No. 396 – Dilly Dolls’ Howie and Lola

Dilly Dolls has released two cute as can be dolly dresses.  They’re both awesome, but Lola is super-awesome coz the textures are so unusual.  Here, take a look at what I’m talking about.

Look how … corduroy-ish it is.  I know that’s not a word, but the dress totally looks like corduroy to me.  I’ll bet it feels wonderful to touch.  And this is my favorite color, although I love every one of them.  This blue is just so yummy.  I love all the lacing and the little bell sleeves.  I just love this dress so much!  Look at the other gorgeous colors.

Here are the red, black, brown, and green versions of Lola.  I love the red and the green, too!  Ok, three more colors, for a total of 8 – sold in a fatpack of all colors.  (Dilly Dolls doesn’t sell individual outfits/colors any more.)

And aren’t these just perfect for Easter?  Look at those Easter egg colors – pink, purple, and teal.  All of these had me swooning, too, if you must know!  The hair is a cutie patootie, too.  It’s Magika’s latest release, which you can actually tint right down the middle so that you have two tone hair (like black on one side and white on the other).  I went with the same color on both sides though coz these dresses needed sweet hair.  The little barettes are color change, too.  I’m wearing Mynerva skin, of course.  It’s the sweetest skin I’ve ever found.

Oriana also released some track pants, track shorts, and some very cute spring tops that would look cute on any lady avatar.  In other words, they’re not aimed solely at the dolly/goth/lolita community.  Hell, for that matter, neither is Lola.  I don’t have time to show you those items, but I will show you the other dress Oriana released, Howie.  Howie is a more traditional lolita/dolly dress with darker colors and black accents.

This is Howie in pink.  As you can see, it’s a bit more traditionally goth/lolita with the black corset and the black lace edging on the skirt.  Howie also comes in 8 colors, sold in a fatpack only.  Here are three more of the colors.

Yep, black, red, and blue – very nicely done.  The pattern is well-drawn, as usual.  And I’ve said before how much I love the shininess of Dilly Dolls’ fabrics.  Last four colors of Howie coming up…

I love the brown Howie a lot.  Seriously, Oriana makes one of the best browns in the goth/dolly community.  That teal is also scrumptious.  Oh, hell, I just love them all!

Ok.  I’m really tired, and I have more pics to take and blog about.  I’m now on a mini-vacation for Easter, so I’m feeling the need to do what I always do when I begin a vacation period – sleeeeeeep!  I’m resisting, but reading what I’ve written above… wow, my brain’s not working very well, is it?  lol  Anyway, get your butts over to Dilly Dolls and snag these gorgeous little dresses (especially Lola!).  And I’ll see you guys later when I wake up from my nap. 😀

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Nos. 1-3:

Dress – Dilly Dolls – Lola

Hair – Magika – Porcelain – Black & White pack

Nails – Virtual/Insanity – Essential Nails – Pastel

Skin – Mynerva – Kia 3 – Cleavage

Makeup – Mynerva – Cosmetics – Dusk Heavy

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies -Light

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Light Steel Blue

Lashes by Amacci

Nos. 4-6:

Dress – Dilly Dolls – Howie

Hair – Tiny Bird – Green Gloves – Light Black

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies – Dark

Choker – Malfean Visions – Sinner’s Lace Choker – Spinel

Nails – Onyx Wear – Anti-Flick Black Nails (group gift)

Makeup – Mock – Pinky Purpley Glittery Goodness Makeover (eye/lip)


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