Ezura Goes Cyber Goth

I’ve been sitting on these outfits for over a week now.  At first, I didn’t think I was going to do a post on them coz they’re not really my forte.  But then I tried one of them on.  Skin tight, translucent latex, glowing cyber parts that can change to any color you can imagine. I fell in love.  I wanted to do them “right.”  I searched for post apocalyptic cyber-type sims.  I tp’d around looking for just the right place to complement their awesomeness.  I failed miserably.  I tp’d back to my same old, same old photo studio and snapped some pictures.  I ruminated, I sighed, and I vowed not to post them after all.  Yet, they are awesome, and you really should see them.  So here I am, showing them to you in the most inadequate of ways, but nevertheless, showing them to you.  sigh

This is Ezura’s Digi Cyber Latex in silver (a/k/a white).  Do you see all the different ways you can wear it?  I had so much fun playing with this!  It comes with two long skirts – one open in front and one with more coverage.  It also comes with the hip ruffles in case you want a sexier look.  You can choose whether you want to wear the latex undershirt and pants or not (no latex undies worn on the far left), or whether you like all your pieces semi-transparent (2nd from left).  My favorite is the sheer latex undies with the little hip ruffles (middle pic).  It comes with those neat little disks that attach to your belly, hips, wrists, and shoulders.  You also get a head piece and collar with the same glowing disks.  Via HUD you can change the metal color and the glow color (as mentioned previously – an unlimited number of colors).  The boots are available for purchase separately and match the outfits perfectly.  The boots also have glowing parts that you can change via HUD; even the bottoms of the boots glow, which looks cool when you lift your feet.  Here’s a closeup of the silver Digi Cyber Latex outfit.

I loved wearing this so much, I really didn’t want to take it off.  Honestly, I’ve been wearing the three colors of this outfit for several days now, and I’ve actually gotten quite a few compliments on it. 😀   Oh, I love those gloves, too.  I love how some of the fingers are completely uncovered, and some are uncovered only on the fingertips.  This is one seriously well-made,  well-drawn outfit.

The Digi Cyber Latex outfit comes in three colors, silver (shown above), black, and red.  I totally messed up the black version trying to be artsy fartsy, so I don’t have that one to show you.  You can imagine how deliciously wicked it is.  I did take a few shots of the red one, though.  Here you can see maybe what I was trying to do (although I failed lol).  The reason these pics are not as high resolution as the ones above is becoz I was also playing around with different SL viewers, and these were taken on a viewer where I did not have high resolution and anti-aliasing turned on.  So, they’re very pixelated.

I was going for a cyborg look with this skin that I picked up at the Another Fundraiser II event.  The skin is made by Coffee Biscuit on the Mina Jun free skin bases.  All proceeds (only L$50 for the skin and a shape) go to Red Cross efforts in Japan.  The hair I’m wearing in all pictures here is from DV8 – the Pandora Cyberfalls, which are only L$100 per color pack (which I think is a very reasonable price for cool, glowing, cyber locks).  Well, I hope you enjoyed my feeble attempt to show you the awesomeness of these latex outfits.  Well, I hope your curiosity about the outfits was piqued, at least.  Until next time….

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Nos. 1 & 2:

Outfit – +ezura+ – Digi Cyber Latex – silver

Boots – +ezura+ – Digi Cyber Latex Boots – silver

Hair – DV8 – Pandora Cyberfalls – Purple Nova

Skin – Mynerva – Kia 1 – Cleavage

Makeup – Mynerva – Cosmetics – Dusk – Heavy

Eyes – Tuli – Gem Eyes – Amethyst

Lashes by Amacci

No. 3:

Outfit – +ezura+ – Digi Cyber Latex – red

Boots – +ezura+ – Digi Cyber Latex Boots – red

Hair – DV8 – Pandora Cyber Falls – Red Alert

Skin – Cyber Geisha for Another Fundraiser II

Eyes by May Girl (old Lucky Board prize)


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