Ploom’s Latest Releases – Quinnie and Randi

I realized the other day that as much as I love ploom’s hair, that I’ve never done a big post just on the hair.  Did you know that ploom’s palette consists of 72 different colors?  That’s a lot of colors.   There are twelve color packs in all with 6 shades in each.  (Yep, 6 x 12 =72).  Don’t worry, I won’t be showing them all to you!  But, I will show you a sampling of colors from each of the 12 packs.  So, without further ado, just in case you haven’t looked at colors outside your comfort zone, here they are.  First up is Quinnie. (Oh, for all pics, don’t forget to click if you want to see them larger!)

From  left to right, we have a selection from the Reds 1, Reds 2, Whites, and Blacks packs.

Here we have a sample from the Browns 1, Browns 2, Blondes 1, and Blondes 2 packs.

And here are the wilder colors – Pinks, Purples, Blues & Greens, and Oranges.

The other latest release from ploom is the Randi style.  I wore it in my last post on Blue Blood in the black colors.  I won’t show you that color again, but here are the other color samples.

I love this style coz it works well with my lolita fashions. 😀  Here are the Blondes 1, Blondes 2, Browns 1, and Browns 2 color samples.

And here we have a sample from the Whites, Oranges, Reds 1, and Reds 2 packs.   One more for you!

Yep, those are from the Pinks, Blues & Greens, and Purples packs.  Each pack comes with a streaked and a non-streaked version.  Then you get a HUD for your color choices.  For the streaks, you get to choose from all 72 colors, and you have pictures of the textures so that you can easily choose the right one.  I love that!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of ploom’s marvelous color palette.  Now I’m off to prepare a post on the Project Fur event.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Hair – ploom – Randi and Quinnie – all color packs shown

For all other items worn, please see yesterday’s post.  Thanks!


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