunt. I looked and looked and didn’t find two hunt gifts at Bubblez. I’m going to modify my post immediately!

  2. No worries! I’m glad to know I wasn’t just imagining things, though I wish it had been a hunt prize 😛

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