Violent Seduction is My Muse

Violent Seduction was sorely, sorely missed during the owner’s absence a few months ago.  Why?  Because Violent Seduction has outfits that are unlike anyone else’s in SL.   And now, there’s a new release that made me gasp, squeal, and otherwise glow with joy.  Am I gushing too much?  I don’t think so, but then again, I am biased. 😛

Muse is the new release dress from Violent Seduction, and oh, what a dress!  It has so many wear options that it took me two days to take the photos you’re about to see because I just had to capture every option in every color.  So, if you like lots of photos of beautiful dresses, you’re in luck.  Let’s get started.  How can I describe Muse?  *thinks*  Oh, hell, just look at it!

Oh.. my… God!  I feel like Marie Antoinette in the long skirt, a high-end Victorian prostitute in the bloomers and corset/skirt, and a lovely lolita in the lolita skirt.  And look at those textures!  Really, just click to enlarge and commence to drooling.  (That’s if you’re like me and really appreciate art.)  So, this is Muse in Sugar (pink, obviously) and it comes with the long, sculpted skirt, an alpha layer to hide your legs so they won’t poke out of the long skirt, a lolita skirt, a sculpted corset bottom with lots of ribbons and lace, a skirt to wear with the sculpted corset, bloomers, stockings, system corset that bares one breast, bra, pasties, and collar.  And the colors!  This pink is my favorite, but I love every single one of the seven colors Muse comes in, and I’m going to show them all to you.

This is Muse in Faun – a color that is usually too warm for my tastes; I like the cooler colors.  But, this color in this dress just looks so vintage.  It’s just perfect.  By the way, the sculpted pieces are all mod so that you can fit them to your shape.  Now, my shape is fairly tiny by SL standards, and the designer’s must be, too, coz I had very little trouble fitting the pieces.  If your avatar is an amazon, you will have to have some skills to get everything to fit, but oh, it’s worth the trouble!  Let’s see more colors!

This is Muse in Pure, and I had to shoot the pictures on a colored background so that you could actually see it.  I’m running out of adjectives to describe how much I love these dresses!  gah! More colors!

This is Muse in Suffering – love that baby blue!  I am ready for springtime in Paris in the 1800s or something.  Love it!  More colors!  How about a nice lavender?

Since you stuck with me this far, I decided to give you a little boob flash. (lol)  But, with this lovely lavender or Coagulate color, now, I’m ready for Easter!  And how about those G Field Short Lace-Up Boots?  I am *so* glad I bought the fatpack coz they match these dresses to a “T.”

But maybe you’re thinking – “I thought Violent Seduction was goth.  Where are the dark colors?”  Well, you won’t be disappointed because there are two dark, more goth colors, too – appropriately named Death (black) and Blood (red).

Nice, no?  Love those stripey stockings.  I’m wearing a new release hairstyle from Dark Mouse called “Betty 2.0.”  Love that flipped up retro style!  It comes with the little black bow on the left side.  There’s also another version of Betty with bobby pins on the right side (sold separately) – both are so cute!  I’m also wearing some awesome accessories from LouLou&Co, which I’ll post closeups of separately.  Nine pictures in one post is already long enough!  Here’s a few more shots of the long skirt option of Blood.

This is what I call a dramatic outfit, and with the alpha layer, your legs won’t poke out when you walk, plus it’s really funny if someone peeks up your skirt. 😛  Ok, one more color – black or Death.

All three skirt options shown, but no bloomers worn here.  One more just because.

Oooh look!  I did a shadow! (LOL)  Well, hope you enjoyed!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Sugar

Skin – Zanzo – Reborn – Edna

Hair – ploom – Lylie – Silver

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots

Left Bracelet – U&R Dogs – Rigoletto Silver

Right Bracelet – U&R Dogs – Sea Slumber Song Silver

Lashes by Amacci

Elfin Ears by Illusions

Eyes by House of Ruin

No. 2:

Oufit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Faun

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Cool Leatherette

Hair – ploom – Vin (Streaked) Angelfood

Bracelet – U&R Dogs – Gondoliera Gold

No. 3:

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Pure

All else, see No. 1

No. 4:

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Suffering

All else, see No. 1

No. 5:

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Coagulate

All else, see No. 1

Nos. 6 & 7:

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Blood

Hair – Dark Mouse – Betty 2.0 – Blacks

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots

Left Bracelet – *Jill* – Rose bracelet – black (store is closed)

Right Bracelet – LouLou&Co – Tango – V2

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Warm Leatherette

Nos. 8 & 9:

Outfit – Violent Seduction – Muse – Death

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – Tango – V1 (left) and V2 (right)


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