Mynerva’s New Kia Skins

As I teased a bit yesterday, Mynerva has released a base makeup of the recent group gift skins in 8 tones.  These skins are not completely bare, but are designed with the idea that you’ll add your own tattoo layer makeups.  Rhapzody will be making some makeups for them, but for the moment, you’re on your own.  If you’re like me, you probably have plenty of tattoo layer makeups.  Isn’t it fun trying those on different base skins?  I love doing that!  I also have a tip or two about where you can get some free or dollarbie tattoo makeups that look great on the Mynerva skins.  But first, let’s take a look at the skins in the lightest tone.

I really love these skins for the face, and to be honest, I barely look at my avatar’s skins past the cleavage.  But the shading on the body of Kia is very pretty.  Each tone comes with several bosom options – A cup, B cup, etc., and a full cleavage option;  you also get the option of brows or no brows.  This gives Rhapzody the ability to add different brow options on the tattoo layer.  Remember, these are meant to be a base skin for you to add layers to.  I can’t wait until Phoenix supports multiple tattoo layers.  Ok, here are all 8 tones of Kia.

The tones are numbered from lightest to darkest.  My favorite is actually Tone 2 because it has a rosy hue to it.  In each pic above, I’m wearing the options with brows and full cleavage.  Ok, how about some makeup?

The top four makeups are all from Mynerva.  Rhapzody had made them for another one of her skins, but I think they look just perfect with Kia.  The top two (left to right) makeups are Mynerva’s Dusk and Mynerva’s Smoky Onyx with Mid Eyeliner.  The middle two are Mynerva’s Raven Smoke with Eyeliner, and Mynerva’s Raven Smoke with Double Wing Eyeliner.  The bottom two are from Mock Cosmetics – Mock’s Violet Bright Lights and Mock’s Champagne Foiled.  Conveniently, Mocksoup Grave’s makeups are now located in a wing of Mynerva’s main store.  Better yet, these two makeups are both either free or a dollar right now.  You don’t even need to join a group.  There’s also a cosmetics bag for L$1 that you can wear, plus it holds a few more makeups.  Just for fun, I tried on some other tattoo layer makeups to see how they’d fit with my new favorite skin.  I had several from Kyoot and from Amacci.  Let’s see how those look on Kia.

The top two are Amacci’s Divine Silver and Divine Gray eye makeups.  The bottom left is Amacci’s Divine Turquoise, and the bottom right is Kyoot’s Feline Soft Brown.  Aren’t they cute?  I can’t wait until Rhapzody makes some makeups for them, especially coz I love how she does lipstick, but for now, these’ll do nicely. 🙂

That’s it for me for now.  Until next time…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Skins – Mynerva – Kia – 8 tones, multiple brow and cleavage options

Makeups (as described above) – Mynerva

Hair – Shag – He Loves Me Knot – Charcoal

Lashes and tattoo eye makeups (as described above) by Amacci

Eye Makeup (as described above) – Kyoot

Lingerie – +++Blue Blood+++ – Adele – Red (under garments only)

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Light Steel Blue (enhanced with eye lights by Pixeldolls) (available only at the Fashion for Life event – Bourke-White sim)

Shoes – PinkMare’s House – Lushies – Black


2 thoughts on “Mynerva’s New Kia Skins

    • Thanks for the info and the kind words, Ikon. I’m glad you found a permanent home for your lovely eyes. 🙂

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