PinkMare’s House – more Midnight Mania goodies

I blogged PinkMare’s House a few months ago, and TressAnn’s shop has become one of my daily shopping stops.  Yes, I said “daily.”  Why?  Because every day TressAnn puts a different outfit in her Midnight Mania board.  Basically, if you wait long enough, that outfit that you don’t have the lindens for may just be yours for free.  But, really, can’t you scare up L$99?  That’s the basic price for most items at PinkMare’s.  They’re so affordable, it’s scary!  So, although nothing that I am showing you today is the current Midnight Mania gift, you can still get each of these dresses/outfits at a very reasonable price.  I’ll start with my favorite – a sexy, strappy number.

Oh my goodness, right?!  Midnight Seduction comes with the hat and the sculpted sleeves.  The boots are free if you join *COCO*’s group.  They’re not a new gift, but all the gifts are on a table against the wall.  Tons of stuff!  I just loved this so much that I didn’t want to take it off and ended up putting it back on several times.  Best of all, it was free!  I love the straps and the nipple tape.  If you want to be really daring, you can forego the nipple tape since it comes on a separate layer.  The earrings worn here are LouLou&Co’s Hesperide earrings in purple.  They were on sale this weekend.  The bracelets are LouLou&Co’s Twisted Hunt gift.  Love them!

My next favorite outfit that I won from PinkMare’s MM board is this dress with an open heart and broken heart dolly key.

Check out that open area that shows my poor little broken heart.  Awwww!  Look at that awesome dolly key with broken hearts!  (Really – click to make the pic bigger so you can really see it!)  It’s too damned cute for words.  Oh, the outfit also comes with a bloody knife with stabby motions.  I couldn’t stop the darned thing and had to take it off.  lol  It was quite realistically trying to kill anyone around me.  This outfit is called Unloved Malice Doll.  It also comes with those prim blood tears – so cool!  I notice that the bodice in the closeup looks a bit blurry.  I’m sure it was SL being a butt-pain and not Ms. Decosta’s texturing.  Look, it comes with stripey stockings, too.  I love stripey stockings!

Here’s another sexy outfit from PinkMare’s – the Nightwish dress.

Yep, this one is also not for the faint of heart (or the shy or modest).  You’ll bear your breast, but the modesty nipple tape will take care of most of the naughty bits.  Again, the nipple tape comes on a separate layer in case you want to go a little barer.  Once again, no complaints here! The boots with the straps (I should have totally worn them with the Midnight Seduction outfit!) are from Malfean Visions which always seems to have really nice boots on sale (usually for L$60).  I grabbed these Strapped In boots on sale recently.   This cute hair is an older style from Dura.  It’s so feminine – I love it!

Ok, I have one more to show you.  This one is a bit different from the others.  It’s a gothic gown.

I wanted to catch the gown in motion because the black crinoline overskirt has a white lace underskirt that looks so pretty when you move.  I did a pretty good job of capturing some of the motion, I think.  I like the sculpted little floral details at the waistline and the shirred fabric on the bodice.  Oh, the hair is from a new-to-me (but probably not to you) shop – ( R E D )MINT.  I knew they made skins, but I didn’t know they did hair.  I saw this in the shop and had to have it.  The elf ears came with the hair, too!  ( R E D )MINT does great white textured hair.  If you wear white shades, you know how difficult it is to find really well-textured white hair.

You know, I actually tried to blog hours ago, but WordPress was broken.  So, I feel like I’m really rushing this post coz it’s freaking late and I need to get to bed.  If I make any huge faux pas, please don’t be too unkind, ‘k? 🙂

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Outfit – PinkMare’s House – Midnight Seduction

Skin – Mynerva – Group Gift 3

Hair – elikatira – Glory – Black 07

Eyes – Fashism – Sunrise Eyes – Light Steel Blue (worn with Pixeldolls eye lights)

(available only at the Fashion for Life event – Bourke-White sim)

Boots – *COCO* – Flat Ankle Boots Black – group gift

Earrings – LouLou&Co – Hesperide – white/purple

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – Nevermore

Hairbase by Amacci

No. 2:

Outfit with Broken Heart and Dolly Key – PinkMare’s House – Unloved Malice Doll

Hair – ploom – Antonia – Black Out

Lashes by Amacci

Earrings – Sn@tch – Cupid’s Tart, Black Heart Earrings

No. 3:

Dress – PinkMare’s House – Nightwish

Hair – Dura – Girl – 17 – Black

Boots – Malfean Visions – Strapped In – Ebony

No. 4:

Dress – PinkMare’s House – Moonlight

Skin – Mynerva – Group Gift 1

Hair – (R E D )MINT – No. 6 Female – Argent (with Elf Ears)


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