Ezura – Lolita Crown Accessories

I’m still trying to catch up on blogging all the wonderful new things in my inventory – or at least my favorites.  Ezura’s Lolita Crown accessories are definitely some of my favorite new things.  These are made to complement Ezura’s Lolita Crown dresses.  Since I’ve never blogged them before, I’ll take the opportunity to show you the complete outfit now.  And, oh my, this is a beautiful, sexy, and very versatile outfit.  Take a look.

Lolita Crown comes with two top options – sheer and opaque, and three skirts – the erotic skirt (far right), lolita skirt (third from left), and a mini lolita (second from left).  Without the skirts, it’s a sexy lingerie outfit.  Yummy!

The new items are the matching frilly ankle boots, the lacy cuffs, the beribboned lace chokers, and the crown and staff.  Everything is scripted via HUD for size change, and the crown and staff are also scripted to change color.  The boots are scripted to change color for the boot itself (solid or patterned), the sole, and the heel.  Here, I’m wearing one of ploom’s new hair releases – Ava, a high updo, with sideswept bangs, and undone pieces framing your face.  As I mentioned before, ploom hair now comes with only two hairs in a pack – streaked and unstreaked.  You change the colors via HUD.  Love that!  Now let’s look at the sexy red version of Lolita Crown.

Delish!  Make sure to click to see the pics larger – you’ll want to enjoy all the details on these gorgeous outfits.  I love the black lace cut sleeves and the brocade corset with a subtle fleur-de-lis pattern and crown-motif buttons.  I love how Ezura has continued the crown motif subtly on the skirt pattern.  I love the little crown buckles on the garters, and I’m always a sucker for a bustled skirt, especially this open-front style.  The bustle is gathered with – again – little crowns adorned with bows.  I also love how Ezura made the mini skirt a shorter version of the erotic skirt.  Since each skirt is just as sexy and pretty as the others, it’s hard to choose which one to wear!

I have to also mention the skin.  I’m simply in love with this skin.  It’s one of the four group gift skins from Mynerva.  There’s a L$50 join fee, but you get four skins!  One is a “normal” skin without theatrics, one is like this one but without the blush and with subtler liptstick, and the last is a kitty face makeup. 😀  On my “to-do” list – try on all those demos I grabbed from Mynerva!  Here’s the purple Lolita Crown outfit.

Sorry, but I forgot to take a pic of the lingerie version.  You can imagine it, I’m sure.  😉  Oh, this hair is also from ploom, the Amerlee style that I blogged previously.  I love the colors of ploom’s hair.  Her palette matches all of my favorite goth designers’ palettes.  It’s always just serendipity for me when I wear ploom.  (Ok, confession time.  Does my hair look a little weird in that pic above?  Well, you know the multiple wear option can be a wonderful thing in the new viewers, but … lol.  Yeah, I had no idea that I was actually wearing two hairs.  It didn’t become evident until I changed to the silver hair below and still kept seeing purple. lol  I looked at the pics I’d taken and decided it wasn’t that noticeable, so I didn’t retake the pics.  But I wanted to mention it in case you noticed something amiss.  I think SL was just being wonky last night.)  Ok, I saved my favorite for last.

Oh, goodness!  I love white gothic, don’t you?  The juxtaposition of the erotic and the pure!  Please click to see this one bigger – it’s so worth it!  I’ll be wearing this around the grid as I go hunting and gathering, for sure.

Well, that’s it for now.  Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!  I can tell you, if I wore this outfit to the parades,  I’d get lots of beads, and I wouldn’t even have to show my tits. 😀

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Nos. 1 and 2:

Dress – +ezura+ – Lolita Crown Dress – Black

Cuffs – +ezura+ – Lolita Crown Cuffs – Black

Boots – +ezura+ – The Crown Lace Ankle Boots – Black

Choker – +ezura+ – The Lolita Crown Neckdress – Black

Crown and Staff – +ezura+

Hair – ploom – Ava (Streaked) – Blacks pack

Skin – Mynerva – Mynerva Group Gift 3

Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

All others:

Dresses, Cuffs, Boots, and Choker  – +ezura+ – Lolita Crown – red, purple, white

Hair – ploom – Amerlee (Streaked)


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