I’m Back!

I think I’m pretty much finished with RL work and ready to start my summer vacation.  I think.  I’ve been logging in periodically and seeing so much awesomeness which I didn’t have time to blog.  I’m hoping that I can start to catch up a bit now.  So, this outfit I’m showing you today is what I’ve been wearing for over a week now.  I love it so much that I didn’t want to change until I had blogged it.  Since I didn’t have time to blog, I wore it for far longer than I usually wear one outfit.  So, anyway, here it is.

During one of my short jaunts in SL, I went to the Shoe Fair and found, much to my delight, that Drakke was participating.  I’ve blogged a pair of boots that I won in the lucky chair or Midnight Mania board there a gazillion times.  Drakke makes awesome, gothy boots – ankle boots, knee boots, etc.  Check these out – they have little bird skulls and other skulls on them, plus other do-dads to jazz them up like beads and feathers and leather cords.  Nice!  Those elfie ears I picked up at Scribble’s big sale.  They were dirt cheap and are completely modifiable.  The top is my fave new clothing piece.  It’s the Jerry Lee top from LouLou&Co and it’s not so new now, but it’s still so cute and sexy.  I totally want one of these in RL.  You’ll see why when I show you a back view.  The pants are part of an outfit I won in PinkMare’s Midnight Mania board.  If you’re gothy, you should be slapping that bad boy daily coz TressAnn loads it up with something new every damned day!  I’m not sure, but I think that the most common name in my inventory is now PinkMare’s.  The skin also makes me so so very happy.  It’s new (like only a few days old!) from Iki at Violent Seduction.  Yep, Iki made more skins!  And these are gorgeously gothy!  You will be seeing me wearing these for quite a while.  (Ploom also released new skins yesterday; I *love* those, too!  Choice, choices!  I’ll just have to alternate between the two, I guess. :D)

Don’t you love the back of the Jerry Lee top?  Suspenders that act as straps!  Fantastic!  Jerry Lee comes in lots of other colors, too, but this one was available for a very special price at the Deranged Dealers event.  I say “was” coz I’m not sure if it’s still there.  But no matter, these are worth the purchase even at full price.  The hair ornament is also rather new from LouLou&Co.  It’s beautifully sculpted and would work really well with fairy avatars, too.  The arm tattoo is from Para Designs and was a weekend sale item awhile back.  The bracelet is a hunt gift from Forsaken for the Darkness Within Hunt.  Finally, the necklace is a hunt gift from Collisions for the Supernatural Hunt.

Are you wondering about my feathered friend?  Well, I’ve mentioned before that I just love crows.  I knew there must be someplace on the grid where I could get a realistic crow shoulder pet.  So, I searched the Marketplace and happily found this little baby at Wynx’s Wearable Pets.  He’s actually a Raven, but that’s close enough for me.  He perches on your shoulder or arm (the latter position comes with a built in holding animation); when you click him, he squawks and flaps his wings; and he responds to a fly command in local chat.  He’ll fly a few laps around you.  Love it!

Ok, I think I covered everything.  I hope to “see” you all again very soon, but until then…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Top – LouLou&Co – Top – Jerry Lee

Pants – PinkMare’s House – Rebellion Shorts

Skin – Violent Seduction – Still Doll – Red Eyes

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Pale Grey

Boots – Drakke! – Mojo Ankle Boots – Black

Headband – LouLou&Co – Headband – Lotus V1

Hair – Dura – Boy 05 – Black

Bracelet – Forsaken – Bullet with Butterfly Wings Cuff Red (Darkness Within Hunt Gifty)

Necklace – CoLLisions – Paranormal Necklace – Supernatural Hunt gift

Lip Piercing – LouLou&Co – Piercing – Lucky Moon V2

Tattoo – Para Designs – Deadly Spades

Ears – Scribble – Pointy Ears Long Recolor (Light)

Flying Pet Raven – Wynx’s Wearable Pets

Hairbase and Lashes by Amacci


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