Curious Kitties – Limited Edition Plaid Angst Dress – Sakura

Curious Kitties is having a little Spring Festival at the store.  There are several freebies that you can grab, such as cute pink cherry blossom chokers, a fishnet top and stockings, and if you’re in the group a cute fatpack of tops and pants (not part of the Spring Festival, but still nice).  I’m not going to show you the freebies today, though.  I’m going to show you the limited edition dress and boots that Ameshin has done for the Festival.  You know how much I love straps.  And you may also know that I think Curious Kitties makes some of the (if not *the*) best sculpted straps outfits on the grid.  So, when I saw the limited edition Plaid Angst Dress in the Sakura motif, I just had to have it.  Check out this strappy awesomeness.

Click to make it larger, please, so you can see all the yummy details.  The boots are also a limited edition pair that complement the dress.  They’re adorned with cherry branches and blossoms, as is the collar of the dress.  The underskirt and undershirt and pants (the system layer top and bottoms) also feature the pink and white cherry blossom motif.  All of that is encased in just about the best sculpted strapped-and-buckled bodice and skirt you’ll find in SL.

I am also wearing a brand new hair from Dura – this is the Game1 style in black.  It’s a very anime type hair, which I love.  Dura released three new styles recently and I had to grab every one of them in black coz Dura is just full of awesomeness these days.  The skin – I’m so freaking excited about the skin that I’m going to do a whole post on them.  You know those awesome group gift skins that Mynerva put out recently?  You know, the ones I keep wearing in like every post?  Well,  due to popular demand, she has released a full range of that base skin in several tones.  I’m soooo happy!  So, I’ll be doing a skins post very very soon. 😀  But, until then…

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Curious Kitties – Plaid Angst Dress – Sakura – Limited Edition

Boots – Curious Kitties – Plaid Angst Boots – Sakura – Limited Edition

Skin – Mynerva – Kia 1 – Cleavage

Eyeliner Tattoo – Mynerva – Cosmetics – Raven Double Wing with Eyeliner

Hair – Dura – Game1 – Black

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Light Steel Blue (available only at the Fashion for Life event – Bourke-White sim)

Lashes by Amacci


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