Fantasy Faire – Sterling Artistry and Luminous Designs

Fantasy Faire is almost over, and I’m way behind in my blogging duties.  As usual, RL work reared its ugly head and pulled me away from my favorite fantasy land.  But, here I am to remedy my delinquencies.  Sterling Artistry is a store that creates lovely eyes.  Some brand new creations are available at Fantasy Faire in the Forest of Light region.  Let’s take a look at some of them, starting with my favorites, the Underworld Eyes.

These eyes are really cool becoz the sclera are dark, but not completely blacked out.  The eye colors are also dark, but have just enough color to distinguish them from one another.  With the right skin, such as Redgrave’s Trinity Vampire skins, the effect is “other worldly.”  Sterling Artistry also has a large set (at least 18 colors total) of Anime Eyes.  I won’t show you those as my avi’s eyes are rather small and these eyes are made for large eyed, anime-style avatars.  But I will show you the Forest Elf Eyes that are new for Fantasy Faire.  These are really pretty with wonderful color combinations  in the irises.  Take a look.

The Forest Elf Eyes are rather large for my avatar as well, but the colors are so pretty!  I thought they went well with the new outfits released by Luminous Designs for the Fantasy Faire.  Luminous Designs can also be found in the Forest of Light region.  Let’s check out the new outfits, shall we?

Yep, that *is* me in that dark skin!  My usual vampire-pale skins just didn’t look right with this sari-style Indian inspired outfit.  This is the Sheerly Sari outfit in Jet from Luminous Designs.  It comes with several wear options, not all of which I’ve shown above.  I’ve shown the system skirt with prim skirts on the far right.  On the far left I’m wearing only the prim skirts and sheer pants.  There are also two different top options – the lovely short top with gold decals on your abdomen, and a draped overshirt that works well with the prim shoulder drape.  Of course, the outfit moves beautifully.  It’s just made for belly dancin’!

Are you looking for a sexy,  silks-inspired bikini?  Luminous Designs has this cute purple suit at the Fantasy Faire.

Again, my normally pale skin looked pretty silly in a bathing suit.  I took one look at her and thought, “man, is she going to get a third degree sunburn!”  hee hee.  So, I grabbed the prettiest dark skin in my inventory – Redgrave’s Zuri in Cacao.  Now, neither of these Redgrave skins are new; they’ve actually been around for awhile.  But they’re both still available if you’ve seen something you like here.

So, if you haven’t been to Fantasy Faire yet, hurry on over before it’s too late.  Fantasy Faire ends this Sunday, April 10!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Fantasy Faire – Forest of Light region

No. 1:

Eyes – Sterling Artistry (for Fantasy Faire) – Underworld Eyes

Skin – Redgrave – Vampire Hunter Skin Trinity

Hair – Amacci – Emilia – Black Coal

Lashes by Amacci

Tattoo Layer Makeup by Mynerva

No. 2:

Eyes – Sterling Artistry (for Fantasy Faire) – Forest Elf Eyes

Skin – Redgrave – Zuri – Cacao – bluesmoke/hairbase

No. 3:

Outfit – Luminous Designs – Sheerly Sari – Jet

Hair – Amacci – Emilia – Onyx

No. 4:

Outfit – Luminous Designs – Unwrap Me Purple


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