AVid Group Deals on New Releases

AVid has not one, but two deals right now if you’re a member of the inworld group, which is free to join.  You simply have to go down to the basement area and you’ll find two new releases on sale for half price, which means less than L$400 each.  This is an awesome deal for outfits from AVid, which caters to the high end of the gothic attire spectrum in SL.  Take a look at these hot outfits.

The first outfit is called Darkness Rose, which is actually an older design that Darwin has updated quite a bit.  It comes with four different skirt lengths and glitch pants/shadow to match.  It comes with choker detail on the shirt layer, plus a prim choker.  It also comes with the shoes shown and the cape.  There’s a prim garter, lace-edged stockings, and a pretty red rose accented bow for the chest.  What a deal for under L$400!  Here are some other options for wearing the outfit.

As you can see, you get a long skirt, an Alice (lolita) skirt, a tutu, and a micro mini skirt.  The outfit looks just great without the skirts, too – such a sexy bit of gothic lingerie, no?  What I really love is that from a distance, the lace on the corset seems to sparkle a bit – a trick of the light with the textures which is really cool (but which I cannot duplicate with the camera).  Do you like my skin?  It’s from Edge of Sanity.  If you were online Sunday, you could have scored these brand new skins for only L$29 each (per tone/makeup) in honor of Beautiful Engineer’s RL birthday.  Thank you, Boo!  But, fear not, they’re still on sale for only L$50.  Get them before Boo comes to her senses!  Here, take a closer look at the skins.

Aren’t they perfectly gothy?  This is one of the lightest tones, but they also come in darker tones and a really nice greyscale tone, too.  I snatched up every makeup because they were all so nice.  I’ll tell you the names of the various makeups I’m wearing in this post in the details below.  Oh, do you notice that the choker/cape clasp has an AVid logo on it?  Normally, I’d hate that, but in the case of AVid, it’s like proudly wearing a designer label. 😀

As I mentioned, there’s a group only sale on another new release at AVid.  This one is called Vee and it’s a sexy bit of fetish wear, also perfect for a gothic slave girl.

Vee comes with the boots, but not the necklace.   It consists of two “skirt” prims with sexy sculpted metal clasps that really increase the appeal of the outfit.  Those long, long black nails are also included.  Beware – they’re set for hand size 25!  (So, pardon my man hands coz I didn’t feel like taking the time to mod each of those little prims.)  The bodystocking is on a tattoo layer; the outfit looks even sexier and more slavelike without it.  Check it.

Here you can also get a better look at Boo’s skins.  Really nice, aren’t they?  Oh, did you see what I did there?  I changed the boots.  Sorry, Ms. Mizser – I had to show off my new Lapointe and Bastchild boots that I picked up at the Shoe Fair recently.  They are so freakin’ hot!  These is the ankle boot version, but they also come with a longer version in the same folder.  Lookee.

The longer boots have shearling fleece inside to keep you toasty on those cool nights. 😉  Gorgeous boots.  Just gorgeous!

Well, I think that’s it for now.  Sheesh, I’m still not caught up, but this post is more about keeping up.  I wanted to let you all know about AVid’s and Edge of Sanity’s deals before they end (no idea when that’ll happen, so if you want, go get!)  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Outfit with Shoes  – AVid (lower Cave) – Darkness Rose

Skins – with Tutu skirt – Edge of Sanity (EoS) – Thumb – Marta 1 Busty

with Alice skirt – EoS – Remorse – Marta 1 Busty

with Long Skirt –  EoS – Dance – Marta 1 Busty

with Micro Skirt – EoS – Sire – Marta 1 Busty

Hair – ploom – Cember – Ash

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Pale Grey

Lashes – [glow] studio – Clean Thick 04 – TDR

Ears – Scribble – Pointy Ears Long (Recolor Light)

No. 2:

Outfit and Boots – AVid (lower Cave) – Vee

Skin – Edge of Sanity – Hole – Marta 1 (Busty)

Alternate Boots – Lapointe & Bastchild – Dita Desire – Brushed Black w & w/o Shearling

Necklace – Ho Wear – The Haunted Necklace (part of outfit)


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