The Return of Hya’s Muse… or… New Suits at Silent Sparrow!

It’s been awhile (about six months) since twittery birds and other lovers of silent sparrow attire have had reason to celebrate.  But that time has come because Hyasinth Tiramisu has found her Muse and released a new suit – suitable for men and women.  It’s the Corbie suit and features crows (or ravens) amid Hya’s signature swirlies.  Now, I’m not sure where “corbie” comes from, but I do know that the French word for crow is corbeau, so the name is fitting.  It’s available in all the traditional silent sparrow colors with five colors being limited editions – penny, ghost, sea, brass, and violet.  Only 50 of these will be sold – 25 on the Marketplace and 25 at the mainstore inworld.  That way everyone has a chance to get these lovelies.  I had a difficult time choosing between the blood and ash (not limited editions) and the sea and ghost, but eventually chose the lovely sea.  No one does teal like Hya.

Corbie comes with both men’s and women’s parts in one folder, and if you buy it on the Marketplace, it’s easily giftable, too.  All colors, even the limited editions are the same price – L$500.  Definitely not bad for something from an artist of Hya’s caliber.  Shown above are some of the wear options – jacket with prim belted tails, sweater with prim collar, gorgeous cuffs, gloves, pants with prim cuffs (wonderfully messy), and a lovely jeweled brooch.  The limited editions come in a pretty little bird container in the matching color.

I’ve added those fantastic ankle boots I won in Patchwork Heart’s lucky chair, and some of the jewelry I picked up at Haus of Darcy (HoD) recently – the Mercenary necklaces and dimpled piercings (the latter is a hunt gift, I’m 99% sure).  I’ve also added a very nicely done lip piercing that’s meant for the fellas from *JD* Designs.  Don’t hold me to it, but I think it was a subscribo gift last week.  I’m also wearing the newest hair from Magika – lookee!  The pins are color changeable!

Damn!  Don’t you hate when you look at a picture and realize what would have made it even better?  I’m doing that now – a nice monocle or some stylish round glasses would have been perfect!  Oh well…..

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – silentsparrow – Corbie Suit – Sea – Limited Edition (or get it here on the Marketplace)

Hair – Magika – Nayla – Blacks & Whites pack

Boots – Patchwork Heart – Banded Ankle Boots

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Aftermath Fallout

Necklaces – HoD – Women’s Mercenary Set

Dimpled Piercings – H0D – Dimpled Piercing – Silver Lining

Lip Piercings – *JD* Designs – Mouth Piercing Cross (men’s)

Bracelet – HoD – Fallen Bracelet – Female

Lashes and Hairbase by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin


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