The Best of the Twisted Hunt, Part 1

When I found out that the theme of this year’s  Spring Twisted Hunt was “Nevermore,” and therefore there would be many raven-themed items, I knew I had to start hunting.  But when I saw that there were over 200 stores in the hunt, I thought of my poor, overflowing inventory (135k and counting!), and decided to do the hunt selectively.  I found this wonderful blog – SL Freebie Hunters. These hardworking gals find all of these hunt gifts and photograph them so that you and I can see what we’re hunting for.  The Twisted Hunt is so damned good, though, that I ended up doing a lot more of the hunt than I had originally planned.  So, tonight I’m going to show you part one of my “Best of the Twisted Hunt.”  This is, of course,  just my favorites; your opinion may vary. 🙂

First up, here’s what I wore for the hunt.  😀  This is Blue Blood’s prize – a beautiful, sexy recoloring of the recent Florence outfit without the skirt.  Pfff!  Who needs a skirt when you’ve got this flouncy little corset bottom?   I actually added these boots later after I’d finished the hunt – they’re the prize from Demotik, which makes wicked cool boots.  The crown is *not* a hunt gift, but is a new release from Beauty Avatar that I just had to have – it has a raven perched on top of the crown.  I’ve layered two necklaces – one is Goth1co’s hunt gift (the shorter one), and the other is the gift at the deliciously evil XOPH.  I spent at least two hours trying to find this damned necklace, constantly getting trapped in all kinds of evil mazes.   Thankfully, some fellow hunters helped me out.

ImmateriA has one of my all-time favorite gifts – not only a lovely gown, which I’ll show you further down, but the shoulder ravens (one good and one evil), and this flock (or murder – hee hee) of ravens that fly around you (available on three different attachment points).  This gown is the hunt prize from Dare Designs, and it comes with the hat, glasses, and lovely red boots.  I think this is the most opulent outfit offered on the hunt.  The hair is DV8’s prize for the hunt – you get an entire fatpack (and since it’s DV8, prepare to have your inventory explode from the weight of all those colors)!  Here’s another view of Dare’s lovely goodies and ImmateriA’s awesome ravens.

Did you notice what I did there?  I was trying to be a bit more artistic!  😀  As you can see, I really like Dare’s gift becoz the boots are drool-worthy, and the outfit can be worn as sexy gothic lingerie, too.   Now, let’s look at the rest of the hunt gift from ImmateriA – a battleship skirt gown with parasol.

This is a beautiful gown and umbrella, but you’ll need lots of room to move around coz they’re both huge!  The top of the umbrella features, what else, a raven.    In the three pictures immediately above, I’m also wearing Beauty Killer’s hunt gift – skins!  You get this one vampire-pale tone and several (six, I think) makeups.  Yay!  The hat with fascinator is the hunt gift from Delaney’s Delirium.  I was pleased to find a gift that wasn’t red.  The bracelets, which really don’t match the style of the gown, but so what, are the hunt gift from LouLou&Co.  They’re so perfectly made, like everything at LouLou.  The wings are one of the  gifts from the mini-hunt at Pop Tart & Urban Assault.  They match the wings on the main prize – a punked out, goth panda plushie.

And now, the prize for most creative gift goes to…… drum roll…..

Likka*House!  Check this out!  The Dusk Shadow Dress is perfectly textured:  the midnight blue fades to transparent towards the bottom of the skirt as if you are beginning to fade away.  Look at that dorsal attachment!  It reminds me a little of the movie Ghost; when people die, their ghosts come out of their bodies kind of like this.  The ghost drips blood from the sword, too.  Quite a lot of blood, actually!  I’m also wearing U&R Dogs’ hunt gift – the cool claw nails with rose ring.  These are scripted to drip blood, too.  And I’m so proud of myself – I took the time to adjust each of those little bastard nails individually using the scripts and voila!  Now they fit no matter what my hands are doing (well, almost).  The necklace is also quite nice.  The textures are really pretty and the stones change to about 8 different colors/textures.  You can even add your own textures.  Plus the large broken heart in the center drips blood (unless you turn it off).  How about that skin?  Mmmmm that cleavage!  That’s *not* a hunt gift, sorry ladies!  That’s Idiosyncrasy’s new skin, Ella, in the pale tone.  I’ll show you some more pic’s of the skin without the veil so you can see what a great job Ashia has done with them.


These dresses are from Whatevr, and feature a raven on the bodice.  I hope your computer’s graphics are good enough to see it.  You get the gown skirt and the miniskirt together.  The boots are the same ones from the Dare prize, and I’m still wearing my U&R Dogs claws.  The raven on my shoulder is part of  Montagne Noire’s hunt gift, the buckled leather collar is SD Wears’ hunt gift, and the awesome (and I mean, really, awesome) wings are from Favole.  I confess I almost didn’t go get these, but after I’d put this dress on, something told me that I needed the Favole wings, and that little something was right.  I am so pleased with them.  The skin here is another makeup in Idiosyncrasy’s Ella.  Here are some closeups of this outfit so you can see the skin and these fantastic wings.

I am so pleased with Ashia’s work here.  As I told her, her goth skins (Ashia Designs Timeless Goth) were the very first ones I found in SL that I liked, and that was probably three years ago.  You have no idea how far she’s come since then.  Sigh.  And all I do is take pictures of other people’s work.  (*swallows sadness*).  Anyway, here you can also see the sculpted raven, the choker, and those yummy wicked nails.  One more picture, really just for me coz I love these wings so much!

Well, lest you think that these are the only gifts I think worthy in the Twisted Hunt, oh no, I will be back!  Until then…

Happy *hunting*, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Note – for LMs to Twisted Hunt Participants – see the Official Hunt Blog here.

No. 1:

Corset with Prim Ruffles – +++Blue Blood+++ – Florence Corset – Special Twisted Edition

Necklace 1 – Goth1co – Never Twisted, Just Me

Necklace 2 – XOPH – Daddy Issues Necklace

Skin – Mynerva – Group Gift 3

Hair – Dura – Treasure Hunt – Black

Crown – Beauty Killer – Queen’s Crown – Crow

Boots – Demotik – Twisted Nevermore Boots

Lashes by Amacci

Nos. 2 & 3:

Gown, Hat, Glasses, Boots – Dare Designs – Bloodraven

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – Nevermore

Skin – Beauty Killer – Nancy Skin – Goth/Dark Lips

Earrings & Necklace – Mia’s Gems – Nevermore

Hair – DV8 – Lenore – Blacks – Before Dawn

Birds – ImmateriA – Murder of Ravens – Circling Flock and Unholy Crow Shoulder Pet

Ring – Mia’s Gems – Vampyric Ring (freebie in store)

No. 4:

Dress – ImmateriA – Evermore the Raven Dress

Hat – Delaney’s Delirium – Poe Nevermore Fascinator Hat

Wings – Pop Tart & Urban Assault – Petey’s Bat Wings (In-store mini-hunt)

Bracelets – LouLou&Co

Earrings – Mia’s Gems

No. 5:

Dress, Hat, Shadow follower – Likka*House – Dusk Shadow Dress

Nails – U&R Dogs – Nails – Gouttes

Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Ella – Pale – 10 (Darkbase/Cleavage)

Shoes – Maitreya – Group Gift Pumps – Black

Necklace – [Flox] (Lantian) – Gem Change Goth Dropheart Triple Necklace Rust

Nos. 6-8:

Dresses – WhAtEvR! – Twisted Lenore Dress

Boots – Dare Designs – Bloodraven Boots (from hunt gift)

Hair – ploom – Amerlee (Streaked) – Blacks

Wings – Favole = Megalomaniac

Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Ella – Pale – 11 (Darkbase/Cleavage)

Pet Raven – Montagne Noire – Nevermore – Sculpted Raven Shoulder Pet (part of hunt gift)

Collar – SD Wears – Twisted Hunt Collar

Nails – U&R Dogs


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