+++Blue Blood+++ – Florence

I am so behind in my blogging!  I missed the dark goth Florence from Blue Blood, and now the whitegoth versions are out, too.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghani releases a new outfit before I can finish this post.   I just can’t keep up!  But, I have to show you Florence because it is a gorgeous dress, or really several dresses in one.  As usual, Ghani has given you your money’s worth.  It’s a sexy corseted lingerie outfit, complete with a flouncy little skirt; it’s a monochromatic lolita dress; and it’s a black corseted dress that you can wear with or without the colored undershirt.  Take a look to see what I mean.

There you go!  That’s five different “looks” from one outfit.    (Damn!  See the pic second from left?  I forgot to take off the panty layer that formed the bottom of the corset.  You totally do not have to have that black line of fabric there.  Sorry!)  Oh, and if  you think the monochromatic dress looks a little plain, well you’re not looking closely enough coz just as with every Blue Blood dress, the textures are stunning.  Ghani has a way of hand-drawing her fabrics to give them a tremendous amount of depth.  I talk about that all the time, and I hope you guys are really camming in on her textures.  They’re simply art.  Here’s the hot pink version.

I’m not showing you the corset only/lingerie versions of these colors because they are the same as the black above.  The corset, stockings, and sleeve prims are the same in all colors of Florence.  Let’s talk about the skin, shall we?  This is ploom’s special skin for Project Themeory in the lightest tone.  You get all tones in this makeup called Monarch.  I thought it looked nice with the gold details on the corset.  The hair is from Dura, definitely a men’s style that I decided to try and rock here.  Hey, I like it.  It’s braided on the sides and (obviously) sticks up all punky like on top.  Dura’s having  a free hunt this weekend – find 12 little pink “fairies” and get a fatpack of hair (not the one I’m wearing here) and some clothing (hmmmm pants, top, and jacket, I think).  I did the hunt after I took the pics for this post.  😀  And the boots are from Silken Moon.  I won them in the Midnight Mania – they’re so shiny!  Anyway, here’s the corseted Florence in purple, teal, and red.

And here’s the non-corseted dress in the same colors.  The floral detail at the keyhole on the bodice and on the skirt edge is so pretty!  Cam in!

About a week after Ghani released the dark goth Florence, she came out with the white goth.  These are some of the prettiest white goths she’s done, I think.  Take a look at the whitegoth white.

Ok, I really should have turned down the gamma on my settings and I did realize that “snow” was not the hair color to go with here.  But isn’t it gorgeous anyway?  Can you see enough detail in my big washout?  🙂  Seriously, can you take your eyes off those gold panties?  They’re just glowing, aren’t they?  Ok, pervs, stop looking at my crotch!  ;P

Here’s the white goth black – this time I switched to “silver” ploom hair, but I apologize that the white corset barely shows against the white background.  I really should know better by now, shouldn’t I? Blame lack of sleep.  sigh.  Now, here’s the lovely no-corset versions of the pink (mmmmm, yummy!), lilac, white, and blue white goth versions.

And last, but certainly not least, the corseted versions of the pink, blue, and lilac.  (The pink is my favorite – I went shopping in it after “work.”)

Well, I hope you enjoyed.  So go show Ghani some linden lovin’ and get your own favorite color of Florence.  If you’re short on lindens, Ghani always has something in the riotvendor and Midnight Mania for you, as well as an exclusive outfit in the lucky boards.  A little birdie also told me that Blue Blood’s Twisted Hunt gift is a special color of Florence,  too.  So, go get yours!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfits – +++Blue Blood+++ – Florence – dark goth colors (black, red, teal, purple, and pink)

Hair – Dura – Boy #17 – Black

Skin – ploom – Harlowe – Milk – Dkbrows – Monarch

Eyes – The Plastik – Bloodless Gold (free with last week’s Lazy Sunday Demon Fades tatoo layer makeups)

Boots – Silken Moon – Sleekers Cream (not sure why “cream” coz they’re black)

Earrings – Lolapop! – Protecting Your Chastity – Silver (recent HDH release)

Lashes and hairbase by Amacci


Outfits – +++Blue Blood+++ – Florence – white goth colors (black, white, lilac, blue, and pink)

Hair – ploom – Maddie – Silver/Snow

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots – White


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