Help for Japan – Spend Your Lindens for a Good Cause

The way I look at it, you’re going to spend money in SL anyway, so why not do it for a good cause?  Many, many designers have made it super simple for you to help the Japanese recover from the recent disaster.  Two fundraising events going on now are the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (PCF) and the Help! Japan fundraiser.  I took a night in SL and shopped til I dropped at the two events.  Here’s hoping that something you see in this post will cause you to do the same.  Again, it’s for an excellent cause.  Everything I’m showing you today has a red theme, to evoke the Japanese flag with the Rising Sun, but you certainly can find other colors at these events.  The first one I’m going to show you is not gothy, but it is so unique that I had to have it.

This is a coat from a shop called Deviant Girls, and yes, those are albino rats that adorn the coat and hood!  How cool is that?  This coat is available at the Help! Japan event.  I’ve matched it with the sexy Gos Posh booties in white – available at the PCF event.  The skin, previously blogged, is available only at PCF – the Isana skin from Mynerva.  Ok. Back to the gothy stuff!

This outfit is epic, isn’t it?  Well, it’s from Epic Fantasy Wings and Clothing!  Look at the sexy back of this little poofy pants outfit – skully bow and butt cleavage!  Oh my goodness, too cute for words!  The Epic Skully Bow Turtleneck Romper comes with two top options – one with nips (shown – hee hee) and one without.  I love all the little skully bow details – on the bloomers, on the sleeves, on the chest, on the back, of course, and on the hat.  So nicely done!  I love Epic!  I’ll be posting more about this shop even if it breaks my linden bank!  The boots are again from Gos – these are the Posh Booties in black, also available at the PCF event.  This outfit told me that I had to put on my Twisted Hunt claw nails from U&R Dogs.  I’m glad I listened. 😉  The hair I’m wearing here is another fundraiser item available at PCF.  It’s from the Japanese shop Rock Candy.  You get a whole fatpack of Min for one low price.  There are other styles from Rock Candy there as well.  Ok, more cute fundraiser outfits!

Love this dress!  This is from [bubble] – the Red Raider Dress.  Love that caged skirt with the broken hearts and fabric strips tied around the metal parts!  It can also be worn without the caged skirt as just a sexy minidress.  It’s available at the Help! Japan event.  There’s a matching parasol, too, but I was starting to run low on lindens after all that shopping.  The hair is from Magika, a special recoloring of the Aina style for PCF.  Magika has several other recolored styles there as well.  The jewelry is one of several sets that are at PCF from Lolapop.  This one is called Weeping Blossoms.  Here, take a closer look.

Look at that skin, will you??  It’s not the fundraiser skin, but it is from Mynerva.  It’s just the sweetest skin!  And those eyes, enhanced by eye lights from Pixeldolls, are from the fantastic Fashism, which made its debut at Fashion for Life.  But you’re saying, “Des, I don’t have a bunch of lindens to spend.  I wish I could help out some way.”  Well, Whatevr has you covered, too.

This dress, so pretty in pink, is only L$20 and is transferable so that you can even give one to a friend.  It’s called “Love Japan” and features the red heart design on the back.  The messenger bag is a fundraising item from Virtual/Insanity, available at PCF.  I’ve paired it with another fundraiser set from Lolapop.  This one is called Sakura and it’s so beautiful, especially up close.  Here, you gotta see it better.

See?  The silver pendant is adorned with tiny pink cherry blossom petals.  It sparkles beautifully, too!  (And I apologize for the lashes-coming-through-my-hair thing.  I was so focused on the jewelry that I didn’t pay attention to the lashes until it was too late.)  Ok, I hope you’re not getting bored coz I still have two more outfits to show you!

This is from the wonderful Sassy Kitty Designs.  It’s a sculpted bubble dress with cute lace detail at the bottom.  It features red dandelions against a black background for a dramatic look.  It’s available at the Help! Japan event.  On my wrist is another of Virtual/Insanity’s fundraising items – the chained bracelet.  Almost done with this post!  One more to go!

This lovely gothic lolita dress is from A Netherworld – the Lucky Lara Dress – and is available at the PCF event.  Other colors are available there as well, but I had to have the red.  It’s very well-made with black lace at the top of the bodice and under the red skirt.  The price is very reasonable, too, I think, especially for the quality.

Well, that’s about it for today.  I hope you saw something here that sparked your interest, and I encourage you to go to these two events and spend your lindens for a good cause.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, donating, etc. *mwah*!


The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser LM

Help! Japan Fundraiser LM

No. 1:

Coat – *deviant girls* – mi$e Coat (Help! Japan)

Leggings – Dressing Aphrodite – Aphrodisiac (Red) Leggings (old)

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Light Steel Blue (available only at the Fashion for Life event – Bourke-White sim)

Boots – Gos – Posh Booties – White (PCF)

Skin – Mynerva – Isana – Pale – Kibou Blush (PCF)

Hairbase and Lashes by Amacci

No. 2:

Outfit – Epic Fashion and Wings – Skully Bow Turtleneck Romper – Red (PCF)

Boots – Gos – Posh Booties – Obsidian (PCF)

Hair – Rock Candy – Min Hair – Black (PCF)

Skin – Mynerva – Cynthia’s Sister – Hope ‘n Pray 2 – Cleavage

Nails – U&R Dogs – Nail Gouttes – Twisted Hunt prize

Nos. 3 & 4:

Dress – [bubble] – Red Raider Dress (Help! Japan)

Hair – Magika – PCF Red – Aina

Jewelry – Lolapop! – Weeping Blossoms (PCF)

Bracelet – Virtual/Insanity – Chained Hand Jewelry Light (PCF)

Nos. 5 & 6:

Dress – Whatevr – Love Japan Dress (PCF)

Skin – Mynerva – Group Gift 1

Hair – Rock Candy – Min Hair – White (PCF)

Jewelry – Lolapop! – Sakura Set (PCF)

Bag – Virtual/Insanity – Oddball Shoulder Bag (PCF)

Boots – *COCO* – Flat Ankle Boots – Black (group gift)

Bracelet – Darion Monkee Designs – Eleni – silver/pink (old)

No. 7:

Dress – Sassy Kitty Designs – Dandelions Dress – Black (Help! Japan)

Skin – see No. 2 above

No. 8:

Dress – A Netherworld – Lucky Lara Dress (PCF)

Skin – Mynerva – Isana – Pale – Kibou Blush (for PCF)

Choker – Roawenwood – Skelles and Roses Choker – Black

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – Nevermore (Twisted Hunt gift)

Hair – Rock Candy – Min Hair – Black (PCF)

Boots – +ezura+ – The Crown Lace Ankle Boots – Black

Earrings – Virtual/Insanity – Morbid Extravaganza Earrings – Black


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