Woeful Wednesday at A Netherworld

Woeful Wednesday is the weekly sales event for those who enjoy the darker side of SL Fashion.  There are rarely more than 5 or 6 stores in the sale, so it doesn’t take long to hit the stops.  I never blog Woeful Wednesday, even though I often grab up the sale items, because I’m primarily a studio blogger.  But I thought I’d take a stab at doing “on location” shots so that I could quickly blog A Netherworld’s offerings for Woeful Wednesday.  Plus, I really don’t feel like working in RL tonight, so meh. lol  Woeful Wednesday is a L$50 sale.  A Netherworld has out a set of off shoulder tees in five patterns and a set of skirts in five patterns, each for only L$50.  Ms. Jupiter has also put out a set of matching wrist cuffs – wonderfully lacy – for only L$25.  Here’s my “on location” shots.  (Be kind.)

This is the Star Off Shoulder Tee with the Camo Ruffled Mini Skirt.  I’m also wearing the Camo Cuffs.  The fantastico Wyrmhide Boots are from Malfean Visions – I picked these up on sale last week, I think.  MV always has shoes/boots on sale every weekend for L$60.  And the hair!  Oh m, the hair is so freakin’ sexy, I can’t stand it.  I mentioned recently that I’m getting into being a redhead.  This is Exile’s Tempest “do” in the color “Fall.”  Yummy!

Here I’m wearing the Denim Ruffled Mini Skirt with the Fleur Off Shoulder Tee and the Denim Cuffs.  The boots here (and from now on) are the Onyx Lady Boots from mJ’Ds for Project FUR, which I blogged previously.  The skin in all pics is the gorgeous new LAQ skin available only at Project FUR (also previously blogged).

This set is the Cross Off Shoulder Tee with the Herringbone Ruffled Skirt and Cuffs.

Skull Off Shoulder Tee with Leather Ruffled Mini Skirt and Cuffs

And last, but not least, I’m wearing the Plaid Ruffled Mini Skirt and Cuffs, and the Rose Off Shoulder Tee.  By the way, in case inquiring minds need to know, all pictures were taken at the Redrum sim, found in the Showcase.  These pics were seriously rushed, too.  So, again, be kind. 😀

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Tops – A Netherworld – Off Shoulder Tees – pack of 5

Skirts – A Netherworld – Ruffled Mini Skirts – pack of 5

Cuffs – A Netherworld – Sculpted Wrist Cuffs

Boots (green) – Malfean Visions – Wyrmhide Boots – Glades

Boots (black) – mJ’Ds – The Onyx Lady Boots – Black – Project FUR

Hair and Hairbase – Exile – Tempest – Fall

Skin – LAQ – 01 – Fair – Glow Skin – Project FUR

Eye Gems – Virtual/Insanity – Eye Gems 2 – White Diamonds

Eyes by Fashism

Lashes by Amacci


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