Carnival Sinistre Ends Soon!

I’ve been meaning to blog these fantastic outfits I picked up at the Guild of Gloom’s Carnival Sinistre, benefitting the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  If you love goth and alternative stuff, you just can’t miss this event.  It ends on May 14, so time is running out.  Here are just a few of the things I picked up at the Carnival.

This is from Bubble, and while it’s not the charity item, I had to have it.  It’s similar to the item Bubble created for one of the Japanese fundraisers, but this one is zombified with *brains* on the caged skirt.  😀  The hair is new from ploom – love it!  Helyanwe released three new styles a few days ago.  This is my favorite – Tweedle.  It’s a classic ploom style with the punkish side ponies.  I’m wearing Belleza’s recent group gift skin, Aiko.  Yes, that is Aiko. lol  I’ve “enhanced” it with makeup on the tattoo layer from Fallen Arts, available at the Carnival, called Doll Face.  Love it!

Likka*House has this dress – Patsy – which comes in two color combinations – Circus and Parade.  As you can see, you can wear it with the little skirt and stockings or with the long pants.  Each dress also comes with a matching hat and choker.  This dress is Likka*House’s donation item for the event.  And yes, I’m still wearing ploom’s Tweedle.

This one is from PunkD Out, called Carnivalee.  It comes with the boots and the hat (and the armwarmers, sleeve ruffles, choker, and skirt).  Cute, no?  The hair is another new style from ploom called Katey.  I love the little hairs that stick out on the sides.  You almost don’t need to wear elfie ears!  This style comes with chest attachment pieces so that your hair doesn’t sink into your chest.  Thanks, Hely!   I’m also wearing a different skin here.  This is a new skin from Iren, available for an excellent price at the Fashion Garrett, called Barbara.  I’ve enhanced it with another tattoo layer makeup from Fallen Arts called Tears 2.

This is Indigo Oddities’ charity item, Evil Evie.  It comes with the matching hat.  Here I’m wearing ploom’s Katey style, but this time without the chest attachment piece.  You can see what a difference the chest attachment makes.  The necklace is from League.  I saw it during the Fifty Linden Friday sale recently and had to have it.   It’s a raven head!  You know my penchant for crows and ravens. 🙂

I’m almost finished with this long post that has taken me almost a week to photograph (coz my “fun” time is limited right now).  I have two more to show you, both from Hooligan.

This is the charity item, called Ringmaster.  It comes with those awesome spiky, red latex boots, the hat, the necklace, and the belt with neat attachments.  The hair is the third new style from ploom – Bonni.  It’s so punky!  Short side ponies, long dangling forelocks, and color change streaks.  Another winner from ploom!  The makeup enhancer I’m wearing here is a charity item at the Carnival from Squeek.  For a very reasonable price, you get this fun swirly eye makeup in several different colors.

This last outfit is also from Hooligan and is called Final Bow.  I don’t think it’s a charity item, but I liked it, so I bought it. 🙂  It comes with the necklace (the same one as the Ringmaster outfit), the really cool cuffs with strapped rings, and the boots!  The Black Mamacita earrings from Ripe completed the “look” nicely.  I wish I could remember where I picked up the earrings, but they also came as a set with a necklace.   This hair – Army of Me – is from Shag and is available as a limited edition available at the Culture Shock event.  It’s pretty much a unisex style and comes with a men’s version as well.  I wish I had shown you the back coz it’s shaved, so you have to wear a hairbase with it (unless you want to look really bizarre – not that there’s anything wrong with that).  And the skin is new from ATOMIC!  Hooray!  Ivy Graves has finally made new skins!  Look at that eye makeup – love it!  I’m not wearing any “enhancements” with this skin, other than an Amacci hairbase.  This skin is *gorgeous*!  There’s also a new Atomic group gift – another Lien skin in a different makeup.  The group is closed to new members during the duration, though.  Boy, am I glad I waited and didn’t leave the group!

Ok, my lovelies.  Don’t forget that the Carnival Sinistre will be ending soon.  Go check it out because there are plenty of other awesome things to grab there that I haven’t shown you.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Items with * are available at Carnival Sinistre

No. 1:

Outfit – Bubble – Zombie Raider*

Skin – Belleza – Aiko – pale group gift HB

Makeup – Fallen Arts – Doll Face*

Hair – ploom – Tweedle – Streaked – Reds

Ears – ni.ju – Overkill Chained Ears

Boots – (Red)Mint – Shoe Repair – Punk Boot Black

Lashes by Amacci

No. 2:

Outfit – Likka*House – Patsy Dress – Circus and Parade*

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies Dark

Bracelets – Violet Voltaire

No. 3:

Outfit including boots – PunkD Out – Carnivalee*

Skin – Iren – Barbara for TFG (The Fashion Garret)

Makeup – Fallen Arts – Tears 2*

Hair – ploom – Katey Streaked – Reds

No. 4:

Outfit – Indigo Oddities – Evil Evie*

Necklace – League – Raven Necklace 2

No. 5:

Outfit – Hooligan – Ringmaster*

Earrings – ((Ripe)) – Black Mamacita

Skin – Belleza – Aiko – pale group gift HB

Makeup – Squeek – Makeup for Carnival Sinister – Black*

Hair – ploom – Bonni Streaked – Blacks

No. 6:

Outfit including boots – Hooligan – Final Bow*

Skin – ATOMIC – Lien – Buff – Culture Shock A

Hair – Shag – Army of Me (women) – Bistre (Culture Shock)


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